Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Summon the Soul

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The dead man woke up.

The man laughed. “Repent? Of course I repent. I repent for hiding the girl’s body under the bed where it would be so easy to find. I should have taken her out of the city and thrown her into the river. That way, no one would find out. What a mistake…”

The awakened souls were in an unconscious state. They would confusedly narrate the past events of their future.

Heath continued to chant the next incantation.. At the same time, his right hand made a grabbing motion towards the man’s body and slowly pulled upwards.

A translucent, colorless shadow was grabbed out from the man’s body. It was clearly the man’s soul.

Grabbing the man’s soul, Heath took the Soul Washing Water and fed it to the man.

As the potion entered his mouth, the man’s face suddenly distorted. He shouted hysterically, “No! I don’t want to disappear! I haven’t lived enough! I want to play with more girls!”

As he shouted, with a bang, his soul suddenly burned into a ball of blue flame and quickly disappeared.

When the Soul Washing Water fused with the soul, it would encounter resistance. Whether the fusion was successful or not depended on the resistance of the soul and the strength of the energy. It was not controlled by Heath.

“It’s troublesome!”

Rubbing his temples, Heath could not help but say, “If only I was stronger.”

Heath had read in a book that if one was strong enough, one could directly use spiritual power to wipe away the consciousness of others’ souls.

After some adjustments, Heath quickly pulled himself together.

Failure was within his expectations. Otherwise, he would not have prepared so many corpses.

Then, he summoned another body and laid it down.

This time, it was a beautiful woman. There were several obvious wounds on her snow-white body. She had been killed by a series of daggers.

Heath picked up the letter on her body and glanced at it. It was an unfaithful woman. She did not believe that her husband would catch her while she was having an affair with her lover. The man who had lost his mind ended them.

Following the same pattern, Heath woke the woman up.

The woman cried, “What’s wrong with me pursuing love? Why are you punishing me like this? That cobbler can’t even afford a decent piece of jewelry for me. He’s ugly. It’s already a blessing that I’m with him…”

Halfway through the incantation, there was a ‘bang’ and it failed again.

Heath was not discouraged. He continued with the next corpse. This time, it was the woman’s lover.

The man who was awakened narrated his romantic affairs. “Hahaha, that woman is really easy to fool. I only promised her a necklace, and she obediently took off her clothes and lay down in front of me…”

One by one, the corpses lay on the experiment table. One by one, the souls were awakened by Heath. But one after another, they were ignited into flames.

After experiencing several failures, Heath finally managed to successfully fuse a soul with the Soul Washing Water.

Heath heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at the motionless soul in front of him, he could not help but exclaim, “It’s really not easy!”

Immediately after, Heath extended his spiritual power and left runes on this soul. He rewrote its soul structure and established a soul connection with it, thus allowing it to become his Ghost Scout.

This step was not difficult, and soon, Heath successfully completed it.

And at this time, he felt that his spiritual power had established a certain connection with the Ghost Scout.

He tried to control the Ghost Scout to make various movements, and the Ghost Scout achieved them one by one. This was a very mysterious feeling, as if it had become an organ on his body.

Through walls, flying, into the ground… The Ghost Scout did it one by one without a physical body. Within a hundred meters, the Ghost Scout could move freely.

Then, Heath took a silver ring from the shelf.

This was a soul container, which was also the physical body of this Wizard artifact. He had asked a blacksmith in the city to forge it. The material used was the necklace from before, and the style was based on the supreme magic ring of the Lord of the Rings.

There was also a circle of runes carved on the outer side of the ring. Their purpose was to lock the soul.

He put on the ring and with a thought, the Ghost Scout flew down and entered the ring.

After doing all this, he raised his hand and looked up at the ring.

The dancing flame lit up the silver ring. Under the contrast of the mysterious runes, it gave off a strange beauty.

At this point, Heath had his first witchcraft tool that he had forged himself.

After staying in Reiden City, Heath finally understood why so many Apprentices were so eager to go out on missions.

Clothes, food, food, accommodation, and travel were all arranged. He did not have to do anything every day, just eat, drink, and have fun.

