Chapter 77 - Beautiful Fireworks

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Chapter 77: Beautiful Fireworks


“Immobilize the two of them and follow me to meet the culprit behind this.”

A blazing fire suddenly rose as Wang Xian walked out from the Longxuan Restaurant. With a scoffing look on his face, he walked towards the old street.

Mo Qinglong, with a pair of passionate eyes, nodded respectfully. With just an arm swing of the Dragon King just now, the place was engulfed by the blazing fire.

Such formidable Superpower. Even if his cultivation attained the Inborn level, he could never duplicate that.

Wang Xian enveloped the entire Longxuan Restaurant with his fire attribute. Soon, the restaurant was burning.

“The fireworks are up. Haha, it’s so beautiful!”

When the flames rose, the juvenile sitting in the Bentley sports car stood up as he watched the fireworks in the old street from a distance.

“It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful!” Director Xie had an intoxicated look on his face, “Haha, First-grade Restaurant. How dare you fight with me. This is your end. Brother-in-law, thanks to you this time.”

“No big deal!” The young man flicked the ash off his cigarette with a slacking face. This was a piece of cake for him.

He did not care about burning down a restaurant.

“When that young man finds out that his restaurant has been turned into ashes tomorrow, he probably will hug himself and cry!” The juvenile stared at the firework in the distance with excitement.

“This is his end!” Director Xie took a deep puff. Satisfying!

“Yes, the fireworks are beautiful. Stunningly gorgeous!”

Just then, an unfamiliar voice was heard suddenly from the car.

“Of course…” When the juvenile heard this, he responded instinctively. But soon, he realized that something was amiss.

The voice seemed to be coming from the seat next to him.

But there should be no one beside him…

He spun his head around and revealed a shocking look in his eyes. “You…You…”

He pointed at Wang Xian with an look of disbelief.

The young man who was sitting in the driver’s seat sensed an oppressive danger instantly. He stood up immediately and looked at Wang Xian with disbelief. He then swept his gaze across Mo Qinglong, who was standing next to the car.

He had not sensed anyone near him.

“Me?” Wang Xian revealed a playful expression when he saw the young man staring at him, shocked. “Let them introduce me!”

“How… How did you come in?” Director Xie was also stunned when he turned around and saw Wang Xian in the car.

“Hey, don’t be panicked. Look at the fireworks. They’re so beautiful!”

Wang Xian looked at the distant fireworks with a smile.

“That place… No… That is…” Director Xie noticed his composure, so he turned around to look carefully again. Subsequently, his body trembled as he spun and stared at Wang Xian with his blood-shot eyes. “How dare you burn down my Longxuan Restaurant…”

“What? Longxuan Restaurant is the one on fire?” The juvenile was shocked, with mixed expressions on his face. “Brother-in-law, kill him. Kill him! How dare he…”

“Shut up!” At this time, Ren Anzhi stared at Wang Xian and Mo Qinglong with wariness on his face. When he heard the juvenile’s voice, he yelled at him in a cold voice.

Immediately, the juvenile shut up upon hearing him. But he glared furiously at Wang Xian.

“Yes, that’s the Longxuan Restaurant. Look, now it has turned into fireworks. How beautiful!”

Wang Xian looked into the distance with a beaming face.

“Which family or sect are you from?” asked Ren Anzhi with a cold face. He did not dare to make any reckless moves as he could sense significant threats from them!

“Which family are you from then?” Wang Xian turned around and looked at him with smiles on his face when he heard Ren Anzhi’s question.

“Ren Family in Rivertown!” Ren Anzhi said emotionlessly.

“Oh, Ren Family; ranked second in the Ancient Martial Artist Families of Rivertown. Quite a formidable family!”

Wang Xian drew his lips slightly when he listened to him. From Old Xue, he had already found out the rankings of the families in Rivertown. Ren Family was in second place.

The strongest Martial Artist was a Level-eight elder in the Ren Family. Together with another two Level-seven Martial Artists, they made a powerful team.

But to him, they were nothing if he just flicked his finger.

“Well, that’s the end of the fireworks. Finish them off!”

Wang Xian slowly opened the door and instructed Mo Qinglong next to him.

“Yes, Dragon King!” Mo Qinglong nodded as he stared at Ren Anzhi.

“Finish me off?” Ren Anzhi was infuriated when he heard what Wang Xian said. With a cold face, he said, “Let me tell you this. No matter who you are, the Ren Family will not be afraid of you.”

“You talk too much,” Mo Qinglong said impassively as he stretched out his arm to seize him.

“Seeking your own death!” Ren Anzhi was furious when he sensed Mo Qinglong’s contempt. He curled his fingers into a fist and hurled at Mo Qinglong.

Mo Qinglong shook his head gently. Without any additional movements, he grabbed Ren Anzhi’s fist with no difficulties.

“Oh no!” Ren Anzhi was horrified, with eyes full of disbelief.

He was a Level-five expert!

“Ren Family? Regardless of which family you’re from, you’ll need to pay a hefty price for provoking the Dragon King!” Mo Qinglong said impassively.

With a pair of fearful eyes, Ren Anzhi felt a powerful stream of Internal Energy gushing towards his Elixir Field.

Sounds of cracks were heard, Ren Anzhi could not help but spit a mouthful of blood. His eyes were full of despair.

“You… you ruined my Elixir Field. You are actually a… Half-step to Inborn!”

Feeling the intense pain from his body and the vast Internal Energy from the elder before him, he trembled in fear as the oppression continued to lurk in his heart as if something heavy had fallen from the sky onto him.

“Killing you or wiping the entire Ren Family out is not a big deal!” Mo Qinglong spoke to Ren Anzhi nonchalantly.

“No… I beg you…” Ren Anzhi narrowed his eyes as he pleaded desperately.

“Hmph!” Mo Qinglong scoffed at him. With a swing, Ren Anzhi fell heavily on the car. Mo Qinglong then spun around to look at the remaining two people.

“No… Don’t.” Director Xie was appalled to see his mighty brother-in-law torpefied.

“It’s too late!” Mo Qinglong swung his arm again and hit the limbs of Director Xie with his immense energy.

“Ah!” Director Xie was screaming in despair.

“No, don’t kill me, no! The juvenile was so petrified that he knelt in the car quickly.

He was only 19, and he was about to enter the university. He had yet to experience so many wonderful things in life.

Mo Qinglong revealed a disdainful look. He swung his arm again, and the immense energy entered his body.

All his limbs were crippled!

Looking at the three people who were rolling in pain in the car, Wang Xian sneered and headed to the school. “Let’s settle the underworld matter in the underworld. You’re welcome to seek revenge from me!”

“If you dare to do any despicable things, this would not be the end,” Mo Qinglong said coldly and returned to protecting the First-grade Restaurant.

“I’m doomed. I’m completely destroyed. Half-step to Inborn. He’s actually a Half-step to Inborn Expert…”

Ren Anzhi stared in the air blankly as he went into a trance. The previous slack, casual look was long gone.

The fireworks in the distance seemed to be burning their souls away.