Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Supernatural Extraction System

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‘Attributes can be extracted directly?’

Heath felt that it was incredible.

Before he could think about it, he heard a burst of laughter. “Damn it, Heath, are you daydreaming? Are you daydreaming at a time like this?”

Baron Carter shouted at Heath at the top of his lungs.

As he spoke, he slashed his sword forward, killing an intermediate demon beast two-headed dog in front of him. The head that was chopped off rolled to Heath’s feet.

[Beep, discovered that Host can extract supernatural substances. Do you wish to extract them?]

‘I can extract even if someone else killed it?’

Heath quickly reached out and touched the head. ‘Extract..’

[Beep, extraction successful. Agility +0.03]

A warm current once again flowed through his palm towards Heath’s body. His strength seemed to have increased.

It really could be done!

Once again, the extraction proved that it was not an illusion. For a moment, Heath could not help but be overjoyed.

He looked at the demonized beasts charging up the city wall and the corpses on the ground, and a surge of excitement rose in his heart. ‘If I extract all of these, my strength will also increase by a large margin!’

‘At this time, nothing can bring a person a sense of security like strength.’

As he thought about it, he did it. As he fought, he quietly extracted the attributes of the demonized beasts’ corpses.

During this process, he gained more knowledge about the use of his golden finger.

Firstly, the types of attributes. A single demonized beast could only extract one attribute. The types of attributes were more towards the strengths of the demonized beast itself. It was easier to extract the strength attribute if it was good at strength.

Secondly, the level of the extracted attributes depended on the strength of the demonized beast. The stronger the demonized beast was, the higher the attributes it could extract.

Currently, the extraction attributes were strength, agility, and vitality. As for the remaining spiritual energy, it had yet to be harvested.

The Blood Rain continued, and the bitter battle continued.

Heath was also rapidly shuttling through the battlefield, constantly improving himself through extraction.

[Beep, found supernatural substance can be extracted. Do you want to extract it?]


[Beep, extraction successful. Strength +0.01]

[Beep, extraction successful. Agility +0.02]

[Beep, extraction successful. Vitality +0.01]

With stronger strength, faster speed, and tougher body, Heath could feel his strength increasing rapidly every second.

The other Apprentice Knights on the battlements felt that Heath was very different from before. His lively performance made the Apprentice Knights look at him.

Even Baron Carter, who had been roaring at Heath, had his eyes lit up. After the battle, he looked at him several times.

At this moment, a deafening roar came from afar.

A huge beast appeared in the beast tide. It was a huge bear that was over five meters tall. It stood on the ground like a small mountain.

When everyone saw this huge beast, they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

“A Copper-Skinned Giant Bear! A high-level magic beast, a Copper-Skinned Giant Bear! This isn’t real!”

The crowd suddenly had a commotion. In front of such a huge beast, no one could maintain their composure.

Baron Carter knew that the castle would be in danger once the formation was disrupted. He quickly said to Knight Thor, “Thor, hold your ground. Leave this damn beast to me!”

After saying that, he hacked a wild boar that was blocking the way and ran straight towards the huge beast.

While he was running, a layer of faint milky white light suddenly gushed out from his body. The Baron’s muscles became more muscular, and his whole body naturally emitted a powerful aura.

Seeing this layer of light, the Apprentice Knights’ eyes suddenly became fanatical.

Because behind this layer of light was the goal that every Apprentice Knight pursued all their lives: life force!

The Apprentice Knights could form a Seed of Life in their bodies through continuous training. Once this Seed of Life was activated, it would be extremely powerful.

And forming a Seed of Life was also considered as advancing to an official Knight!

“The Baron will definitely win!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

A wave of surging cheers came from the top of the battlements.

Along with the cheers of the crowd, Baron Carter also faced off against the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear that charged up the battlements.

The cross-shaped sword struck the giant bear’s copper skin, causing the sound of metal clashing to ring out. The blade of the sword slashed across the copper skin, causing large sparks to fly.

The Copper-Skinned Giant Bear. As its name suggested, the skin of this powerful demonized beast was as hard as copper and iron.

Apart from that, it also possessed extremely powerful strength. It could easily tear a human into two halves.

Such a giant beast was not something that an ordinary person could contend against. However, if it was a Knight, the situation would be different.

Similarly, as a species at the top of the food chain, Knights possessed strength that was not inferior to the giant bear. They also possessed superior agility and a body that was equally tough. Even a giant beast like the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear would find it difficult to achieve such a feat.

Because of this, after fighting for a few minutes, Baron Carter gradually gained the upper hand. He used his superior agility to pull out numerous wounds on the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear’s body.

Although these wounds were not fatal, they still caused the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear to bleed profusely. It was only a matter of time before it was defeated.

