Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Golden Blood

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This power lasted for quite a while before it finally calmed down. After shaking his hand, Heath could clearly feel that his power had increased by a large margin.

As expected of a high-level demonized beast!

The highest attributes that he had extracted before were less than 0.1, and most of them were even decimal points of double digits. However, this Copper-Skinned Giant Bear alone had contributed 0.3 of its power to Heath, which was equivalent to dozens of the previous ones!

‘If I keep extracting like this, I’m afraid it won’t take long for me to advance to a Knight!’?Heath thought greedily.

“Fight! Fight!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The battle continued.

The Baron was seriously injured and was carried away by the servants to rest.. The next battle was under the command of Knight Thor.

Graystone Castle had lost a Knight, but fortunately, there were no more high-level demonized beasts in the next few demonized beast waves. If they were only middle-level or low-level ones, their threat was limited.

Under the leadership of Knight Thor, they relied on the defense of the city wall to block wave after wave of attacks.

The battle continued for about two hours, and the Bloody Rain in the sky gradually decreased.

At the same time, the black clouds floating in the sky began to shrink rapidly, and finally returned to its original appearance, floating in the sky above the demonized forest in small pieces.

The Bloody Rain stopped completely, and the beast tide came to an abrupt end. The demonized beasts that had regained their consciousness walked back to the forest.

“Haha! We won, we won!”

“We won!”

Heath sheathed his cross sword and turned his head to look at the black cloud above the forest, his eyes full of curiosity.

It was not like an ordinary cloud. It did not float 10,000 meters in the sky, but floated a few hundred meters above the forest, seemingly within reach.

It was said that this dark cloud had existed since the beginning of the existence of this forest. Every three years, it would rain blood like today, and then it would shrink back. It would not float or dissipate.

It was said that it was actually a magic beast. It was raised here by a Wizard.

Graystone Castle, study.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

The door opened and Knight Thor walked into the room.

The Baron was reading a book in front of the desk.

Knight Thor bowed and said worriedly, “Baron, why are you up already? You should be lying on the bed right now.”

Baron Carter’s face was still pale. He coughed and said, “Ahem, a small injury is not enough to kill the Lord of Graystone Castle. If I keep lying on the bed, the Knights of White Wolf Castle are much more ferocious than demonized beasts.”

Knight Thor held his sword and said fiercely, “If they dare to come, I will hang the heads of these dead dogs on the city wall.”

Baron Carter nodded with satisfaction. “I believe that the Knights of Graystone Castle are the most outstanding Knights in River Valley. But it is not wise to act alone. We should have more companions.”

After a pause, he continued, “These Apprentice Knights have been training in the castle for a year. They have proved their loyalty to me on the battlements. It is time to give them the secret manual of Knights. Find an opportunity.”

Knight Thor nodded. “Yes.”

Baron Carter then asked, “What do you think of the other black-haired boy?”

There was only one black-haired Apprentice Knight. Of course, Knight Thor knew who Baron Carter was referring to.

He thought for a moment and evaluated carefully, “If it was before this, I would answer that he was ordinary, but the child’s previous performance was indeed impressive.”

The Baron said, “How about this, give him a bottle of Golden Blood.”

Knight Thor was shocked. “Golden Blood? Is the reward too expensive?”

The Baron shook his head, “If it wasn’t for the child’s bravery, we would have lost a high-level demonized beast among our spoils of war. Brave people deserve to be praised.”

Knight Thor did not doubt him. “Yes.”

At the same time, on the side of Graystone Castle.

There were a few rows of carts on the empty ground. On the carts were piles of demonized beast corpses. There were even more demonized beast corpses scattered around. These were all left behind by the beast tide.

They would be transported to nearby towns to be sold. Some of the money they earned would be used to make up for the losses of Graystone Territory during the beast tide. The rest would be used to rush into the warehouse of Graystone Castle.

At this moment, Heath was transporting the corpses of the demonized beasts to the palanquin, tidying up the corpses of the demonized beasts. This was a thankless job, and none of the Apprentice Knights were willing to participate, so he was the only one to do this job.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he also ruthlessly refreshed his attributes.

[Beep, extraction successful. Strength +0.01]

[Beep, extraction successful. Agility +0.02]

[Beep, extraction successful. Vitality +0.01]

After this beast tide, there were hundreds of demonized beasts’ corpses, and each of them could obtain attributes from them. After this round, Heath’s three-dimensional attributes rose at a rocket-like speed.

By the time the last demonized beast was sorted out, his three-dimensional attributes had already exceeded 2 points.

What kind of concept was this?

After the battle, Heath had summarized and sorted out the information about Knights in this world, and classified the three attributes of each class.