From time to time, he would attend two banquets, hunt, and so on. Wherever he went, people would worship him.

Good food, good wine, good sex… He could get whatever he wanted.

He lived like an emperor.

If it were not for the fact that Wizards could not meditate in the secular world, Heath felt that 99% of the Apprentices would choose to stay in the secular world.

The elemental content in the human area was very low. Wizards could not meditate directly in such a place. They needed to use magic items such as ‘Meditation Water’ and ‘Meditation Candles’.

These items were expensive. Any one of them could easily cost thousands of Magic Stones. It was far from what an average Apprentice could afford.

However, if they were out on a mission, the tower would provide resources to the Apprentices. For example, when Heath left the tower, he received half a year’s worth of training.

Even so, Heath did not indulge in pleasure because of this. On the contrary, he had not had much leisure since the first day he moved into the manor.

First, he increased his vitality, then he improved his spells, and now he was making Wizard artifacts… Like a machine that never stopped working, it revolved around magic.

Heath was a more disciplined person.

In his opinion, it was okay to relax occasionally, but he could not forget what was really important to him.

There were too many things that attracted him to this world. Wonderful magic, strange creatures, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and even ancient life…

And all of these were closely related to power.

Only with more power could he enjoy more of the wonders of this world.

Because of this, it was far from time to relax…

Half a month later, Heath Manor, study.

Nettles wrapped around the stone railings rippled in the hot summer wind.

On the balcony of the study, there was a round wooden table and a four-legged stool. On the table, there was a set of exquisite silver tea set. Next to it were cocoa crisps, cooked baby birds, and other refreshments.

Heath sat in front of the table, holding a magic notebook filled with runes in his hand, and was deducing the experimental data on it.

Aisha, the maid, stood to one side, a smile on her face that suggested she was in a good mood.

Aisha had lost her parents since she was six years old, and had been raised by her uncle.

The man who liked to eat raw entrails had raped her when she had her first period at the age of 12, and then his two sons.

They said she was better than the goats at home.

Compared to today, the days when the whole family and livestock were crowded in the house were like living in hell.

It was second only to those unlucky people who worked under merchants. It was said that there was a city run by merchants, and they had to work non-stop every day. They were even told that no one under the age of 18 could get married. It was really sad.

In short, Aisha was very satisfied with her current life. She only needed to do a little housework every day to have meat to eat. Lord Wizard would occasionally give them some magical potions, which were treasures that could not be exchanged for gold.

The only problem was that the Wizard did not have sex with them. Otherwise, the Count had promised them that as long as any one of them could conceive a child, he would marry them to a Knight…

At this time, there was a heavy knock on the door.

The leader of the guards, Knight Bran, appeared at the door with a sack in his hand.

Heath didn’t even raise his head and said, “Come in.”

Knight Bran walked into the study and walked all the way to Heath. He knelt down on one knee with both hands holding the sack and presented it to Heath. “Sir, these were just brought back from Cross Forest.”

When he first came here, Heath had tried to persuade these humans who would kneel down in front of him, but he quickly gave up. After all, in an era where the bones of chickens that he had eaten and thrown to the ground would be put into his mouth and eaten… He could not and did not have the ability to change everyone’s worldview.

In this place, it was normal for servants to eat the leftovers of their masters. It was like licking the cap of a bottle of yogurt on Blue Star. No one would think that there was anything wrong with it, much less think that they were insulted.

On the contrary, if they were asked to throw away the leftovers and give them fresh food, everyone would think that he was crazy. The nobles would laugh at him for being an idiot, and the servants would also laugh at their masters for being an idiot.

Then, they would continue to hide the leftovers and secretly eat them, or secretly take them out and sell them.

The times were like this, and Heath had no choice. It was Confucius and Mencius who taught the barbarians. As for him… it was better not to…

To him, he just wanted to learn magic and become a good Wizard, and also enjoy the benefits of the times.

Putting down the notebook, Heath pointed at the table and said, “Put the things here.”

The Knight put the sack on the table and poured out the things inside.