Chapter 79 - The Admirer of the Younger Sister

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Chapter 79: The Admirer of the Younger Sister


At the exit of the high-speed railway station, Wang Xian called out to his sister, who was carrying a backpack. When Xiao Yu saw him, she was so thrilled that she dashed towards him.

Xiao Yu jumped onto Wang Xian. With an exhilarated face, she hugged his neck and called out happily.

“Alright, you’re a big girl now. Why are you still so clingy?”

Wang Xian patted her head and put her down.

“Hehe.” Xiao Yu chuckled as she got down from him. “Brother, let me introduce you to our hometown friends who were admitted to University of Rivertown this year.”

Xiao Yu smiled as she introduced the seven people who were walking over to Wang Xian.

“Hello, Senior Wang Xian!” A pleasant-looking girl greeted Wang Xian immediately.

“Hi, Xiao Mi!” Wang Xian nodded as he smiled at the girl. Xiao Mi was his sister’s best friend, and her family was quite well-to-do. Hence, she often took care of Xiao Yu.

“Hello, Senior!” The rest of the people observed Wang Xian and greeted him.

“Where are you guys heading to? The school doesn’t provide accommodation today. So, you may need to stay outside for a night.” Wang Xian looked at them. He then turned to Xiao Yu and asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want to have something to eat?”

“No, I’m not. We’re going to find a motel near the school and stay for a night. Then, we intend to tour around Rivertown during the next two days. Oh, where are we going now?” asked Xiao Yu to the people behind her.

“Let’s get some stuff today. We’ll do our tour after we report to the school tomorrow.” A juvenile with a sling bag asked, “We didn’t bring many things with us, so, we need to get stuff like computers…Senior Wang Xian, do you know where we can get them? It would be a lot of fun to play tomorrow if we settled our things today.”

“Yes. We can get our things today, and put them in our dormitory tomorrow. Senior, please take us to places where we can shop for our stuff!” Another juvenile echoed in agreement.

Wang Xian looked at them and nodded. He reached out for Xiao Yu’s bag and said, “Let’s go. We’ll have something simple in a restaurant, and I’ll bring you guys to the city center to shop for your stuff.”

“Yes, Senior.” The rest of them nodded their heads and headed outside.

“Senior, how’s life at the university? Is it fun?” a juvenile walked beside Wang Xian and asked.

“It’s alright. You will have some freedom since the school is not that strict.” Wang Xian chuckled.

“Senior, you can take us to a better restaurant. I’ll be buying lunch for all of us.”

At this time, a juvenile spoke. He was dressed in trendy clothes with a pair of golden frame spectacles without any lenses. On his back, he carried a Hermes bag.

As he spoke, he turned to look at Xiao Yu. “Xiao Yu, what would you like to eat?”

“It’s okay, Jia Wenrui. I’ll eat anything!” Sensing the attention of the juvenile, Xiao Yu shook her head with uneasiness.

“It’s okay. We’ll eat whatever you want,” Jia Wenrui continued with a thick skin.

“Ask them what they want. I don’t have any preference.” Xiao Yu shook her head and looked at Wang Xian.

Wang Xian smiled at her. He was not surprised when Xiao Yu had admirers. After all, his sister was pretty too.

“I want to have Japanese food. Let’s have Japanese food, Wenrui.” A girl walked beside Jia Wenrui and replied as she leaned closer to him.

Jia Wenrui hesitated when he saw the tall and slim girl. She was a totally different kind of girl from Xiao Yu. She was tall with a height of 1.7 meters, and her figure was hot.

She had a pretty face: sharp chin, tall nose, and a slim face.

Even though she looked pretty, her face looked as though it was from a mold just like those online celebrities with plastic surgery faces.

Moreover, the traces of plastic surgery were evident. She had makeup on her face with Chanel clothes and bag on her.

She was a girl who came from a wealthy family.

“Forget about having Japanese food in the afternoon. It’s a waste of time. Besides, we’ve got too many of us. It’s a little troublesome.”

Wang Xian suggested, “Let’s have something simple first, and I’ll take you to seafood tonight.”

Upon hearing Wang Xian, the girl frowned slightly with unhappiness flashing in her eyes, “How would having Japanese food be a waste of time. Besides, it delicious. I bet you haven’t had it before.”

“Forget it. Let’s not have Japanese food. We will have something simple for lunch!” Jia Wenrui told the girl, “Let’s do the Japanese food tomorrow.”

“Fine!” The girl was displeased but she did not refute Jia Wenrui. Instead, she continued to chat beside him.

While Jia Wenrui was chatting beside that girl, his eyes often drifted to Xiao Yu.

But Xiao Yu was talking happily with Wang Xian and Xiao Mi as they were sharing their funny stories about their driving lesson during the summer break.

“Let’s take a cab to the city center. We can take a rest after lunch and shop for stuff over there.”

The group of people nodded to Wang Xian’s suggestion.

“Xiao Yu, that handsome guy just now seems to like you!” When they were in the cab, Wang Xian beamed to Xiao Yu as he spoke.

“Heh,” Xiao Yu lifted her chin with some pride but shook her head subsequently, “I don’t like Jia Wenrui. He seems cheeky and thick-skinned. I prefer the type of people similar to my brother. Brother, I haven’t seen you for such a long time, and you have become even more good-looking. Isn’t it so, Xiao Mi?”

“Senior Wang Xian really became more attractive!” Xiao Mi looked at Wang Xian and replied with her cheeks blushed.

“Hehe, of course. My brother is the most handsome and kindest person.” Xiao Yu smiled and continued, “If I’m getting a boyfriend, I must find someone like my brother.”

Wang Xian chuckled. He turned to Xiao Yu and reminded her, “I’m telling you… you are allowed to date when you’re in the university, but the guy must be good enough. Otherwise… you know me…”

“Yes, Brother. But I’m not preparing to date when I’m schooling unless I meet someone like you. Hehe.” Xiao Yu laughed.

The happiest thing for her was to be able to attend school with her brother. A boyfriend was nothing to her. I have my brother, right?

Wang Xian nodded with satisfaction.

The cars reached the city center. The group of nine people came to a building and had some lunch. After the generous Jia Wenrui fought to pay for the bill, the bunch of youngsters began to shop excitedly.

All the girls traveled here lightweight. Their parents must have given them money to shop for their clothes and stuff.

Wang Xian also noticed those youngsters were quite well-off.

“Let’s go shopping. I want to buy a computer and some clothes.”

After lunch, everyone was excited.

“Let’s buy some clothes first. They’re lighter to carry,” Wang Xian suggested to them.

“Yes, Senior.” Jia Wenrui nodded and asked with a smile, “Senior, where can we buy branded clothes here?”

“I also want to get a bag. I’ve been carrying this for half a year. It’s time to change,” the girl that looked like some online celebrities said with a sense of superiority.

After some chats during lunch, Wang Xian found out that this girl was called Jiang Shuang.

“Wenrui, Jiang Shuang, both of you are nouveau riches. We can’t afford branded stuff. But we can join in for fun,” the rest of the boys said with envy.

“Hehe, it’s nothing. Let’s see if we have time in the afternoon. I’ll buy a car. I took $200,000 from my parents to buy a car for daily transportation.” Jia Wenrui smiled as he spoke. But his eyes were full of egotism.

“Wow, you’re rich,” the boys exclaimed in surprise with an envious look.

“I’ll take you guys there. Let’s go!”

Wang Xian gazed at the few people who were showing off, with a faint smile on his face.