Chapter 392: Discovered

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Chapter 392: Discovered

After extracting the Ice Carp’s attributes, Heath casually threw the Ice Carp into his dimensional pocket. Since he had the opportunity to obtain such a precious material, he naturally had to bring it back. Whether it was for his own use or to exchange it for Magic Stones at the market, it was a considerable income.

Following that, Heath continued to search the surroundings. Ice Carp were social fish that usually appeared in groups. Since he had found an Ice Carp here, there should be more Ice Carp in the surroundings.

As expected, after searching for a while, Heath found a school of Ice Carp a few hundred meters away. There were about ten of them. The crowd gathered in this patch of water grass was wandering aimlessly. After learning from the previous experience, Heath did not rush over to disturb them. Instead, he used a shapeshifting spell to transform himself into the form of an Ice Carp.

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Wizards could freely transform into the form of a creature after learning about its life sequence. With the help of the powerful extraction function of the system, he had completely extracted the life form of an Ice Carp. Naturally, he could easily transform.

Splash! The clear sound of flowing water rang

Heath swayed his fish tail and slowly swam towards the school of fish in front of him. The shapeshifting spell changed the body in all directions, including his appearance, aura, smell, and even spiritual fluctuations. Once he turned into an Ice Carp, he would truly become this creature. The Ice Carp’s kind would naturally not be able to detect that he was an imposter. However, perhaps his actions were a little strange when he swam over, which caused some Ice Carp to be curious. However, before the Ice Carp could figure out what was going on with this newcomer, Heath, who had entered the school of fish, instantly released the shapeshifting spell and released the Wizard’s Forcefield at the same time as his body recovered.

An invisible Wizard’s Forcefield immediately spread out in the surroundings. All the Ice Carp in this forcefield were controlled by Heath’s forcefield, and all of them fell into this invisible net without exception.

Some Ice Carp, who had sensed that something was wrong, were driven by their will to survive and constantly urged their magic power in an attempt to struggle. However, to them, whose spiritual power was only at the level of an Apprentice… In front of this intermediate Wizard, the difference between them was too big. There was not even the slightest ripple. “1, 2, 3… 16… 17… 18… Haha, 18 of them. There’s really a lot of them!”

After catching all these Ice Carp, Heath did a quick count. The number of Ice Carp here was really beyond his expectations. There were a total of 18 of them, and one had to know… The price of an Ice Carp was at least 100,000 Magic Stones. The profit of 2,000,000 Magic Stones from the 18 Ice Carp here would not be small.

“Although I was chased all the way by that d*mn spider, I did not lose out on this trip!”

“But then again, why are there Ice Carp here?”

Thinking of this, Heath could not help but look around in confusion. Ice Carp were very rare creatures. They usually only lived in places with dense ice elements. Most of them could only be seen in the ice lakes and ice rivers around the ice plains.

This was clearly a lush forest, and the surroundings were filled with the fragrance of birds, flowers, and a pleasant climate. There was not the slightest feeling of ice element gathering, and even the lake water was not cold at all. It was indeed a little strange for the Ice Carp to appear in such a place.

“Could there be something here?”

Thinking of this, Heath’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. A place like a lake wasn’t directly exposed to the outside world, so it was often possible to hide some unknown treasures. For example, some high-grade materials that only grew at the bottom of the lake.

“Could it be that this is also the case here?”

The more he thought about it, the more Heath felt that it was possible. Otherwise, there was no way to explain why there were so many Ice Carp even though there were no ice elements here. This itself was somewhat inconceivable.

As he thought about it, he immediately closed his eyes to calm himself down and released his spiritual power to his surroundings. This was the simplest way to sense. If there were some abnormal spiritual power fluctuations in the surroundings… He could sense everything through this method.

Heath’s spiritual power turned into a large net and spread out in the surroundings. The densely packed spiritual tentacles were like countless fine threads. They extended into the surrounding lake water, water plants, microorganisms, and even every cell and every element.

After these spiritual tentacles cut into these substances, they quickly returned the information they found in the substances back to Heath’s spiritual sea. Then, the surrounding conditions were all integrated into Heath’s mind. He had completed his perception.

“This elemental fluctuation… seems to really have something?”

After sensing for a while, Heath’s expression changed. This was because he found an unusual elemental fluctuation.

Elements were originally substances with high stability. Generally, the elemental structure of an area was very stable. The frequency of the fluctuation and the form of the fluctuation was very fixed. A lake like this should have a stable form of the fluctuation, with the water element as the main element.

However, during his perception just now, Heath unexpectedly found an element fluctuation that did not belong to a lake. Although it was very weak… this kind of elemental fluctuation should indeed not appear in a place like a lake.

In other words, there must be other things that could bring about the elemental fluctuation here. It could be Wizard tools, other demonized creatures, or even some items that were closely related to magic, etc.

“There are too few clues. I need to look further…”

With this discovery, Heath was immediately motivated. He immediately carefully observed the elemental fluctuations while looking for the direction of the elemental fluctuations according to the weak reaction from the fluctuations. This elemental fluctuation was very weak… It took Heath a long time to finally determine the direction of the fluctuations.

Then, he did not delay. After locking on the direction of the fluctuation, he immediately swam in that direction. It was in the middle of the lake in front of him. It seemed that something was faintly coming in that direction.