According to the data of the system, three people with an average value of more than 2 were equivalent to the standard of professional special forces on Earth. For example, there were probably no more than five Apprentice Knights who could reach this standard.

If they were to train at a normal intensity, it would take at least half a year of hard work to increase so many attributes.

“Heath!” At this moment, a shout came from the front.

Kayla jogged over and said, “Knight Thor has gathered everyone to the training ground. Are you done here? If you’re late, you’ll be punished badly.”

Knight Thor was known for being strict.

Heath nodded and said, “Yes.”

Then, the two of them went to the training ground.

Although the two of them had rushed over as soon as possible, they were still a little late. When they arrived here, the Apprentice Knights had already lined up neatly. Knight Thor stood at the front, obviously waiting for them for a while.

“We are doomed!” Kayla muttered and hurriedly jogged over. He bowed nervously and said, “Knight… Knight Thor.”

Unexpectedly, Sir Thor, who had always been strict, did not punish them at all this time. He only nodded slightly and said in a very easygoing manner, “Join us.”

This could not help but surprise the Apprentice Knights who were gloating and waiting for a good show.

“No way. When did Sir Thor become so easy to talk to?”

Their mutters quickly fell into Sir Thor’s ears. Sir Thor immediately regained his usual dignity. “Quiet!”

The Apprentice Knights clicked their tongues.

There was a wooden box by the feet of Knight Thor. He kicked the wooden box to the front and said, “It was the Baron’s idea to call you here today.”

“It has been almost a year since you entered Graystone Castle, and you have already mastered most of the basic Knight training techniques. We have discussed it and think it is time to give you something new.”

Saying that, he kicked open the box.

After opening the box, there were rolls of sheepskin scrolls inside.

Knight Thor said, “This is the core secret manual of the Noen family, ‘Aura of Life’ and the accompanying sword technique ‘Moon Cross Sword’. Brian, go and distribute it to everyone.”

The Apprentice Knights’ eyes suddenly became fervent.

“Aura of Life! Is the Baron going to teach us the Aura of Life? Am I dreaming?”

“Thank you, Knight Thor! Thank you, Sir Baron!”

The secret manual of Knights was an indispensable part of becoming a Knight. Only by cultivating the secret manual of Knights could one condense the Seed of Life and obtain the power of a Knight.

The secret manual of Knights was always in the hands of the nobles. It was the dream of every Apprentice Knight to be able to cultivate a secret manual of Knights.

Soon, two scrolls were distributed to Heath. One was the secret manual of Knights, ‘Aura of Life’, and the other was the sword technique, ‘Moon Cross Sword’.

Heath first picked up the Aura of Life and looked at it. There were some complicated patterns on it with words. He tried to understand it, but he could not understand it at all.

“I wonder if this can be extracted?”

Thinking curiously, he tried to use the extraction skill on the scroll.

[Beep, extraction successful. Obtained knowledge, Aura of Life.]

Instantly, a mass of unfamiliar information surged into Heath’s mind. He felt his head swell up, and there was a lot of unfamiliar knowledge in his head. It was the content related to the Aura of Life.

Heath was extremely surprised. It really could be extracted!

Now that he picked up the contents of the scroll, he could easily understand it, and he also knew the specific training method.

‘Haha, if only I had this ability when I was learning a foreign language!’ Heath was extremely happy.

Then, he extracted the other scroll of the Moon Cross Sword.

[Beep, extraction successful. Obtained Sword Technique ‘Moon Cross Sword’.]

At the same time, his head swelled up. He had already mastered the sword technique of the Cross Moon Sword.

Meanwhile, the other Apprentice Knights were still frowning.

“What is written on this scroll? How should I start cultivating?”

“Isn’t this too difficult? I can’t even understand it.”

Knight Thor said, “You can take back the Knight’s secret manual and the sword technique. I’ll explain it in detail in two days. I’ll try to teach you in a month. There’s no need to rush.”

After a pause, he took out a small glass bottle from his pocket. The glass bottle contained some golden liquid.

He held the glass bottle and said, “This is Golden Blood.”

As soon as Knight Thor finished speaking, there was a commotion in the crowd.

“What? The Golden Blood?”

“Isn’t that the legendary magical potion concocted by Wizards with powerful magic? So it really exists?”

“It’s said that it can directly increase one’s strength. Is that true?”

Golden Blood: It was said that a magical potion concocted by a Wizard could directly increase a Knight’s strength.

Knight Thor continued, “This is what the Baron asked me to bring. The reward is for Apprentice Knights who perform well.”

The Apprentice Knights’ eyes turned red, and even their breathing became labored.

Everyone wondered, ‘Who would be so lucky!’

Knight Thor did not keep everyone waiting. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he quickly gave a name.

He said, “Heath.”