Chapter 71

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Did you say it is a city where it rains all the time?”

It was during the morning.

Nainiae, who was getting maid lessons from Sera, could not hide the surprise when she heard Sera’s explanation about Rainfield.

The city’s name came from that fact. It rains whole day long without stopping. So, it is called Rainfield.”

Morning, afternoon, and even during the evening…

Not only that, during throughout the all seasons…

There was a city where it always rained.

Rainfield was that kind of city, and it was pretty close to Solia.

Its land size is not as large as Solia, but it is still one of famous cities.”

Sera explained as she cleaned a porcelain decoration in the corridor by making mist to it with her breath. [TL: The author didn’t explain what it was other than that it was made of porcelain/ceramic]

It’s a city where everyone, commoners, nobilities, and even royalties, goes to when the summer heat hits. There’s no sunlight there, and because it rains whole day, it is cool there.”

It was a city where it rains whole day.

Nainiae figured it certainly would not be hot there even during summer since it rains whole day in Rainfield.

Nainiae nodded as she cleaned a porcelain object like Sera.

That’s probably the reason why Young Master wants to go to Rainfield. It gets pretty warm… when Mr. Ian is serving Young Master.”

Sera added that, just like how the Solia’s Main Plaza lighted up with festivities during the swordsmanship tournament, Rainfield also becomes lively with festivities during summer.

A festival…”

There are lots of beautiful things there. The fireworks along the waterfall path for instance.”

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Fireworks along the waterfall path?”

It’s pretty complicated to explain… How should I put it?”

Having finished with cleaning one porcelain object, Sera put it down and started to explain more about Rainfield’s waterfall path.

Buildings on Rainfield are built with consideration for the endless rain. Thanks to this design choice, the roof design is quite unique. There is a pathway where the rainwater falls beautifully like waterfalls from these roofs.”

Having heard what Sera just said, Nainiae flapped her wings of imagination, but then she tilted her head side to side because she couldn’t quite get a feel for it.

Anyway, it is a really pretty pathway. As for the fireworks, they are literal fireworks.”

Excuse me. Ms. Sera… You just said it rains endlessly in Rainfield City. In that case, how does the firework…”

‘How could there be fireworks on a place that rains endlessly?’

When Nainiae pointed out the contradiction in the idea, as if Sera knew it was coming, she explained as she shrugged her shoulders.

A long time ago, I heard a certain alchemist invented fireworks that does not get wet even in rain. The fireworks I’m talking about are these kinds.”

Sera, who have picked up the next porcelain object, continued as she tilted up the tail end of her mouth with confidence.

The waterfall path’s firework is pretty amazing. I can say with confidence that it is one of the most beautiful scenery I have seen in my life.”

It’s that good?”

Rays of lights and sparkling glitters of fire beyond beautiful waterfall are… Gosh… Although I’m from Solia, I can dare to say there is nothing in Solia that can beat that scene.”

Looking at Sera’s sparkling eyes, Nainiae also sparkled her eyes in curiosity.

… All right. I’ll allow it.”

You have been telling me every year to try going outside. Why are you being so hesitant this year?”

They were at Stein’s office.

Riley, who had a business with his father, looked away and peeked a smile. Stein answered,

I was concerned you might bring something like another medal of honor.”


Stein’s gaze was full of expectations. Having noticed this, Riley stopped laughing so nonchalantly. He shook his head and said,

Absolutely no way.”

To Stein, who was shrugging his shoulders as he mentioned the medal, Riley said that will never happen. He promptly turned his body around and escaped his father’s office.

Now that I have his approval, shall I make a quick preparation and get going?”

Having received Stein’s approval, Riley cringed as he flapped his clothes to vent the air inside.

Ugh. It’s hot…”

With a cringed face, he thought about Andal, his buddy, as he looked out the window.

It was because of what Andal said before.

Because Andal, a red dragon, was within the area, Iphalleta manor’s summer might be a little hotter than other places.

‘A little? Do dogs have horns? If it is going to be like this every summer, I think I’ll have to chase him away.’

Although Riley had been getting helps from Andal, it was still hard for Riley to endure the summer heat.

Even the servants in the mansion were rolling their tongues because of the heat. It was to the point they were begging Nainiae to use cooling magic. There was no need to explain it for a second time. That would have only hurt Riley’s mouth.

Ian greeted Riley from the other side of the corridor. With firm grips on his own hands, Ian asked Riley,

Did he… approve? He didn’t, right?”

Looks like you were hoping that my father wouldn’t approve the trip. Is that right?”

Yes. Honestly, I was hoping he wouldn’t approve it.”

Ian, with a sincere look on his eyes, answered Riley.

Having heard Ian’s response, Riley twisted a tip of his lips and said,

Unfortunately, he approved?”

This can’t be.”

Ian’s palms, which were in praying position, moved toward his temples.

To begin with, it would be odd if he disapproved it when he had been approving it every year. Don’t you think?”

Riley, as if he was taking on the lead on the offenses, he started to make fun of Ian.

Ian was a strange man who liked sweating in the heat. However, he didn’t like being wet due to rain.

Ian absolutely hated rain. It could be said that rain was Ian’s mortal enemy.

Ian. What about you? Are you going to stay in the mansion this year again?”

Well, if you are going to stay here, I can have Sera to come with us… Actually, no. this year, I think I can just take Nainiae instead. It would be convenient too.”

Ian had a look on his face. He was protesting a wrong doing done against him. He stared at Riley with that look.