The lake here seemed to have become a depression. The higher the terrain was, the lower it was in the middle. When he reached the middle, he could not see the riverbed at all. Heath continued to swim down the lake. According to the touch of his spiritual power, this spiritual fluctuation should have come from below.

“Oh my god, isn’t this lake too deep?”

The depth of the lake was far beyond Heath’s expectations. After swimming down for hundreds of meters, he still could not see the bottom of the lake. Heath had to stop for a while, because with his current body, he could no longer continue swimming down.

The water pressure brought by hundreds of meters of lake water was beyond imagination. Even if Heath had used Mermaid Sea Gills, it could not change the structure of his human body. This kind of body structure was already the limit at this point. Thus, Heath took out his usual spell, the shapeshifting spell, and the shape was none other than the Ice Carp just now. After transforming into an Ice Carp, the problem of water pressure no longer existed. He swayed his tail and slowly swam down the lake. Although his body had become smaller, the speed of the Ice Carp was extremely fast. It was only stronger than Heath himself.

After swimming for nearly a thousand meters, he finally reached the bottom of the lake.

Compared to the seawater, the ecological environment at the bottom of the lake was much simpler. The bottom of the lake was just a flat piece of sand. On the surface of the sand, there were some aquatic plants, algae, and other plants that were common in the water. There were some small rocks scattered around, and small shrimps, crabs, and fish could be seen walking around.

Other than that, there was nothing else except for the bare ground. At a glance, it looked like a wasteland with nothing at all.

From the clues that came from the spiritual sense, it should be this location. However, after arriving here, the spiritual sense had become very scattered. For a moment, Heath could not determine the exact location. He could only roughly determine that it was in this area.

There was no other way. He could only search the place bit by bit. At the same time, he withdrew the spiritual energy that had spread out and concentrated it around a hundred meters away from him. Although with his current strength, if he released his spiritual sense at full force, it could be spread out to a distance of thousands of meters, however, the more spiritual sense was spread out, the less accurate it was.

If he was looking for an object or creature that had a clear purpose of knowing the elemental fluctuations in a large area, of course, it was better to spread his spiritual energy as wide as possible. However, if they were looking for an object that was uncertain and even had a weak spiritual sense, then it would definitely be better to concentrate their spiritual power to obtain some information.

However, after several times of this, the search still did not go smoothly.

Even though Heath had already focused his spiritual sense, he still could not find any clues. The information that he received from his spiritual sense was basically no different from before. It was still very weak. It was as if something had exploded here into countless pieces or even directly disintegrated into countless elements and spread around.

After searching for a long time without any results, Heath called Nina out again and asked her to help him look for it. However, even if they searched for it, they still could not find any results. The spiritual sense was still the same without any changes.

‘Could it be that something really exploded here, disintegrated, and broke down into countless elements that spread to this area?’

Heath could not help but become suspicious for a moment.

Nina, who had searched around once, returned to Heath’s side at this time. “Hey, Heath, we’ve searched over there and found nothing. Are you really sure that there’s something related to magic here? There’s no elemental fluctuations at all, okay?”

“Then, maybe my perception is wrong…”

After searching for so long without finding anything, Heath began to doubt.

Nina pouted. “Seriously, why are you spending so much effort on something that you’re not sure about? If you have the strength, you might as well leave this place as soon as possible. Alright, stop wasting time. There’s no point in staying at the bottom of this dark lake. Let’s get out of here.”

Heath hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still nodded. It was probably just his own wishful thinking. Thinking about it, it made sense. Although Wizards did have the habit of throwing things into the lake, that was only a minority… It was even more impossible for any random lake in the deep mountains to have treasures left behind by other Wizards. If that was the case, then the Wizards would have already plundered all the lakes in the Wizard World long ago.

He nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go.”

With that, he waved his fish tail and swam to the top of the lake, ready to leave this area.

However, before he could swim far, suddenly, there was a flash of light at the bottom of the lake, as if something was flashing under it.

One had to know that this was a place that was more than 1,000 meters below. The sunlight above could not reach such a deep distance. This area was basically dark. Although it was not completely dark, at least, it was as dark as a period of time not long after the sun set.

In such an environment, even if the light that suddenly lit up was not that strong, it was definitely very obvious. In addition, there was no distraction in the surroundings. Heath immediately noticed this light.

“Eh? Heath, is there something flashing over there?”

Not only heath, Nina, who was beside him, also noticed the light. The female spirit, who was about to return to her ring, suddenly stopped. “I’ll go take a look!”

She moved faster than Heath, and with a whoosh, she flew out. In the sea, a spirit like Nina did not need to consider factors like the lake water and resistance. Her speed was much faster than Heath’s.

Heath immediately followed her and arrived here half a beat later. This place was also a flat and open space, and there were some aquatic plants growing in the open space. At this time, Nina was among a group of aquatic plants. She seemed to have taken something out of the aquatic plants.

Heath landed in the open space and asked Nina, “How is it? Did you find something?”

Nina nodded. “You really guessed it. There is indeed something at the bottom of the lake. Look, what is this thing?”

As she spoke, she reached out her hand to Heath and spread it in front of him. After she spread her hand, an object was immediately revealed inside. It was a triangular iron plate. There was also a complicated pattern carved on it…