Chapter 22

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“Are you sure you don’t want to go? Heath? You know what I mean, right? The girls have already accepted it. This kind of opportunity is not easy.”

“That’s really a pity. I thought we could spend a happy rest day together.”

“Oh right, there’s one more thing.”

Heath was about to leave, but was stopped by Wesley.

He said, “The Grimm Brothers are looking for you recently. I hope you can be mentally prepared.”

Heath was stunned. “Looking for me?”

He did not feel that he had any interaction with the Grimm Brothers.

Wesley nodded. “Yeah, probably because you often go to the purchasing station to sell materials. Many people know that you’ve earned quite a lot of Magic Stones.”

In fact, he was on guard against this. Over the past three months, most of the materials he had hunted were still piled up in his spatial pocket. He had only taken out less than a third of them to sell.

It was not that he did not want to sell fewer materials, but any less would affect his cultivation progress. After all, he had to buy some cultivation resources such as meditation water.

Heath nodded and said, “Okay, thank you for your reminder, Wesley.”

Wesley kindly advised, “They just want Magic Stones. If they want some, give them some. Those two scumbags should not be provoked.”

Heath said, “Okay.”

After saying that, Wesley left with Jenny and Molly.

A cold light flashed in Heath’s eyes.

There was no such thing as extortion, and it was impossible for it to only happen once.

He had already kept a low profile as long as it did not affect his cultivation progress, but he did not expect to still be targeted.

In that case, it was better to strike first!

Thinking to himself, Heath walked towards the magic sales area.

He came to the innermost stone room. There was a sign on the stone room that read: Magic Hut.

This was the magic purchasing point designated by the Shadow Tower. All spells could only be purchased here. It was forbidden for Apprentices to trade privately and teach each other spells privately. Once it was discovered, it would be traced back to the source and they would be directly executed.

Heath walked in. There was an old man who looked to be in his seventies or eighties sitting in front of the counter. This was the official apprentice Planck.

Sensing that someone was approaching, Planck stopped meditating and said, “Unfamiliar face?”

Heath replied, “I just came here three months ago.”

As he spoke, he took out his identification card and handed it over.

Planck took the card and checked it. After confirming that it was correct, he asked, “What kind of spells do you want to see? What level?”

Heath said, “I want to see the low-level 0-circle spells in the three directions of fire, control, and darkness.”

Those below the low-level Apprentice level could only learn low-level 0-circle spells at most.

Planck took out a scroll from under the counter. When the scroll was opened, there was a dense list of spells.

He introduced, “If you want to know which spell, touch the name with your hand. There will be a demonstration.”

As he spoke, he operated once and touched a Wind Blade spell. The scroll immediately shot out a beam of light, and a demonstration of the Wind Blade spell appeared in the middle of the beam of light.

Planck then pointed to a chair not far away. “Sit there and look through. Come and find me when you’ve made your choice.”

Pausing for a moment, he suddenly asked, “Oh right, low-level 0-circle spells each cost 800 Magic Stones. Have you prepared the Magic Stones?”

Heath nodded. “I’m ready.”

He had 3,000 Magic Stones on him, which he had saved up from his recent missions.

He had calculated it carefully. It was just enough to cover his expenses without leaving too much money on him. Otherwise, he could have earned more.

Planck looked at Heath in surprise. “Young people are quite hard-working. Hard work is a good virtue.”

It was rare to see an Apprentice who could earn that many Magic Stones in three months after entering the academy.

“Thank you,” said Heath.

Holding the scroll, Heath went to the chair next to him and began to choose carefully.

After a round of selection, he quickly identified three targets. They were:

1. Fire-type Fireball spell: Able to cast a fireball to cause damage to the enemy.

2. Darkness-type Sleeping Eye: Able to inject spiritual power into the eye and cause the enemy to fall into a state of sleep by looking into each other’s eyes.

3. Control-type Wizard’s Hand: Able to form an invisible arm to take things.

After choosing his spell, Heath came to the counter. “I’ve chosen these three.”

Planck took the scroll and looked at it, then took out three spell scrolls from the cabinet.

He then handed the scroll to Heath. “Tear off the seal and you won’t return it. If you change your mind before then, you can come to me for a refund, but only 80%. Alright, take out the Magic Stones.”

Heath handed the Magic Stones to Planck and left with the scroll.

After returning to the house, he did not open the seal. Instead, he picked up the Fireball scroll and tried it. “Extract.”

[Beep, extraction failed. The substance can not be extracted.]

Heath frowned. “As expected, it can’t be extracted?”

At first, he thought that he could use the extraction function to buy magic for free. It seemed that Wizards were all protected!

Then, he tore open the seal and used the extraction again.

[Beep, extraction successful. Obtained Spell Model, Fireball Spell.]

Large sections of unfamiliar runes, permutation formulas, and character combinations surged into Heath’s spiritual sea and formed a three-dimensional spell model in his spiritual sea.

After a while, his swollen head slowly calmed down.

Heath rubbed the space between his eyebrows and said excitedly, “So that’s how it is. Is this the principle of spells?”

As he said that, he raised his hand and softly chanted, “Fireball spell!”

Immediately, a red light spot suddenly lit up in his palm. A large amount of scarlet red fire elements rolled over from all directions, twining around the red light spot and spinning rapidly. The hot air became more and more intense, and then —

A soft sound was heard.

A fireball the size of a basketball burned fiercely in Heath’s palm.

Heath was overjoyed. “It’s done!”

Having lived two lifetimes, this was the first time he had experienced supernatural power personally. He had to admit that the feeling of holding power in his hands was really great.

From now on, he had stepped into the supernatural realm!

Heath was a person with strong mobility. Since he had decided to make a move against the Grimm Brothers, he began to make preparations without delay.

For the next week, he stopped going out hunting and stayed in the living area of the tower.

While looking for a middleman who could negotiate with the Grimm Brothers, he secretly investigated everything related to the Grimms, including their strength, spells, preferences, and so on, waiting for an opportunity.

Under Heath’s careful investigation, he quickly figured out the Grimms’ life patterns and was lucky to find a plan they would carry out in a few days. They were going to ambush a person.

After careful analysis, Heath decided to play along with the plan. He would use this opportunity to get rid of the brothers once and for all.

Therefore, he went to the mission area a day earlier and accepted a mission to hunt high-level demonized beasts. He used this mission as a pretext to purchase a large number of magic potions, disposable scrolls, and so on.

The next morning, Heath, who had arranged everything in advance, ran to the entrance of the mission area and waited before dawn.

Everything went smoothly. At dawn, the target that the Grimm Brothers wanted to ambush appeared at the entrance of the mission area.

Just as he entered the mission area, the Grimm Brothers followed closely behind him.

After the two of them entered, the corners of Heath’s mouth curled up into a sneer.

Then he immediately followed the two of them…