Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Meditation

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“1.6! Really? That’s too high!”

“Monster! I’m only 0,9…”

“I thought 1.1 was high. Is this guy a pervert?”

The crowd was shocked.

Witch Cassandra also said in disbelief, “I’ve lived for more than 200 years and I’ve never seen such a high level of innate spiritual power. It’s even more rare for purebloods. Everyone thought that it was the limit for such a human to have 1.5 innate spiritual power..”

After a pause, she suddenly said, “I really want to cut you open to see what’s going on.”

Heath’s hair stood on end, and he immediately put one hand on the crossguard sword.

Witch Cassandra laughed and said, “Hahaha, I’m just joking. The Shadow Tower is not a Dark Wizard organization, so there’s no need to be so crazy. This is a place that obeys the rules. As long as you follow the Apprentice’s Handbook, no one will do anything to you.”

Heath was finally relieved.

However, he still reminded himself to be more careful in the future. It was enough to get benefits if he exceeded the average level properly. He couldn’t be too ostentatious.

Witch Cassandra’s gaze continued to return to the crystal ball. “The direction of affinity is also good. Fire, control, and darkness. I suggest you choose one or two directions to learn. The energy of a Wizard is very precious.”

“Wizard’s talent… Hmm, talent is a little bad, only low-grade.”

Hearing this, the crowd could not help but laugh in schadenfreude.

Witch Cassandra said unhappily, “What are you laughing at? What are you laughing at? Do you think you are so great just because you have a high-grade talent? Those who don’t have a high-grade talent are all grasshoppers on the same level. No one should laugh at anyone.”

At this time, an Apprentice asked, “Madam Witch, are there no differences between low-grade and high-grade talent?”

Cassandra sneered and said to the Apprentice, “Before advancing to a Wizard, there’s basically no difference. As for after becoming a Wizard… wait until you reach that level first.”

The Apprentices seemed to understand, but not really.

Cassandra then said to Heath, “Work hard, child. You have more advantages than everyone else. As long as you don’t slack off, you’ll reach the Advanced Apprentice faster than any of them.”

Heath said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “Thank you for your teachings.”

Cassandra’s eyes showed a little appreciation.

She glanced at the cross-shaped sword at Heath’s waist and suddenly asked, “Cross-shaped sword? Have you received Knight training? Have you advanced to a Knight?”

Heath nodded. “Yes.”

The crowd once again cried out in surprise. Even in the Old Land, such a young Knight was very rare.

Cassandra nodded slightly. “Not bad.”

After a pause, she continued, “I happen to have a job that suits you very well. Go to the forest and hunt 100 Giant Spiders. I need their legs to do some experiments. I’m willing to pay 1 Magic Stone for each of them. Are you interested?”

The Apprentices were extremely envious.

Heath quickly said, “Of course.”

He had also gone to the mission area to understand the situation of the mission. He knew that the mission given by Cassandra was definitely a high-quality mission for Apprentices like them.

Probably because she liked Heath more, Cassandra took out another map and handed it to Heath. “Remember to be careful when you go out on a mission. Don’t go to the places marked red on the map.”

“Be careful of danger. Also, be careful of other Apprentices. There are a lot of people who are restless here.”

The test continued until the end.

“Have you guys figured out how to meditate?”

“Of course not. Witch Cassandra talked so fast, who knows what she said.”

“Ah? Then what should we do?”

“What else can we do? We should go back and think about it. Otherwise, would we really offer two Magic Stones for someone to teach us? I only have 10 Magic Stones with all my money, okay?”

“At least you still have 10 Magic Stones. I don’t even have any money for dinner yet.”

“You’re bragging…”

The apprentices were all complaining incessantly. Cassandra had spoken too quickly before, so no one could understand what she had said.

Ender frowned and said, “Heath, do you understand?”

Heath nodded. “It’s not bad.”

Ender said in surprise, “Really? You can understand her even though she spoke so quickly?”

