Chapter 61 - A Storm in the Banquet (6)

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Chapter 61: A Storm in the Banquet (6)


“Master Bi San, the arm of your son was broken by my son. Serves your son right for offending the benefactor of Xue Family!”

In the ballroom, Xue Jiahua walked towards Master Bi San and stared coldly at him.

Master Bi San was trembling as he looked at the young man between Old Xue and Old Qin. A bitter smile surfaced on his face as he looked embarrassingly at Xue Jiahua.

From the exchange just now, he knew that he had provoked the wrong people. The strength that the young man had exploded just now was definitely coming from someone whom the Bi Family could not afford to offend.

“But, you are equally wicked.”

After Xue Jiahua threw out his cold and harsh remark, he punched out at Master Bi San’s shoulder immediately.

Upon seeing the attack from Xue Jiahua, Master Bi San wore a different expression. But he did not dare to resist.

Old Xue from the Xue Family was thought to be a dying person. Yet, he had suddenly recovered and made a breakthrough in his level. This reshuffled the rankings of the Ancient Martial Artist Families in Rivertown.

The Xue Family was already more formidable than the Bi Family. Now, they had become people whom they could not afford to provoke.

A bone-cracking sound was heard from the ballroom. Everyone was horrified to see Master Bi San lying on the floor as he hugged his arm in extreme agony.

“Your broken arm shall serve you a lesson. If you have any grievances, the Xue Family will answer all of them,” said Xue Jiahua coldly to Master Bi San.

Everyone was shocked to watch the fearsome Xue Jiahua.

“Director Gong, Director Song, Director Wu.”

On the other side, Qin Lianhui came to them and looked at those millionaire directors.

They quickly addressed him. At this time, cold sweat was breaking on their foreheads with eyes full of horror.

“Mr. Wang is a guest of the Qin Family,” Qin Lianhui said emotionlessly. “We were also there in the afternoon when it happened. We were planning to give you a warning tonight.”

Qin Lianhui was speaking impassively as though he was talking about a trivial matter.

Yet, the directors could not help but to shake in their boots as they knew that it was the end of the story for them.

“Director Qin, we were wrong. I really didn’t know. If I had known, I would have killed that unfilial son of mine…” Director Wu almost went jelly as he bowed with his shaken body.

“Leave Rivertown now and don’t let me see you again.” Qin Lianhui gestured, annoyed, at them.

Their faces turned black when they heard what Qin Lianhui said. Yet, they were in such despair that they had nothing to say.

Asking them to leave Rivertown was equivalent to asking them to give up their foundation over here.

But, they were powerless to put up any resistance because this was the decision made by the Qin Family.

“It was all my son’s fault for offending someone that he shouldn’t.”

The three directors clenched their fists and walked out like zombies.

There was no place in the entire Rivertown for them.

Master Bi San also left with his face full of despair.

Anything that took place in the society would have to be resolved within the society. So were the underworld matters.

Even though Bi Family was not asked to leave their base in Rivertown, the Xue Family would forever be pressing on them. Bi Family would not be able to obtain some resources in the future.

“Throw him out.” As Xue Jing spoke to one of the hotel staff, he stepped on both legs of Gu Qinglong at the side with force.

The surrounding crowd could not help but shiver when they saw the happenings unfolding.

They were glad that they did not intervene or jeer at that young man.

But those who spoke ill of that young man were standing there with their hearts in their mouths.

Second Master Qin, the adopted son of Old Qin, had been expelled from the Qin Family.

Master Bi San of the Bi Family had gotten his arm broken by Xue Jiahua.

Gong, Song, and Wu Family would no longer have their foothold in Rivertown.

Gu Qinglong of the Gu Family who had help Master Bi San would only have a tough life in Rivertown.

All these were results of offending the young man.

They stared blankly at the young man who was talking jovially with Old Xue and Old Qin.

No wonder he did not regard the Gong, Wu, So, and Bi Families highly. No wonder he dared to come to this banquet in casual dressing.

He did not have to care, and he had no need to care about any of them.

This symbolized power. Aren’t Old Xue and Old Qin in casual wear too?

At this moment, Guan Shicheng, who was in the middle of the crowd, was in a daze.

He was looking in disbelief at the young man who was sharing a jovial conversation with Old Xue and Old Qin.

The thought of the young man addressing him as Uncle with smiles on his face.

The thought of him treating the young man coldly, scornfully and even…

He regretted it very much. If I could reverse everything, I would surely hold on to him. Definitely…

“Why, why did this happen?” Guan Shicheng felt restless. It was such a good opportunity for the rising of Guan Family again.

At this time, he saw Director Qin walking towards him. He was slightly uptight and fearful.

“Miss Guan, Niece Lan.”

Guan Shicheng noticed that Director Qin was walking towards his daughter.

“Uncle Qin!” Lan Qingyue answered politely.

“Director Qin.” Guan Shuqing nodded to Qin Lianhui. They had been having lunch in the afternoon just now.

“I’m sorry, Miss Guan, to have let you suffer some injustice.” Director Qin apologized to Guan Shuqing.

“No, no,” Guan Shuqing quickly shook her head. “With Xiao Xian around, I didn’t suffer much.”

“Right, there is Wang Xian around!” Qin Lianhui laughed. He turned to Guan Shicheng and smiled, “Director Guan, we will discuss your matter later. ”

“Director Qin!” Guan Shicheng was stunned. Upon seeing the other party’s smiling face, he suddenly got excited. He looked towards his daughter and thought of some possibilities.

Guan Shicheng walked to his daughter and slapped himself on his face, “Girl, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. Don’t blame me!”

When Guan Shuqing saw her father walking towards her, she was feeling complicated. She sighed softly. After all, this was her father.

“Dad, I don’t blame you at all!” Guan Shuqing shook her head.

“I’m glad that you don’t blame me. I’m glad to hear that,” Guan Shicheng nodded with a smile. He hesitated before he asked, “Girl, what’s the relationship between you and that young man?”

When Guan Shicheng posed that question to Guan Shuqing, Lan Qingyue was also anxious to hear the answer.

“Friends, we’re just friends.” Guan Shuqing replied, knowing what her father was thinking.

“Just friends?” Guan Shicheng was a little disappointed.

He was hoping that the young man could be the boyfriend of his daughter, and his son-in-law. If that were the case, who would dare to offend him, Guan Shicheng, and the entire Guan Family in the future?