Chapter 678 - Assistance

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Tang Yinxuan was infuriated as she glared at the back.

Hundreds of dolphins had depleted their energy when they released a daunting sonic attack.

Their bodies collapsed right away.

The dolphins had just started their cultivation, and they were not well-versed in using their energy yet. Exploding domineering power like this was a suicide move.

“Darn, how did these dolphins turn into such wicked demons?”

An infuriated roar came from the back as the members of Creepy Snake Group suffered massive injuries under the dolphins’ attack. The sea snakes floated around motionlessly in the seas, as their brains were dead after being struck by the sonic waves.

“Kill those dolphins and seize that girl. Check out what secret she’s hiding!” an elder exclaimed as he gave chase immediately.

Seeing the group of people on her heels, Tang Yinxuan paled. She forced herself to sit up and strum chords. The sea waves helped to push the dolphins.

Beside her were Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins with glimmering eyes. They were propelling themselves as they emitted buzzing ripples.

The surrounding dolphins used the skills which they had just cultivated and doubled their speed.

“Hur? What amazing dolphins. But it’s wishful thinking, trying to escape!”

Four members of Creepy Snake Group sat on the sea snake a thousand meters behind and exuded icy cold aura like poisonous snakes, giving chase from behind.

Tang Yinxuan had a slight change in her expression. As she strummed her zither, the Spiritual Energy in her body was quickly depleting.

The toxin in her chest took over her body with numbness. Suddenly, she felt heat embracing her, and her vision was blurred.

She could no longer hold herself as she collapsed on the dolphin. Her zither fell off, sinking slowly to the bottom of the sea.

“To think a pod of marine creatures tried to escape from our pursuit!”

A member of Creepy Snake Group sped up as soon as he spotted the pod of dolphins and sneered.

“Trying to escape, huh!”

The four members of Creepy Snake Group sat on the sea snake as it wavered its tail. A stream of water current gathered, and they sped up by three to four times.

“Hiak hiak, these dolphins are amazing. Their intelligence is so high that they learned how to cultivate by themselves!”

Four members of Creepy Snake Group immediately popped up before the dolphins. As they rode on the sea snake, they swept their cold gazes at them.

“A bunch of animals. How dare you kill two of our members. Go to hell!”

An old man from Creepy Snake Group hopped down from the sea snake and raised the poison fangs in his hand.

A terrifying vortex was formed, exploding all his Dan Realm strength.

The pod of dolphins exhibited a frightful look as they let out a despairing shriek.

The vortex in the hand of that elder grew to a size of a dozen meters before he hurled it far ahead.

“All creatures with wisdom are the citizens of Dragon Palace. Whoever kills them shall die!”

Suddenly, an enormous mustard palm descended, wiping out the vortex of a dozen meters.

Prime Minister Turtle clenched his fist, and that Dan Realm expert was crushed into dust.

“What?” The remaining three members of Creepy Snake Group changed their expressions drastically as a huge shadow emerged before them.

The trio quickly spun around only to see a face that struck terror into them.

Behind them, a horrifying monster of eighty meters encompassed them from above.

The monster gave off grey energy that seemed to contain incomparable might around him.

On that monster stood some people. Amongst which was an eccentric old man with a turtle shell on his back.

The three of them went into a trance with their minds going crazy.

A scary monster of eighty meters and a turtle man with a shell?

At this time, however, Prime Minister Turtle swung his arm again, and the enormous mustard palm slammed at the trio.

The trio of Creepy Snake Group was killed immediately since they did not have any means to resist it.

When the pod of dolphins saw Wang Xian and his gang, they sensed their aura and emitted sound waves.

“All of them developed intelligence, and contain Spiritual Energy within their bodies.”

Wang Xian looked downward with radiance flashing in his eyes.

“Dragon King, these dolphins already developed intelligence, and have proceeded to cultivate themselves,” Prime Minister Turtle, at the side, said as he stared at the pod of dolphins.

Several pink bottlenose dolphins let out a shriek again, and a pod of dolphins swam over.

The dolphin, which was carrying Tang Yinxuan, also swam towards Wang Xian.

“Dragon King, save her. Save her!”

A weak voice was transmitted to Wang Xian.

“Such a cute dolphin!”

Xiao Yu watched the dolphins with interest on her face. “Hey, brother. There’s someone on it!”

Wang Xian nodded his head and waved his arm. The girl that was on the back of the dolphin slowly floated towards him.

After Wang Xian took Xiao Yu, Lan Qingyue, and the rest back to the Dragon Palace, he ordered all the members of the Dragon Palace to rush over here.

Who knew they would meet someone hunting down a pod of dolphins on their way.

“It’s a girl!”

Lan Qingyue and the girls looked over with puzzled looks.

When Wang Xian saw her face, he was stunned as he revealed a quizzical expression.

Tang Yinxuan. It turned out to be Tang Yinxuan.

“What, Xiao Xian? Do you know her?”

Seeing his surprised look, Lan Qingyue asked this with curiosity.

“Yes, I do!”

Wang Xian nodded his head and swung his arm to hold her body.

“She’s beautiful!”

Elder Fang was stunned as she took a glance at Wang Xian.

The rest of the girls, including Lan Qingyue, also looked at him with suggestive looks.

“Ahem, we just met a few times!”

Wang Xian’s expression remained unchanged as he placed his hand on her.

“The Saintess of Heavenly Sound Sect did not meet you just a few times. I remember you gifted her a zither too!”

Lan Qingyue stared at Tang Yinxuan with glistening eyes, and no one was sure how Lan Qingyue had gotten her news.

“She got some snake and erotic venom in her!” Sun Lingxiu commented plainly after some light from Sun Lingxiu fell upon Tang Yinxuan.

“If we were not here, Xiao Xian would probably contribute his body as an antidote to this beauty!” Adjaya said with a faint smile.

“What are they talking about!”

Wang Xian instilled Dragon Energy into her body, clearing all the toxins in her body rapidly.

Tang Yinxuan opened her eyes and felt nothing wrong with her body. Even her Spiritual Energy was restored. She was slightly stunned before she turned her head around.

For a moment, Tang Yinxuan was stupefied as she looked at Wang Xian with surprise.

She regained consciousness and asked, “Why are you here?”

Upon hearing what Tang Yinxuan had said, Wang Xian felt several sharp gazes looking at him from the surroundings.

Wang Xian cleared his throat and forced a smile onto his face. “Yes, it’s me. What a coincidence. I never expected to meet you here!”

Tang Yinxuan looked around with doubt and noticed Xiao Yu, Yinxuan, Sun Lingxiu, Adjaya, and Elder Fang.

When she looked farther, she froze.

An old man was carrying a turtle shell, and a two-meter Devil Monkey was exuding daunting aura.

There was even a clam girl with a huge clamshell?

A huge prawn that could stand?

And tons of odd-looking, scary-looking marine creatures!