Heath said, “There are some things that I need to ponder over later, but I think it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Ender quickly said, “Really? Then later, if you understand it, can you teach me? If you give it to me, I’ll pay you Magic Stones according to the price.”

Heath said, “I can teach you, but forget about Magic Stones.”

Along the way, Ender also told him a lot of things about the Wizard World. It could be said that he told him everything he knew.

Ender laughed and said, “Haha, alright then, I’ll help you publicize it.”

After returning to the dormitory, Heath first completed meditation, and then began to explain to Ender.

With his help, Ender quickly understood the principle of meditation, and also successfully completed the meditation.

Ender was pleasantly surprised, and he praised Heath repeatedly, “My god, Heath, you’re really a genius! You’re really an amazing genius! I’ll definitely help you publicize it, I’ll definitely help you publicize it!”

It was already the second day after Cassandra finished her lecture. After a night of pondering, the Apprentices still had no clue. Some of them had already decided to give up on building a car behind closed doors and decided to find someone to teach them.

It was at this time that after Ender’s promotion and his successful case, the Apprentices immediately went to find Heath.

Heath was also very straightforward and agreed to explain to them. Of course, this time it was for a fee. But for the sake of the same period, Heath only charged them one Magic Stone each, which was half the market price.

After these Apprentices succeeded, the rest of the Apprentices also came to find Heath one after another.

But not every Apprentice was so honest as to pay the Magic Stone to listen to his explanation. For example, a few female Apprentices…

“Apprentice Heath, I’m penniless. Can we… can we change the payment method?”

“As long as you teach me, I’ll live here today.”

They deliberately changed into revealing clothes and carefully picked a time when Heath was alone in his room to come to him. They suggested to him to change the payment method, either by name or in secret.

Heath rejected them all.

Every Apprentice here was personally sent by the local nobles before they left. He did not believe that the nobles would let such a precious talent go on the road without any money and could not even afford a Magic Stone.

As he got to know more about the Wizard World, he had become more and more aware of the importance of Magic Stones. It was too cheap to want to exchange Magic Stones for just a little physiological service.

After being defeated by Heath, some female Apprentices chose to obediently pay the Magic Stones, while others secretly went to find other male Apprentices who had received Heath’s explanation.

However, although these male Apprentices learned meditation from Heath, it was another matter to take it out and explain it. With their current level of knowledge, it was impossible for them to explain it clearly.

This caused the female Apprentices to be slept with for no reason. In the end, they had to obediently return to Heath to learn.

The most exaggerated female Apprentice had even changed five boys in a row. In the end, Ender couldn’t stand it anymore. Seeing that she was going to find the sixth one, he had no choice but to come and plead with Heath. Heath also felt that it was too disgusting, so he gave her a waiver.

She was not even willing to pay a single Magic Stone, yet she still went to this extent. This was really enough!

The girl was indifferent. She even smiled at Heath and said, “In that case, thank you, Apprentice Heath. If you ever need me to pay, you can come to me anytime.”

She seemed to be enjoying it very much.

At the same time, there were 36 Apprentices. Ender and the girl were free. Karina also did not come. Not only did she not come, she even publicly despised Heath’s teaching ability. “Look for him to learn? With his level, aren’t you afraid of teaching him a problem?”

Under her influence, there were still two Apprentices who did not come, so there were a total of five who did not come.

The remaining 30 all came to Heath’s place to pay Magic Stones to ask for advice. In an instant, Heath earned 30 Magic Stones.

He accepted 25 of these 30 Magic Stones and gave five to Ender. Other people had been busy promoting him for so long, and he had earned so much. He should at least get some benefits, right?

An iron rooster who did not spend a single cent would not last long.

The matter came to an end.

A week later, the Apprentices had learned to meditate and began their own cultivation journey.

At the same time, Heath also brought his cross sword and began his first hunting mission since coming to the Shadow Tower…