Chapter 390: Tarot Spider

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Chapter 390: Tarot Spider

Splash! The clear sound of flowing water could be heard.

In the middle of the quiet lake, Heath was standing on a piece of ice. He was holding the Red Demon greatsword and looking ahead, trying to identify if the Tarot Spider was lurking on the shore.

This continued for a while. Nina, who was beside him, could not stand it anymore. She complained, “Hey, don’t just stand there like a fool, okay? How is it? Do you see anything? That big guy is no longer here, right?”

Heath frowned. “I’m not sure about that either.”

The Tarot Spider’s concealment ability was very strong. It was similar to a chameleon’s invisibility, and could completely blend into the surrounding environment. Once it entered the invisibility state… Even advanced-level Wizards could hardly detect it.

Heath was only an intermediate-level Wizard at the moment, and was still quite a distance away from an advanced-level Wizard. With his current spiritual perception ability, it was basically impossible for him to identify if the Tarot Spider had entered the invisibility state. Nina asked, “What should we do now? Just stand here and do nothing? We can’t possibly stay on the surface of this lake for the rest of our lives, right?”

Heath turned his head and looked behind him.

This lake was very spacious. It looked like it was at least ten miles wide. It lay in the middle of the forest, splitting the entire forest in half. Behind it was another part of the forest.

After thinking for a moment, Heath said, “Let’s take a detour from the back.”

The Tarot Spider was a demonized creature that bore grudges. If he was not 100% certain that it had already left, Heath would not dare to go ashore. After all, if he were to be ambushed… it would really be a disaster.

In terms of strength, the Tarot Spider was one level higher than him. If he was ambushed, even with Heath’s ability, he could not guarantee that he would be able to escape unscathed. It was better to be careful when facing such a huge creature.

Anyway, the detour would only take him a few dozen miles at most. With his current speed, it would only take him a few hours. There would be no trouble at all. Nina complained, “Seriously, being chased by a giant spider for a few streets, you’re really in a sorry state.”

Heath nodded. “Yeah, this time it’s really embarrassing.”

Pausing for a moment, he spun his greatsword and swung it twice in the air. Then, a cold light flashed in his eyes. “But today, I just happened to see my own shortcomings. It’s not too late to look for this thing to settle the score when I’m stronger.”

Tarot Spiders bore grudges. How could Heath not bear one? After being chased by such a beast for a few streets, it had been a long time since he looked so ugly. In addition to the abundant extraction attributes of an advanced-level demonized creature and the massive amount of resources on its body, Heath would definitely not let go of this living treasure. It was just that his current strength was not enough, and he needed to lie low for a while.

Pausing for a moment, Heath put away the Red Demon greatsword and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

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As he spoke, he opened his spatial pocket and took out the Mermaid Sea Gills from his pocket to paste them on himself. Actually, after advancing to an intermediate Wizard, there were some spells that could allow a Wizard to stay in the water and breathe for a long period of time. However, these spells consumed too much magic power. After all, the Mermaid Sea Gills were Wizard tools, and what was consumed was not the Wizard’s own magic power, but Magic Stones. Thus, Heath was still used to using the Mermaid Sea Gills instead of his own magic power.

After all, for a Wizard, magic power could be said to be the foundation of a Wizard’s life. Under the premise of not using magic power, any Wizard would try their best. Instead, they would use Wizard tools, scrolls, potions, and other things.

Splash! With a clear sound, water splashed on the surface of the water. Heath quickly jumped into the water and disappeared.

After he left, a huge shadow suddenly appeared on the empty bank of the river. The shadow slowly became clear, and soon, the true appearance of the shadow was revealed. It was the Tarot Spider that had fought Heath and chased after him.

Yes, Heath’s judgment was not wrong. The Tarot Spider had indeed not left.

As the king of this generation of the forest, the Tarot Spider had not been its opponent for a long time. In this forest, as long as it took a fancy to something, anything would be sent into its mouth.

But today, it was provoked by a human. What made the Tarot Spider even angrier was that after chasing this human for a long time, it actually did not kill him, but let him escape instead.

This was something the Tarot Spider could not tolerate. It was the king of this forest. As the king of this forest, it had the right to rule over everything in this forest. Now, there were people who disobeyed it without paying the price. That was something it could not accept.

However, the Tarot Spider was naturally afraid of the water. It could not move freely in the water. Therefore, when it faced Heath who had jumped into the lake, it could not continue to chase after it. Instead, it could only watch from the shore.

Therefore, in the end, when it confirmed that there would not be any results if it continued to chase after it, it decisively entered into a hidden state. It hid itself and stood guard by the shore, waiting for Heath to return to the shore.

This was the experience it had accumulated over the years of hunting. Many creatures had once hidden in the lake to avoid it, but after all, they were all land-based creatures, so they could not stay in the water for long. The creatures that rushed in would usually return to the shore after a period of time.

The Tarot Spider, who was certain of this, often pretended to leave when the creatures were lurking on the surface of the water, but in reality, it entered the stealth state and hid on the shore, waiting for the creatures to fall into their trap. It had used this trick more than once or twice to hunt its prey.

However, to its surprise, the prey today did not return to the shore after seeing it leave, like other prey. Instead, it jumped into the water and disappeared.

The Tarot Spider’s limited intelligence could not understand why a land creature like a human would jump into the lake and disappear. It was only a hunter who was furious at the disappearance of its prey.

