Chapter 674 - Opportunity For Marine Creatures

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Chapter 674: Opportunity For Marine Creatures

When Feng Lingtian heard what Xiao Yu said, he flared!

His facial expression switched from fiery redness to a pale-looking color.

He stared at Xiao Yu, gritted his teeth, and could not help but rage.

“Let me tell you, lass! I’m ready to fight!”

Feng Lingtian raised the spiritual sword in his hand and bellowed angrily.

Xiao Yu narrowed her eyes and cracked her ivory whip before she observed Feng Lingtian with ill-intentions.

“I tell you, don’t…,” Feng Lingtian said with mixed expression. “Don’t attack my face and butt!”

“Hehe, isn’t this the wicked prince from Huang Cauldron world? Why is he acting like a coward now?”

Xiao Yu made a swift move and flicked her ivory whip at him.

Feng Lingtian was aghast as he hurriedly lifted his spiritual sword to block the incoming attack.

However, whips were not weapons that could be countered by usual weapons.

Whips focused on twining and whipping. The spiritual sword was totally ineffective when it came to defending against whips.

“Wind Swords Circulating Shield!”

Seeing that his weapon got wrapped around by the whip, Feng Lingtian released his sword while another nine spiritual swords surfaced beside him.

When the nine spiritual swords spun in his surroundings at rapid speed, it formed a wind shield for defense!

“Hmph, do you think you can defend against it?”

Xiao Yu snorted, and the tip of the ivory whip wriggled like a poisonous snake, darting straight at the spiritual swords.

Xiao Yu’s bones were far more compelling than any Level 12 Spiritual Weapon, which were overkill for her opponents of the same level regardless of defense or attack.

The ivory whip wriggled through the wind shields and attempted to wrap around Feng Lingtian’s body.

He could not help but let out a scream as he staggered back to dodge it.

However, at this time, the ivory whip transformed into devilish shadows, aiming for his butt area.

“I said, don’t hit that place!” Feng Lingtian growled furiously.

Without a change in her expression, Xiao Yu flicked her whip again, aiming for his back.

Feng Lingtian was in an embarrassing state. With a stagger, he immediately ran away and hid.

“Do you think you can run away from me?” Xiao Yu asked sarcastically.

“Try chasing me!”

Feng Lingtian gritted his teeth. As he moved, wind-like shadows surrounded him as he flitted away,

Xiao Yu remained unwavering. She swung her arm and swept out her ivory whip.

“Trying to catch up with me? That’s impossible!”

Feng Lingtian ground his teeth with more and more shadows appearing around him. Instantly, a few hundred shadows were all over the place!

Xiao Yu was slightly stunned as she swept her whip at one of the shadows.

The figure could not dodge it in time, and vanished under her whip!

“Shadow Drift is a battle technique developed by my father for fleeing. It’s impossible to catch up with me!” Feng Lingtian called out as he drifted again with figures covering more than ten kilometers.

“Oh really?”

Xiao Yu did not believe his words. She moved her hand, and her whip flicked even harder at those figures.

After she struck down more than ten figures, he was still nowhere to be seen.

Seeing Xiao Yu getting anxious, Feng Lingtian was even more proud than ever. “Haha, I told you so. I am formidable. You’ll never be able to catch up with me!”

“You…” Xiao Yu was agitated. “Brother, do you have any item to track this fellow down?”

Wang Xian slightly paused when he heard Xiao Yu. With a smile on his face, he swung his arms and tossed a Level 12 Water Dragon Ball to her.

“Brother? How do I use this?” asked Xiao Yu inquisitively.

At this time, a roar was heard from the Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball transformed into a ten-meter Marine Divine Dragon while he roared into the sky.

Dark clouds gathered instantly in the sky as rain began to fall.

Xiao Yu was slightly stunned as she saw the rainwater passing through all of Feng Lingtian’s virtual shadows, which were wind-attributed. A cold smile surfaced on her face.

“Now, let’s see where you can hide!”

“You cheat! You called upon your guardian!”

Upon seeing such a situation, Feng Lingtian was horrified as he exclaimed.

“We took turns. Now it’s fair!”

There was slyness in Xiao Yu’s eyes as she waved her ivory whip around. Each flick of her whip landed on Feng Lingtian.

The people from Yellow Sky Immortal Sect below the mountain twitched their lips. All of them were dumbfounded.

The wicked prince of the Huang Cauldron world was getting whipped by a girl in the real world!

And he had no means to resist it.

His entire body swelled by two times, losing all its previous chic.

He was the son of an Immortal, a supreme talent of Huang Cauldron!

“This might turn out to be a good thing!”

Feng Jinqing threw a glance at Wang Xian and heaved a sigh of relief instead. A smile surfaced on his face.

The beating that Feng Lingtian took might help them to avoid a crisis.

Upon hearing the shrieks from the surroundings, Wang Xian shook his head with a grin.

Since when did Xiao Yu have such a hobby? This was the first time he’d seen this.

The rest of the girls, including Lan Qingyue, were smiling from ear to ear.

“Dragon King, we got a message from the dragonians. There is another spiritual energy waterfall from the sky not far away from our Dragon Palace!”

At this time, Mo Qinglong appeared beside Wang Xian and reported to him.

“There’s a spiritual energy waterfall in the sea?”

Wang Xian froze for a moment before radiance flashed in his eyes.

“Yes!” Mo Qinglong nodded.

There was a tinge of excitement in Wang Xian’s eyes. With a spiritual energy waterfall in the ocean, this might be an excellent resource for the entire Dragon Palace and marine race!

“Qingyue, Lingxiu, Adjaya, Elder Fang, we’ll be leaving soon!”

“Are you guys going back?”

Wang Xian nodded with force as he swept his glance at those people from Yellow Sky Immortal Sect. He drew his lips slightly. “Another spiritual energy waterfall emerged from the sea. This could be a great advantage for the marine creatures. We will need to start planning for the Dragon Palace too!

“Xiao Yu, we’re heading back!”

Wang Xian shouted to Xiao Yu, who was in the air, whipping Feng Lingtian with excitement.

“Yes, brother!”

Xiao Yu nodded and snorted coldly. “I’ll bash you up whenever I see you next time so you can remember my prowess!”

Feng Lingtian gritted his teeth as he trembled. Seeing his swollen body, tears welled up in his eyes!

For the first time, he’d been beaten so badly!

“Just you wait! I’ll take revenge!”

Feng Lingtian lowered his head with determination as he clenched his fist.

Xiao Yu chuckled with contempt. She flitted to Wang Xian and grinned.

“The Nine Cauldron Worlds will soon descend. In the future, the Immortal Sects will dominate the entire Underworld. Since the Underworld forces are weak, you can join any Immortal Sects for protection. Practice hard from now on!”

Wang Xian looked around at the Martial Artists of the Underworld and reminded them!

As soon as he finished his words, he nodded to Sui Clan and Xiao Clan before he hovered away.

Behind him, Xiao Yu, Lan Qingyue, and the rest of the Dragon Sect members followed.

Wang Xian had to make full use of this opportunity for the marine creatures!