Chapter 32

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Then, another cold female voice sounded. “Come… Come to me…”

Another girl appeared on the other side. It was Shirley, who had silver-gray hair.

She leaned against a tree trunk, making a seductive pose….

Although her face was still expressionless, her eyes were very blurred. “I… I miss you…”

“Sir, I have already prepared the bathwater for you. Do you… want to take a shower first or… Hehe?”

“Heath… I have no cards left. Admit defeat. You… can deal with me now…”

“Senior Heath, Let’s play together!”

“Hahaha, Senior Heath, you’re so handsome!”

More and more voices were heard in the fog. More and more figures appeared. Alisa, Jessica, Jenny, and even Kayla’s wife and daughter… They were all beautiful women that Heath had seen before.

They were all making all kinds of seductive gestures and flirtatious words towards Heath…

Looking at these erotic scenes, Heath was unmoved.

He kept turning his head to look around.

After a moment, he withdrew his gaze and suddenly said, “Isn’t your master here?”

After observing for so long, he still did not feel any spiritual fluctuations that belonged to Wizards. It was obvious that the spell caster was not here.

The smiles of the women in front of him froze.

As expected, they were not here!

Heath suddenly felt relieved and raised his cross-shaped sword. “In that case, let’s end it here!”

After saying that, he jumped up and rushed in a direction. At the same time, the cross-shaped sword suddenly stabbed in that direction.

There was clearly air over there, but when the cross-shaped sword stabbed over, there was a sudden ‘pu’ sound. A stream of blood flew up in the shape of a pillar.

“Ah!” A shrill scream rang out.

At the same time, the faces of the women in the fog twisted together.

Then, the women collapsed like smoke, and at the same time, a snow-white humanoid creature appeared in front of Heath.

The crossguard sword was right in its chest.

With a sound, the Forest Banshee fell to the ground.

Her chest and throat had split open, and bright red blood was gushing out.

The Forest Banshee twitched twice and soon stopped moving.

Heath walked over and pressed his hand on the corpse of the Forest Banshee. ‘Extract.’

[Beep, extraction successful. Spirit +0.03]

[Beep, extraction successful. Vitality +0.02]

[Beep, extraction successful. Vitality +1. Current Vitality: 68 (1 vitality equals 1 year of life)]

Heath was delighted. As expected of a Forest Banshee. He was able to extract so many attributes and even directly extract vitality.

He clenched his fists and felt that his body seemed to be more energetic in an instant.

Vitality was lifespan, which was the time that all Wizards worked hard to pursue. The value of this thing could not be measured simply by Magic Stones.

In addition, after becoming a low-level Apprentice, Wizards could begin to try to use some potions and substances that increased their vitality. This time, Heath’s experiment was also about vitality…

He did not expect that before his experiment had begun, he would now be able to experience this pleasure in advance with the help of the system.

“What good luck!”

Heath was delighted as he put away the Forest Banshee’s corpse.

Reiden Castle, Lord’s Mansion.

“Forest Banshee? So everything that has happened in the past few months is because of this monster?”

“Then now…”

“I’ve taken care of the trouble.”

Count Kroya was overjoyed. “So there won’t be any more problems when the caravan passes through Cross Forest?”

Heath nodded. “Yes.”

Count Kroya let out a long sigh of relief. He bowed very seriously. “Thank you very much, Sir Wizard. You have saved the Kroya family and this city. The Kroya family and the Reiden City won’t forget your kindness.”

“You’re welcome.”

Count Kroya continued, “I’ve already ordered people to arrange a residence for you. Please rest in the residence first. If there’s anything you need, you can send people to find me at any time.”

“I will go and handle some official business first. After I am done with this matter, I will pay you a visit and thank you properly.”

Count Kroya bowed and left. Heath boarded the carriage that was waiting at the door.

The carriage headed south and soon arrived at a manor in the suburbs. The white main building that was four stories tall, the neatly trimmed garden lawn, and the luxurious fountain pool were all magnificent and dignified.

