Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Blood Rain Day

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Graystone Castle, a baron’s castle on the east side of Dark Cloud Forest. It belonged to the Noen family.

“Women and children, hide in the castle. All men, bring your weapons and follow me to the battlements. Do not retreat. If anyone steps back, I will chop off his head!” Knight Thor shouted as he waved his cross sword.

The castle was in a mess. The Apprentice Knights and the farmers who had taken refuge all took their swords, pitchforks, and hoes to the battlements.

It was the day of the Blood Rain that happened once every three years. On this day, the black cloud that covered the sky of the Dark Cloud Forest would rain blood-like water..

This Blood Rain had a special power. After being drenched by the Blood Rain, the demonized beasts that lived in the forest would go crazy and rush out of the forest to form a beast tide.

Therefore, at this time, all the people in Graystone territory had to move into the castle to resist the beast tide.

On one side of the battlements, there stood more than a dozen teenagers, about 13 to 14 years old. They were wearing leather armor with studded nails and carrying bright cross swords on their waists.

These were Apprentice Knights of Graystone Castle and core members of the Noen family.

At this moment, the flaxen-haired Kayla put his right hand on the black-haired Heath’s shoulder and teased, “Hey, Brother Heath, I saw you shivering. Why? Are you afraid?”

Heath glanced at him and did not say anything.

He was indeed afraid, but there was nothing shameful about it. Anyone who grew up in peaceful times would not be able to remain calm when they saw such a scene.

Heath was not from this world. He came from a plane called Blue Star.

He did not know how he came here. He only remembered that he was too tired from working overtime at the company three days ago, so he lay on his desk and slept for a while.

However, when he woke up, he changed to another world. At the same time, he changed his identity. He changed from a 30-year-old urban white-collar worker to a 13-year-old Apprentice Knight in Graystone Castle.

Before he could familiarize himself with his new identity, the Blood Rain Day had arrived. Then, he was driven up to the battlements by Knight Thor with his cross sword. And now.

“The Baron is here!”

“We have two Knights, the Baron and Knight Thor. They can even defeat a high-level demon beast. We will definitely win!”

At this moment, there was a commotion in the crowd. Everyone looked towards the stone stairs.

A middle-aged man in his forties walked towards them. He was wearing a chain mail and a blue cloth cover. He looked majestic.

This was Baron Carter, the owner of this Graystone Castle.

Baron Carter’s appearance caused the crowd on the battlements to cheer enthusiastically. The fear in Heath’s eyes also subsided a lot.

This was because, in addition to his identity as a Lord, Baron Carter was also a true Knight!

Knight. This was the collective name of the powerful humans in this world. It was also the ruling class of this world.

Through practicing some special secret techniques, they were able to improve their physical fitness to a level that far exceeded that of ordinary humans. Any official Knight possessed extremely astonishing combat strength.

Heath had seen Baron Carter lift a huge rock that weighed at least a few hundred kilograms with his own eyes and split it in half with a single sword.

‘With such a powerful person, and two of them at that, I should be able to survive this damn Blood Rain Day safely…’ Heath comforted himself in his heart.

The Baron and Knight Thor adjusted the formation on the battlements and then led the team to wait at the side.

Time passed bit by bit, about half an hour later…

Suddenly, a loud rumble came from the horizon.

The dark clouds floating above the forest suddenly spread out at an alarming speed, and in an instant, they covered the entire forest and even Graystone Castle.

In the sky, there was a black mass.

Then, the clear sound of raindrops rang out.

The rain fell from the dark clouds.

The rain was red, like blood.

Heath raised his hand and looked at the red liquid on the back of his hand. What was this thing? Was it really not blood?

It looked like blood, and it even had a pungent smell.

[Ding! Supernatural energy detected. Extracted. Supernatural Extraction System activated.]

At this moment, a cold voice sounded in Heath’s mind.

Heath was shocked. ‘What?’

‘Could it be that I’m hallucinating because I’m too nervous?’

Just as he had this thought, the voice sounded again: [Beep! Supernatural Extraction System activated successfully.]

Immediately after, Heath’s vision blurred and a row of data appeared in front of his eyes.