“Get rid of this monster!” The morale of Graystone Castle was greatly boosted, and killing shouts resounded throughout the area.

Looking at the battlefield where life and death were fighting, Heath felt a surge of inexplicable excitement and fervor in his heart.

“The strength of humans can actually reach such a level?”

It was clearly a huge beast that was like a small mountain, but at this moment, it was completely suppressed by the tiny humans. Every swing of its sword seemed to tear through the wind, and its momentum was like a rainbow!

“With such strength… It’s no wonder these Knights can live so comfortably…”

A desire rose in Heath’s eyes.

At the same time, the battle ahead had reached its climax.

With the support of life force, the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear was soon beaten until its body was not intact, and blood gushed out like a pillar. Under the stimulation of the pain, its crazed eyes seemed to have regained clarity, and fear appeared in them.

When the battle ended once again, it did not rush forward. Instead, it shrank back, as if it was going to escape.

“Baron, it’s trying to escape!”

Baron Carter snorted lightly. It was obvious that he was not going to let the giant beast go. He exerted force with his legs and shot towards the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear like a cannonball. He raised his cross sword high, ready to give the giant beast a fatal blow.

However, the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear, who was just trying to escape in fear, suddenly had a ruthless look in its eyes. Facing the Baron who was attacking, it opened its huge mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

The blood came very suddenly. Baron Carter, who was caught off guard, was instantly blinded, and his grasp of his physical senses was thrown into confusion.

‘This is bad!’ The Baron cried out in his heart.

Before he could get out of the predicament, the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear took a step forward, raised its claws, and smacked towards the Baron’s head. If hit the Baron firmly, even a Knight would die without a doubt.

“Baron, be careful!” Everyone was shocked.

At the moment of life and death, the Baron gritted his teeth. The Seed of Life exploded to its maximum, and his five senses instantly rose to another level.

With his sharp senses, he immediately regained control of the battle. He moved to the side, and the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear’s claws brushed past his head and smacked the Baron’s shoulder.

Although he dodged the fatal blow, the attack also hit the Baron hard. Everyone heard the clear sound of bones cracking, and the Baron spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, the Baron was also a ruthless person. While he was seriously injured, he also took advantage of the opening of the middle section of the giant bear to swing his cross sword and cut the chest of the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear.

A loud sound was heard.

The Baron and the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear were both sent flying backward. It seemed that both sides suffered heavy losses.

“Sir Baron!”

The Baron crashed into the wall on one side. Knight Thor rushed up to check the situation.

On the other side, the Copper-Skinned Giant Bear also crashed into the wall on the other side. This beast’s vitality was extremely shocking. After suffering such a heavy blow, it actually did not die and stood up at the first moment.

However, the Baron’s sword had still caused it a great deal of damage. There was even a gash on its chest. One could even see the beating heart inside.

The giant bear roared angrily. Its four paws flew towards the bottom of the wall. It seemed like it was about to escape.

Although everyone could see that this giant beast was at the end of its tether, they were still afraid of such a huge creature. Facing the giant bear that was charging towards them, they all dodged to the sides. No one dared to stop it.

Seeing that the giant bear was about to escape, at this moment…

Suddenly, a figure came from the side and suddenly appeared in front of the giant bear.

The giant bear that was in a hurry to escape did not want to tangle with him. It just casually raised its giant palm and slapped towards Heath’s head.

However, this casual slap still contained a powerful force. Heath could even hear the whistling sound that cut through the air. It was cold and cruel.

The sound made his heart beat faster, and saliva kept flowing out. Adrenaline exploded in his body.

However, he still suppressed the urge to escape and tried to calm himself down. He stared at the palm, lowered his body, and lowered his head. The giant palm brushed past his scalp and almost lifted his skull.

After the giant palm passed, the middle section of the giant bear opened.

Heath roared in his heart, ‘Die!’

At the same time, he raised the cross-blade and stabbed at the beating heart.

The cross-blade pierced through the wound that the Baron had opened and stabbed at the beating heart. The fragile heart instantly exploded and blood sprayed all over Heath’s face.

The giant bear’s huge body suddenly stopped, like a machine that had lost its electricity. With a loud rumble, it fell heavily to the ground.

“Huff! Huff! Huff!”

The sound of heavy breathing could be heard.

Heath wiped the blood off his face, and his eyes were a little crazy. Exciting, really f*cking exciting!

After slightly calming himself down, he walked forward and pressed one hand on the giant bear’s huge body. He silently chanted in his heart, ‘Extract.’

An unprecedented surge of energy instantly surged into Heath’s body. In just an instant, Heath felt an incomparably powerful force.

[Beep, extraction successful. Strength +0.3]