Chapter 675 - The Dolphin Princess (1)

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Chapter 675: The Dolphin Princess (1)

The sea was vast and boundaryless with ample resources.

In the legends, there were various immortal islands where the immortals would live.

Since ancient times, the sea was always filled with mysteries and attractions.

On this very day, a pink yacht was steering on the sea without any particular destination.

Melodious musical notes sounded and lingered in the surroundings, creating a perfect symphony with the sounds of the waves.

At the edge of the pink yacht, a young girl in a white dull dress was standing on the deck on the second floor.

Before her, a beautiful zither was placed.

As melodious music sounded from her zither, she looked at the surroundings of the yacht with radiant smiles.

Around her, several hundreds of dolphins were following the yacht. From time to time, dolphins would leap out from the water and look in the direction where the girl was.

“Since our missy rescued this pod of dolphins from the herd of tiger whales, they have been following our missy. Furthermore, the pod of dolphins has grown to over a few hundred!”

“Look! There are pink and white dolphins! They are simply too cute and beautiful!”

“Those are pink bottlenose dolphins while the white dolphins are the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. Both species are relatively rare dolphins!”

“These dolphins know about gratitude and have been following our missy. Moreover, they will jump out of the water from time to time to see our missy from a distance. They are really cute!”

On the lower deck, a group of four to five girls stood looking exhilaratingly at these dolphins.

At this moment, a pink dolphin jumped out of the sea beside the yacht.

The two-meter dolphin jumped over a height of a dozen meters towards the girl on the second level.

The notes from the zither stopped suddenly as the girl was surprised to see the pink bottlenose dolphin.

It had jumped over a dozen meters to come to the side of that girl.

The girl flicked the zither lightly and a ball of seawater surrounded the dolphin and suspended before her.

The pink bottlenose dolphin opened its mouth and a unique voice came from it.

“Huh? What did you say? You are bringing me to a place?”

The girl looked at the pink bottlenose dolphin with surprise as she extended her hand over to touch its head.

Dolphins communicated through soundwaves. However, at this very moment, it seemed capable of expressing something. It was extremely amazing.

The girl was also taken aback. A dolphin jumping over a dozen meters high and even talking to her? That was truly strange.

“Follow you?”

Hearing the voice, the girl was shocked.

The dolphin nodded its head brightly and wiggled its pectoral fins, signaling its desire to land.

The girl nodded, flicked her fingers lightly on the zither and sent the dolphin into the sea.

Several pink bottlenose dolphins and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in the sea looked towards her before swimming in a direction next to the yacht.

Several hundreds of dolphins were leading at the front.

“Follow the pod of dolphins!”

The melodious voice of the girl was conveyed to the lower deck.

“Yes, missy!”

On the lower deck, the female servants responded immediately. They steered the yacht and followed behind the pod of dolphins.

How are these dolphins so smart? How did I understand a little about the soundwaves they emitted? Moreover, what’s their purpose of asking me to follow them?

The girl in the white dress was astounded. If Wang Xian were here, he would definitely recognize her.

Tang Yinxuan from the Heavenly Sound Sect.

However, since the Heavenly Sound Sect had been annihilated, Tang Yinxuan had returned home and kept herself distanced from the matters of the Underworld.

Even when the spiritual energy waterfall appeared in the Underworld, she didn’t think about exploiting this opportunity.

As she was feeling bored about her dry life, she brought a few female servants with her to the sea to relax.

Several days ago, she had saved a pod of dolphins from a herd of tiger whales. After curing them of their injuries, this pod of dolphins had been following her.

Moreover, what truly shocked her was that this pod of dolphins was extremely intelligent. In fact, one could even say that they were rather strong.

To be able to jump a dozen-odd meters in a single leap! That was not any weaker than a Level 4 or 5 martial artist!

“These dolphins know about gratitude and are pure and cute. I can spend some time in the sea with them!”

Tang Yinxuan showed a faint smile, placed both of her hands on the zither and started playing. Melodious musical notes could be heard once again.

At this moment, the dolphins in the sea seemed to be responding. This cheered Tang Yinxuan up.

However, what she didn’t notice was that when the group of dolphins made their sounds, the surrounding water was changing and moving in the opposite direction of before.

Dolphins were the smartest creatures in the sea. The dolphins in the vicinity of the Dragon Palace had learnt about cultivation after being through a session of Dao preaching.

In fact, some unique dolphins with great chance encounters had already become rather strong.

The entire sea had started to change a little after the Dragon King preached Dao to the marine creatures.

At this moment, Tang Yinxuan suddenly felt a gush of spiritual energy. She lifted her head slightly, looked ahead and was filled with surprise.

In the air some distance away. white-colored spiritual energy fell from the sky. Snow-white energy was falling on an island.

The entire sea island was completely shrouded in the spiritual energy waterfall. In fact, in some areas, the water shrouded in the spiritual energy waterfall was a few thousand meters away from the island.

The entire region was just like an immortal region on the sea or the immortal islands in the legends.

“This… This is a spiritual energy waterfall! There’s a spiritual energy waterfall here!”

Tang Yinxuan’s jaw dropped slightly as she revealed an exquisite look of shock!

At this moment, she could hear the voices of several dolphins. Several pink bottlenose dolphins had turned around and were facing her.

“I’ll be heading over now!”

A dolphin exposed its back and the intention was clear.

Tang Yinxuan chuckled, landed on it and said, “Thank you, cutie!”

A joyous voice came from the dolphin below her. Several hundred dolphins led Tang Yinxuan towards the spiritual energy waterfall.

Once they entered the region shrouded in the spiritual energy waterfall, the pod of dolphins was in ecstasy.

At this moment, Tang Yinxuan realized that there were several hundred additional dolphins around this region.

Several pink bottlenose dolphins and the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin seemed to see her as their leader as they surrounded her.

“Alright, lead me down then!”

Two pink dolphins swam to the sides of Tang Yinxuan. Suddenly, they released a bubble from their mouths that surrounded Tang Yinxuan’s head.

“I’m good. Let me do it myself!”

Seeing the cute dolphins surrounding her, Tang Yinxuan felt extremely light-hearted.

Spending time with simple creatures like them could help her forget any worries or displeasure!!