All of a sudden, it opened its mouth wide and shot beams of light into the lake. These were beams of light formed by compressing high-elemental particles. When the beams of light hit the surface of the water… Boom! Boom! The sounds of explosions rang out continuously. Huge waves were created on the surface of the water. Obviously, the Tarot Spider, which could not catch up to Heath, could only use this method to vent its unhappiness. At the same time, it was also trying to see if it could blow Heath out of the water.

He looked at the Tarot Spider that was bombarding the shore. He could not help but open his mouth. “Fortunately, I ran fast…”

This was his only thought at this moment.

Previously, he thought that if he went all out, he would have an 80-90% chance of taking down the big spider. However, after seeing the Tarot Spider’s attack at this moment… Heath felt that his chance of winning was only 50-60%.

These attacks of the Tarot Spider were not the product of high elemental concentration. One had to know that such intense elemental bombardment required an immeasurable amount of magic power, Heath himself would at most lose his power after two or three attacks. However, this Tarot Spider did not even take a breather after such a long bombardment. This magic power reserve was truly terrifying.

Nina, who was beside him, was also frightened. She shrunk her neck and said, “God, what terrifying mana reserves. Just how much mana does this guy have!”

Heath was also speechless and said, “Who knows…”

After bombarding for a full few minutes, the Tarot Spider finally stopped attacking. At this time, it seemed to be a little tired, and its eyes became a little dispirited.

Seeing this scene, Nina’s eyes lit up. She hurriedly shouted to Heath, “Hey, look at that guy, it stopped, and it seems to be very dispirited. What’s wrong with it? Could it have used up all its magic power in the previous magic bombardment?”

Nina had already noticed this detail, so how could Heath not see it? For a moment, Heath’s heart suddenly beat faster, and one of his hands could not help but reach for the dimensional pocket containing the Red Demon greatsword.

One had to know that the Tarot Spider was a demonized creature, and magic power was the true strength of a demonized creature. Without the help of magic, the power of a demonized creature would be greatly reduced.

Although the Tarot Spider in front of him had an extremely strong body, what really gave Heath a headache was its powerful magic. Without the support of these magic spells… Heath was absolutely confident that he could defeat it.

And now, this guy actually used up all its magic power because of venting. If that was really the case…

Nina’s voice was a little shaky as she asked, “Heath, what are you thinking about?”

Heath said, “I think you should have guessed

Nina said, “That’s a crazy decision.”

In this situation, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to eliminate the Tarot Spider. To kill an advanced-level demonized creature with the strength of an intermediate-level Wizard, just thinking about it made people excited.

The more he thought about it, the more excited Heath became. One of his hands had even opened the space pocket and grabbed the Red Demon greatsword in the pocket. As long as he made a decision, he could jump out of the water and launch an attack on the Tarot Spider at any time.

However, just as Heath was about to make a decision, a layer of light suddenly flashed on the Tarot Spider’s back.

There was a layer of complicated patterns on the Tarot Spider’s large buttocks. It looked like some kind of sticker tattoo. At this time, these patterns all lit up and released a layer of dazzling light.

Along with this layer of light, a strong elemental fluctuation suddenly swept over from all directions. A visible elemental storm was set up in the air. It looked really terrifying.

What was even more terrifying was that Heath was surprised to find that the elemental storm was spreading through the Tarot Spider’s body at an exaggerated speed, the Tarot Spider’s depleted magic power was also recovering rapidly during this process.

In just a short span of ten breaths, the Tarot Spider’s dissipated magic power was completely replenished. The Tarot Spider’s spiritual power, which had been somewhat dispirited a moment ago, suddenly became full again.

Heath was speechless. “D*mn, no way. This thing actually has a talent for magic power recovery? Isn’t it too shameless?” In the book, Heath had read that some high-level demonized creatures had some unique innate attributes. They were able to interrupt other people’s magic, restore their own magic power, and other strange and abnormal abilities.

And this Tarot Spider in front of him seemed to have this innate ability that could allow it to quickly recover its magic power.

Nina shrank her neck. “Fortunately, you didn’t act on impulse just now…”

Heath said indifferently, “What are you afraid of? If you go up and find that you can’t beat it, you can just shrink back.”

He did not have complete confidence in defeating the Tarot Spider at the moment, but it was unlikely that the Tarot Spider would be able to kill him. After all, with his current strength… Even if he were to face it head-on, he would be able to block the Tarot Spider’s attacks.

Nina was shocked. “Don’t tell me you still want to rush up and fight with it?”

Heath rolled his eyes. “It’s not like I’m crazy. If it had used up all its magic power just now, I could still try to go up and take advantage of it. But in this situation, if I were to rush up now, it would be asking for trouble.”

As he said that, he looked at the Tarot Spider on the shore again, and his eyes could not help but show a greedy look.

‘It looks like a good research subject!’

Magic power recovery was a talent that countless Wizards dreamed of. If he could extract this talent from this monster, Heath’s strength would definitely increase by a lot.

‘Forget it, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. I’ll let it live for two more days!’

Shaking his head, Heath forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart. No matter how greedy he was for this Tarot Spider, he knew that now was not the time… With his current ability, if he forcefully went up, he might not be able to win. Anyway, there was still plenty of time in this forest. It was not too late to find this thing and settle the score after thinking about it carefully.

With this thought in mind, Heath finally drove the last bit of greed in his heart out of his head. He turned his head away from the Tarot Spider by the shore. With a plop, he plunged into the deep water ahead. Soon, he disappeared into the lake…