Ian was like a dog that couldn’t quite fight back.

It looked like Ian was not going to be able to go with Riley to Rainfield for vacation this year either.

How long are you going to stay there?”

Ian, not able to figure out what to do, asked Riley.

He was asking when Riley was going to come back to the mansion.

I’m not sure?”

Riley tilted his head side to side as he walked toward the library, a place that was at least cooler than the rest of the mansion.

I probably will… stay there until late summer?”

Why? I stayed there for about two months last year. Don’t you remember?”

I’m not sure about this year. How long will I be staying…”

Hearing Riley’s mumbling, Ian’s face became more serious.

It looked like he was agonizing over if he was going to go with Riley.

I was hoping if you could look after my mother in the mansion while I’m away. Will that be okay with you?”

Having heard what Riley said, Ian started to make grumbling noise.

It was because Ian had no reason to refuse it if that was Riley’s wish.

Actually, if I leave the house, having just Sera isn’t enough, isn’t it? That’s why I’m doing this every year too.”

Having heard Riley’s words indicating his trust in Ian’s abilities, Ian asked carefully,

You said two months… right?”

Well, depending on the situation? It could be sooner, and it could be later.”

Ian sighed big enough to make the ground sink.

Riley put his hand on Ian’s shoulder. Riley was showing Ian that he is trusting Ian with the task of looking after his mother. Riley smiled big, and Ian too smiled as if he was trying to say he will yield.

It was the next day morning.

A carriage was prepared and waiting in front of Iphalleta mansion’s entrance. It was waiting for departure.

I installed a gate on Lady Iris’s hand mirror. It enables frequent communication using magic, so there is no need to worry so much.”

Having explained about the communication magic to Iris, Nainiae used Astroa’s leather bracelet and opened the storage space.

As Sera advised, Nainiae meticulously checked the items inside the storage space. They were the items necessary for the trip. Having finished checking the contents, Nainiae closed the storage space and looked back toward Riley. It seemed like she was meaning that the preparations are complete.

Well then, shall we get going?”

Iris, Ian and Sera were there to see them off. Perhaps it was because it was still very early in the morning. The three were the only ones there.

In that case, please have a safe trip.”

Ian decided not to protest anymore. It was because Riley asked Ian a favor. Hence, Ian was there to see them off. Ian was sniffling his runny nose.

Riley got on the carriage first.

Sera tapped on Nainiae’s shoulder and said to Nainiae who was about to get on the driver’s seat.

Nainiae. You just need to do as you were taught.”

Having heard Sera’s advice, Nainiae gave a refreshing smile and sat on the driver’s seat.

As Iris watched this, as if she suddenly remembered something, Iris called for Nainiae.

Ah! Nainiae! Wait!”

Iris was holding something. Iris lightly stepped toward Nainiae and gave Nainiae something that was wrapped in a fabric.

What’s this?”

The object inside the fabric felt thin and sturdy.

Nainiae, wondering what it was, floated a question mark on her face, looked at Iris and started to tilt her head side to side.

I don’t know if you will like it, but I made it for you to say please take a good care of Riley during the vacation.”

Iris smiled with her mouth covered with her hand.

It’s what Riley used to use. I fixed it a little. I wonder if it will look good on you.”

It’s something that Young Master used to use?”

Nainiae looked once at the gift, which she was curious about, and looked once at Riley inside the carriage, who was eagerly waiting for departure. Nainiae decided to open the gift later. She lowered her head to express gratitude to Iris.

Thank you, Lady Iris. Since I received a gift from you, I’ll work even harder and make sure to properly serve Young Master.”

Okay then. I’ll count on only you, Nainiae.”

Iris took a few steps back and moved away from the carriage.

Because it looked like it was going to be okay for them to depart now, Nainiae waved her hand to the three and moved the carriage.

Let’s see. According to the map… It will take about four days without taking any rest… With hotels in between, that is about a week…”

Nainiae used a simple telekinesis magic to have the map float up next to her as she drove the carriage.

Using the map, she checked the distance and direction.

While Nainiae was in middle of driving the carriage, Riley poked his head through the window. With his head toward the driver’s seat, Riley started to talk to her.

Yes, Young Master?”

Nainiae, who was going back and forth between looking at the frontal view and the map, responded in a hurry.

Are you really going to drive all the way there with a carriage? Can’t we just teleport?”

When Riley asked about Teleportation magic, Nainiae responded in a bitter tone,

Young Master, unfortunately, Teleportation is a Seven Circle’s magic, so I cannot use it. Also, even if I was a Seven Circles mage, it would be difficult to get the right coordinates without a tool because Rainfield is too far. If things go wrong, one’s body and legs could be teleported apart, so…”

Her reasons made sense.

Riley, who still didn’t know much about Magic, scratched his cheek a few times and said,

In that case, it cannot be helped. I’ll just use Chance again. Since there’s just two of us now…”


Nainiae looked back at Riley as she tilted her head side to side.

Riley continued as he twisted the tips of his mouth.

If you go over the facts, it became hot all of sudden as soon as the month changed because of that rascal. He needs to take the responsibility.”

Take a left here.”

Nainiae, who had a confused look on her face, turned the carriage to the left as Riley ordered.

Excuse me, Young Master… By any chance…”

This direction…

It was familiar to Nainiae. It was a path that she traveled a few days ago.

The tree branches, the ones that she sliced with wind magic, passed by quickly.

With a mischievous smile, Riley said,

After all, what do you do with a friend?”