Chapter 59 - A Storm in the Banquet (4)

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Chapter 59: A Storm in the Banquet (4)


Things changed once again. When everyone thought that Lan Qingyue could shield this lad, Second Master Qin put it to a stop.

Second Master Qin was the godson of Old Qin. Even though he was not the favorite son, his status was high enough to suppress Lan Qingyue, who had yet to inherit the Deep-sea Jewelry.

True enough, Lan Qingyue frowned slightly when she heard what Second Master Qin said.

Second Master Qin observed Wang Xian from head to toe. He then ditched the apple core in his hand into the trash.

“Lad, what an insensible lad to come to our function in casual wear. Who taught you to be ill-mannered?”

“Second Master Qin, he is my friend. I hope you’ll let him off on my account,” said Lan Qingyue to Second Master Qin with a frowning look.

“Qingyue, we have to be reasonable. This fellow should bear the consequences since he broke the limbs of others. You better not involve yourself.” Second Master Qin smiled at Lan Qingyue.

“Qingyue.” The middle-aged man who has been following beside Lan Qingyue tugged her arm and shook his head. “Since Second Master Qin is involved, you better leave this matter alone. You won’t have any control over this.”

“No way, Uncle. He is my friend!” Lan Qingyue gritted her teethand looked at her uncle with determination.

The middle-aged man shook his head again. “Qingyue, don’t be reckless. You have to spare a thought for the Lan Family too. Without Second Master Qin’s involvement, we can help. But…”

The middle-aged man shook his head. He could not understand why his niece insisted on helping this young man. If Second Master Qin was not involved, it did not matter at all since Lan Family was capable of dealing with this.

But the Qin Family was the most influential family in the Rivertown.

Lan Qingyue had a drastic change in her expression. She looked at Wang Xian worriedly.

“This has got nothing to do with him. It was all because of me!” Guan Shuqing shuddered as she stepped forward and spoke with determination in her eyes.

“Nonsense, all this happened because of that lad and has got nothing to do with the Guan Family. Guan Shuqing, I don’t have such a daughter like you.” Guan Shicheng was trembling with anger as he bawled.

“It was I who beat them up. What has it got to do with you?” Wang Xian felt comforted when Lan Qingyue lent him a helping hand, and when Guan Shuqing stood in his defense.

He slowly walked to the middle of the ballroom and swept his gazes across Second Master Qin, Master Bi San and the rest of the people. With a cold voice, he said again, “I did what I did. If things like this happen again, it won’t be as simple as this time.”

“Arrogant lad. After you walk out of this door today, I’ll make sure you live in despair forever.” Master Bi San growled at Wang Xian with a darkened expression.

“You’re arrogant, heh, simply too arrogant!” When Second Master Qin saw Wang Xian’s attitude, he sneered at him.

“Why don’t we settle this matter now?” A cold smile surfaced on Wang Xian’s face as he walked slowly to Master Bi San.

“Wang Xian.” Lan Qingyue, who was next to him, quickly called him when she saw Wang Xian walking over.

There was no response from Wang Xian as he continued making his way to Master Bi San.

“How dare you create trouble in the Qin Family’s banquet!” Second Master Qin’s expression turned cold when he saw the menacing Wang Xian walking over.

“How dare you play punk in Qin Family’s banquet! Lad, you’re courting your own death!” Master Bi San glared coldly at Wang Xian.

“He is seeking his own death to act arrogantly in the Qin Family’s dinner function.”

“Lad, even if we don’t kill you, Qin Family will not let you off either.”

Director Wu, Director Song, Director Gong, and the rest of the guests spoke in a low voice while looking at Wang Xian.

“Reckless lad, seeking his own death.” The middle-aged man standing beside Lan Qingyue shook his head slowly.

“All of you are too noisy. I’ll destroy you today.” Wang Xian raged. His anger was not only targeting at Master Bi San and the other three people. It was also because of the father of Guan Shuqing and the Qin Family.

Old Qin invited me over, and look what his second son is doing to me? What does he take me, Wang Xian, for? Is this the way the Qin Family treats their guest?

A ferocious look flashed in Wang Xian’s eyes as he stared at Master Bi San. The Dragon Energy exploded from his body, enveloping Master Bi San and Second Master Qin.

Both of them had a drastic change in their expression as they sensed the immense oppression of the young man.

“Lad, if you dare to fight in Qin’s place, I’ll make sure you die a horrible death,” said Second Master Qin harshly as he stared at Wang Xian with cold eyes.

“You’re asking for your death if you strike. I’ll teach you a lesson so that you’ll learn some rules today.”

The young man before Master Bi San brightened up his eyes when he observed the situation. In a swift movement, he swung his fist at Wang Xian.

“Gu Qinglong struck. Gu Family is an Ancient Martial Artist Family that came from other cities. They did not have many members in the family, and their skills were not that formidable, but still, they could not be underestimated.”

“This young lad is simply courting his own death. How dare he strike in the banquet of Qin Family. This is as good as slapping them in their faces. He’s finished.”

“Just now, Master Bi San and the rest of them did not dare to strike in the midst of the banquet. This lad is just too arrogant. He is seeking a quick way to die.”

The rest of the guests watched Wang Xian as though they were looking at an idiot.

“You talk too much.” Impassively, Wang Xian looked at the young man who struck at him.

He swung out his fist straight at him.

“How dare an ordinary guy take my fist. Go to hell!” Gu Qinglong displayed a disdainful look. He wanted to prove himself. That was the reason why he was so eager to strike today.

He wanted to announce the arrival of Gu Family in the Rivertown and befriend the Bi Family, another Ancient Martial Artist Family. In this case, he could quickly build up his foundation.

His thinking was good. But a bone-cracking sound was heard when the fists collided with each other.

Gu Qinglong’s arm was broken under the formidable power.

“Useless thing!” Wang Xian did not even display 20% of his power. He jeered at Gu Qinglong, who was screaming in pain on the floor.

Gu Qinglong was crying out in agony as he looked frightened.

The rest of the guests let out a gasp and a cry as they saw Gu Qinglong’s deformed arm.

Wang Xian looked at Master Bi San, and a cold smile surfaced, “No hurry. We don’t have to wait until we leave. We can settle this one by one now.”

As he was talking, he made his move and launched his attack on Master Bi San.

“You’re asking for it. I will kill you today!” Master Bi San clenched his fist with veins popping out.

Master Bi San was a Martial Artist with Level Five strength. He was shocked to see that the young man before him was also a Martial Artist. But he had no fear of him.

“No wonder you’re arrogant. But you’re too full of yourself. Go to hell!”

With a hideous look, Master Bi San moved like a fearsome tiger as five of his fingers turned into claws.

“Sending me to hell? You are not fit to do it yet.” Wang Xian looked at Master Bi San scornfully. He lifted his foot and swept it across.

“Die.” Master Bi San stretched his claws at Wang Xian’s leg.

Master Bi San felt like he was scratching on a metal surface the moment they collided. Immediately, a mighty force hit his shoulder.

The mighty force sent Master Bi San crashing to the table next to him at a much faster speed. He then landed on the ground and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“You…you…” The moment Master Bi San was knocked down within a split second, Second Master Qin was a little terrified when he saw Wang Xian’s emotionless look in his eyes. He tried to act tough as he yelled, “Stop it. Otherwise… otherwise, the Qin Family will not let you off. No one dares to provoke us in the Rivertown.”

“You won’t let me off??You might want to ask if Qin Guohui dares to say this to me!” Wang Xian let out a low growl with an impassive expression.

The rest of the people were shocked to hear this!