Chapter 51 - Making Friends

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Chapter 51: Making Friends


“Old Xue, who is this young chap?”

Seeing that Old Xue was ignoring him, Old Xue knit his brows slightly. He walked over and asked the question softly when he saw Wang Xian reach out to touch his grandson.

Old Xue paused before he uttered the words to Old Qin.

Old Qin was slightly stunned. A young expert? The term coming out from Old Xue was extremely unusual given that his strength was ranked top five in Rivertown. Moreover, he had made a breakthrough in his strength too.

As such, he looked at the juvenile with surprise.

Wang Xian found out about the little boy’s condition after he injected some Dragon Energy into his body.

There was something congenital growing in his right kidney, and it connected his kidneys together. This caused kidney failure for the little boy.

Just now, Old Xue must have been using his Internal Energy to nourish him so as to alleviate the problem.

However, this was not a long-term solution, and it did not resolve the root problem.

I can remove it with my Dragon Energy, but it would consume 50 to 60 points.

Wang Xian pondered to himself as he lifted his chin to look at the two elders.

“Wang Xian, can you treat the grandson of Old Qin?”

“Young chap, any ways to do it?”

The two elders asked Wang Xian quickly. Old Qin, in particular, was looking forward to his answer.

Wang Xian nodded slowly. “Yes, there is a way.”

“Really, can you really cure my grandson’s disease?” Upon hearing Wang Xian, the hand that was holding on to the cane was trembling as Old Qin asked once again in disbelief.

“Master, you… you can save my son.” the middle-aged man stood up suddenly and said in excitement.

“Yes, I can do it now.” Wang Xian nodded.

“So long as you can cure him, the entire Qin Family would be grateful to you. I hope you can save my grandson.” Old Qin’s cheeks blushed slightly as he clenched his cane tightly when he heard Wang Xian.

Wang Xian stroked the head of the little fellow and said, “Let’s go. I’ll cure your disease.”

“Brother, can you really cure me?” The little fellow was looking at him as his eyes got redder.

“Yes, of course. It will be done in a while.” Wang Xian smiled and carried him up. “10 minutes. Just give me 10 minutes.”

“Wang Xian, you can use this room. We’ll not disturb you,” Old Xue said hurriedly.

“Okay.” Wang Xian nodded and carried the little boy into the room.

The little boy was obedient as he stared blankly at Wang Xian. He was looking forward to it with his glimmering eyes.

Wang Xian entered the room because he wanted to avoid setting the world on fire since getting the little boy fixed only took a few seconds.

He had to stay under the radar. After all, he had yet to become invincible.

“Old Xue, can he…can he really do it?” Old Qin watched as Wang Xian carried his grandson into the room. Then he turned to Old Xue and uttered words that do not hang together.

“If he said he can, he can,” Old Xue confidently nodded. He looked at Old Qin. “Old Qin, your luck is good today since you managed to meet Wang Xian. Relax, am I not looking good now?”

Old Xue spoke with a smile on his face.

Old Qin was slightly stunned by his words. He stared with his eyes wide open. “Old Xue, are you saying that your injury was…was…”

Old Qin smiled and nodded.

Old Qin had a change in his expression. He looked to that room with great surprise.

Apart from him, everyone in the Rivertown knew about Old Xue. He had sustained severe injuries and visited many doctors for them. But, it was pronounced that he could not live for more than two years.

Everyone in Rivertown thought the Xue Family would eventually fall, but no one expected that the old Master of the Xue Family would recover and make improvements in his strength.

This surprised everyone.

When Old Qin heard about this, he brought his grandson to Old Xue so that he could help to alleviate the illness.

Never did he expect that he would have such an amazing encounter.

“Kite has hope, Dad. Kite has hope!” The middle-aged man at the side was overjoyed at their unexpected good fortune. He was so happy that he acted like a kid.

The eyes of Old Qin were full of thrills as he nodded slowly. The entire Qin Family had work painstakingly hard for their only grandson. Finally, they were relieved of it.

“Old Xue, how did you repay him back then?” Old Qin looked at Old Xue hesitantly and consulted him.

“Repay?” Old Xue smiled, “Back then, it was a coincidence. My grandson, Xiao Jing, offended Wang Xian accidentally. So, I gave him $10 million as compensation. However, Wang Xian was kind-hearted. He took the money as my medical fees.”

“This…” Old Qin was stupefied. How could such a good thing happen?

“Wang Xian is a kind-hearted person. Treat someone with sincerity, and naturally, the other party will return the favor. Old Qin, you can give them a sum of money with some sincerity,” Old Xue pondered and said.

“Thank you, Old Xue. If you need any help, please let me know.” Old Qin nodded his head and spoke to Old Xue gratefully.

“Sure.” Old Xue was taken aback by surprise. The Qin Family might not come from the background of an Ancient Martial Artist Family, but they had the most robust backings, even from the government.

Even the Ancient Martial Artist Families would not dare to offend the Qin Family.

“Brother, you’re awesome. I’m not feeling sick anymore.”

A kiddish voice interrupted the people in the living room.

Old Qin and the middle-aged man spun around and saw the smiling Little Kite. His cheeks were rosy as he pulled Wang Xian’s hand and walked out of the room happily.

“Little Kite!” The old man and the middle-aged man walked over quickly with faces full of surprises.

“Grandpa, Dad, bring me out. I want to go swimming.” The little boy grinned as he spoke.

“Sure. Sure.” The middle-aged man carried the little boy in his arms and kissed him hard on the cheek.

Standing at the side, tears welled up in Old Qin’s eyes. His grandson’s health had always been a load on his mind.

“Wang Xian, thank you for saving my grandson. Thank you!” Old Qin looked at Wang Xian and bowed to him.

“You’re welcome. He is cute too.” Wang Xian laughed and shook his head. When he was treating the kid with his Dragon Energy, he accidentally obtained a thing from the stuff the kid spat out. It was a total surprise to him.

“Brother, I’m handsome, not cute,” the little boy turned to him and said.

“Thank him now,” the middle-aged man told Little Kite. His son was born when he was in his mid-years. His greatest wish was to see his son growing up healthily.

“Thank you, Brother.” The little boy grinned.

“Wang Xian, these are the medical fees for my grandson. It’s not a lot, but it is a token of my appreciation. The pin number is the last six digits behind the card.”

Old Qin took out a card that he just prepared and handed it respectfully to Wang Xian. “I, Qin Guohui, have some power in Rivertown. If you need any help in the future, you can call me directly. It is never enough to repay you for treating my grandson.”

“I’ll keep the money as the cost of treatment. You don’t have to take the rest seriously.”

Wang Xian took the card with a smile. Firstly, the boy was cute and well-behaved. Secondly, he did this for the money. He was only left with $5 million. It was nothing less, but not a lot. Hence, he depleted some of his Dragon Energy just to treat the boy.

Besides, he could make some friends and build his network.

At the same time, he obtained a treasure unexpectedly. This deal was a profitable deal to him.