“The Lord is here. Tell everyone to stop what they are doing and come over to introduce themselves to the Lord.”

“Lord, I’m Lily.”

“Lord, I’m Aisha.”

“Lord, I’m Mudd…”

The housekeeper, Lucious, summoned the people working in the manor and introduced themselves. There were more than 60 people including servants, maids, coachmen, gardeners, hairdressers, and guards. All of them only served Heath.

Everything was considered from head to toe. Even when the shoelaces were untied on the road, there were people who immediately knelt down to help tie them up.

“Where is the bathroom? I want to take a bath.”

“Sir, please follow me.”

The bathroom was Roman-style, about the size of a basketball court. It was made of polished granite. A layer of anti-slip carpet was laid between the entrance and the water. There was a low table by the pool. Fresh fruit and red wine were piled on it.

The maid who led the way took heath to the bathroom and left. The other two maids who took the autocratic bath took over the work. Each of the servants here had a very detailed role.

These two maids were more outstanding in appearance. They were only wrapped in a very transparent gauze.

As long as Heath needed them, he could have sex with them at any time.

To be exact, it was not just them. Every maid here had been carefully selected. As long as Heath needed them, he could take them as he pleased.

“Is the water temperature suitable, Sir?”

“Do you want some red wine?”

Lying in the pool, Heath drank the wine while enjoying the help of the maids to wash his body. He could not help but sigh in his heart. There were many more tricks here compared to the Aike Continent.

The human civilization index in the Wizard Continent was higher than that in the Aike Continent, and the life enjoyed by the higher-ups was more luxurious.

For example, it was said that there was a special minister in the Palace of the Kingdom of Helan who would check the king’s body condition after defecating every morning. The way he checked was very direct, which was eating…

In short, in this world where the awareness of human rights was very low, there were too many tricks played by the nobles. There were only unexpected things that could not be done.

Gently shaking the wine glass, Heath looked at the swaying wine in the glass. “What a corrupt medieval era…”

A few days later, in the laboratory of Heath Manor.

After relaxing in the manor for two days, Heath quickly returned to the path of Wizards.

He ordered people to clean up the cellar and bring over tables, cabinets, bottles, jars, and other tools. He transformed it into a laboratory and prepared to do some experiments.

Experiments were an essential part of Wizard training. They were to verify spells, make potions, and understand the unknown of the world… There were too many places to experiment.

And at this moment, what Heath wanted to do was to verify something. To be exact, it was a set of knowledge.

The name of the knowledge was called ‘The Guide to Life Refinement’.

Yes, it was the knowledge he extracted from Viscount Leicester when he was in the Aike Continent. It was also the beginning of his first understanding of the mysterious group of Wizards.

In fact, Viscount Leicester’s judgment was not wrong. This was indeed a magic book. The knowledge recorded in it was real and effective.

Unfortunately, he was just a mortal. No matter how much he prepared and how meticulous he was, he could not move the energy in this book.

However, it was different in Heath’s hands. As a Wizard, he could completely realize the contents of the book.

So, what was recorded in this book?

Two words: eternal life.

From the name of this book, it could be seen that this was actually a book for Wizards to pursue eternal life. Through the contents of the book, Wizards could increase a certain amount of vitality.

The contents of the book were either for Apprentices or for Wizards.

For example, when an ordinary person started to meditate, the cells of the body would be changed by the elements. At that time, their life force would have a certain increase, but the increase was very limited. At most, it would be slightly longer than that of an ordinary person by 10 to 20 years.

However, the maximum life force of an Apprentice was actually around 150 years old.

Life force was equal to time. With more time, it was more likely to advance. Therefore, every Apprentice would try their best to tap into their life potential.

There were many ways to tap into life potential. The water of life, organ transplantation, cell structure modification, and so on could all achieve results.

And the book in front of him had a similar function.

“Immortality, what an irresistible temptation…”

Touching his chin, Heath lit the suet candle on the table and began his experiment…