[Attributes: Strength 1.1, Agility 1.3, Vitality 0.9, Spirit 1.2 (The average value of a normal adult man is 1).]

Heath was overjoyed. ‘It really is the system!’

As a visitor from another world, Heath used to like reading online novels. Of course, it was impossible for him not to know what this system meant.

‘Rumors say that all transmigrators must have a golden finger. I thought it was just a legend, but it turns out to be true!’

The crisis was imminent. This golden finger came at the right time.

Heath immediately asked in his heart, ‘Supernatural Extraction System, what are your functions?’

[Beep! Supernatural Extraction System can extract energy from all supernatural substances to feed back to the host, including but not limited to attributes, skills, and knowledge.]

[Usage requirements: 1. Must come into contact with the extract. 2. The extracted object must be supernatural substance. 3. The extracted object must not be a living thing.]

Heath was stunned. Supernatural substance? What was supernatural substance?

Just as he was about to ask, there was a commotion on the battlements.

“It’s… It’s coming! The beast tide is coming!”

“Oh my god! So many!”

A thick layer of dust suddenly appeared in the forest in the distance. The dense dust was filled with demonized beasts.

They came in groups and rolled over like a tide.

The earth even began to tremble.

Although they had mentally prepared themselves, at this moment, everyone on the battlements could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. Their faces could not help but turn pale.

Baron Carter walked to the front and drew his cross sword. He said coldly, “Draw your sword and prepare for battle!”

With the battle imminent, Heath could only put aside the system’s matters. He drew his cross sword and stood in a row with the other Apprentice Knights, silently watching the oncoming beast tide.

The next second —

A loud sound was heard.

Countless demonized beasts crashed heavily into the city wall. The thick and heavy city wall obviously shook violently.

The strong impact caused these demonized beasts to instantly turn into corpses and die at the bottom of the city wall. Later on, the demonized beasts stepped on these corpses and crashed into the higher part of the city wall.

The corpses piled up at the bottom of the city wall, and soon, they reached the same height as the battlements. The demonized beasts behind them were also able to charge straight up the battlements.

The battle had begun!

Baron Carter took the lead and slashed forward with his cross sword. With a ‘pu’ sound, the three-meter-tall wild boar in front of him was actually split in half by the sword.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” A cold murderous voice rang out. The morale of the people on the battlements was greatly boosted. One after another, they picked up their weapons and fought against these murderers.

At the same time, Heath also welcomed his first battle in the Otherworld.

The one fighting with him was a Ragdoll Rabbit.

This creature had nothing to do with the cute pets on Blue Star, and anyone who saw it would only think of terror.

It looked like a ragdoll with coarse stitching. Dense black threads grew on its skin, and its eyes were simply two buttons.

Although it was about the same size as ordinary domestic rabbits, it was extremely powerful. It had sharp teeth and sharp claws, and its movement speed was as fast as lightning.

This was a species unique to this world, a demon creature. Legend had it that it was created by Wizards using black magic.

The sound of a cross blade cutting through the air was heard.

Heath brandished the cross blade in his hand. After making contact with the Ragdoll Rabbit’s claws twice, he finally waited for an opportunity to slash at the Ragdoll Rabbit’s body.

The defense of low-level demon beasts was mostly on par with that of ordinary animals. The sharp cross blade successfully cut through the Ragdoll Rabbit’s fur. The Ragdoll Rabbit, which had its stomach cut open, wriggled on the ground like a disgusting worm for a while and then stopped moving.

After successfully taking down the first kill of the Otherworld, Heath’s anxiety eased a little.

He wiped the blood off his face and prepared to run to the next enemy.

However, at this moment, the system notification suddenly sounded. [Beep! Supernatural substance can be extracted. Do you want to extract it?]

Heath was stunned and subconsciously said, “Extract.”

[Beep! Host, please touch this supernatural substance.]

Supernatural substance? Was it talking about the Ragdoll Rabbit?

As he guessed, Heath placed his hand on the Ragdoll Rabbit’s corpse.

Immediately, he felt a surge of energy from the Ragdoll Rabbit’s body, which then surged into his body through his palm. His body seemed to become lighter.

At the same time, the system’s notification sounded again.

[Beep! Extraction successful. Agility +0.01]