Chapter 51 - Reinforcements

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Chapter 51: Reinforcements

Count Kroya said, “The kingdom has decided to send reinforcements to us. The reinforcements are already on their way here.”

Everyone was overjoyed.

“At least His Majesty hasn’t lost his mind. Without Twilight Fortress, they will be finished.”

“How many more people are there?”

Everyone’s gazes turned towards the Count once again.

Count Kroya hesitated for a moment and suddenly said in a shocking tone, “One.”

Everyone was shocked. “What!”

But then, everyone thought that it was not right. They all looked at Count Kroya with strange expressions, waiting for a reasonable explanation.

After all, if the King was not prepared to make them rebel collectively, he would not have made such a teasing arrangement.

Count Kroya was also puzzled. He turned to ask Heath in surprise, “This is also what I don’t understand. Sir Wizard, I hope that you can give us an explanation.”

Heath raised his eyebrows. “Please speak, Sir.”

Count Kroya handed the letter to Heath. Heath took it and glanced at it. He suddenly understood.

The letter said that the Shadow Tower had sent a high-level Apprentice over.

This Apprentice was carrying an official wizard tool!

Count Kroya said in puzzlement, “If His Majesty is not prepared to let us die on the battlefield, then this additional member should be trustworthy. Is that so, Sir Wizard?”

They did not understand wizards. High-level Apprentices and official Wizard tools, they had no concept at all.

Heath put down the letter and nodded. “If the additional member on the letter can arrive, then the army outside the city is nothing to worry about.”

An official Wizard tool was equivalent to the power of a Wizard.

After a pause, he added, “The enemy’s undead army was summoned by an official Wizard tool.”

Hearing Heath’s reply, everyone in the meeting room heaved a sigh of relief.

They had been together with Heath for some time and knew that this Wizard was very reliable. Since he had given the answer, this unknown addition must be very powerful.

Moreover, they had just experienced the power of the enemy’s magic.

Heath continued, “But the person on the letter requires us to hold on for six days. The fastest time for the addition is the seventh day.”

Everyone looked at the Count again.

The Count nodded and said, “If Campbell does not come personally, then it would not be a big problem.”

According to the Knight that Heath had captured previously, the undead army controlled by the enemy could only hold the city for an hour at a time. After that, they would need a day to recover.

If it was only an hour, as long as they were properly commanded, it would be very easy to defend the city.

“The Count is right!”

“If these army of the dead dare to come up again, let them die once more!”

The atmosphere in the meeting room became much livelier.

However, Heath carefully noticed that the Count was still frowning.

He could not help but ask, “Your Excellency, is there any other problem?”

Count Kroya sighed softly and said, “I did not know that the commander who led the Czech to fight against the Ryker this time was actually Campbell until I just received His Majesty’s reply.”

Campbell was the military commander of the Red Devil Blood’s side this time.

Heath raised his eyebrows and waited quietly for the next part.

The Count did not let Heath wait for long and quickly continued to explain, “That was a madman, a madman born for war. No one could defeat him in a military contest…”

After listening to Count Kroya’s introduction, Heath had a general understanding of such a person.

Simply put, this was an outstanding military strategist among humans. He was often active on the war stage in the Dark Lands. Including Count Kroya, many Lords and Knights of this generation had been beaten by him until they lost their armor.

Count Kroya said in fear, “…What benefits did the Jedians and Rykers give him? They actually invited this madman to fight this war!”

Heath said, “It shouldn’t be a big problem. According to the letter, our main force has several times more people than them. There are also two Wizards guarding it, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Heath was a faction of power. In his opinion, wisdom was only effective when they were evenly matched. All the conspiracies and tricks were like paper tigers in front of absolute power.

The Count sighed softly. “I hope so.”

Count Kroya quickly stopped this topic that might affect the morale of the army.

He immediately changed the topic and said gratefully to Heath, “Thank you, Sir Wizard. If you hadn’t killed the enemy general in time, we might have suffered a huge loss.”

At this point, he could not help but say in surprise, “I really didn’t expect that Sir Wizard, at such a young age, already has the strength of a high-level Knight.”

He had listened to the Knight’s report about what happened on the battlements.

Heath shook his head and said, “We do not want to lose this war.”

After a pause, he continued half-jokingly, “As for my Knight’s strength… If it was someone else’s praise, I would be very happy. But Your Excellency, are you really not making fun of me? Your Excellency should be about to break through to a Grand Knight, right?”

On the battlefield, Heath had just found out that Count Kroya actually had the strength of a peak-level Knight.

“Hahaha!” Count Kroya laughed loudly.

After laughing for a while, he could not help but shake his head, “But if it’s a Grand Knight, then forget it. I have never considered having that kind of strength.”

Heath raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “Even with your talent, you don’t have the confidence to advance to the Grand Knight level?”

To be able to reach the pinnacle of Knights meant that one already had the highest level of the Knight talent.

Count Kroya shook his head and said, “It has nothing to do with talent. What is needed to become a Grand Knight is the ‘Knight’s Heart’. Only those who have a Knight’s Heart can become a Grand Knight.”

Heath asked doubtfully, “Knight’s Heart?”

He really did not know anything about Grand Knights, including the information about them in the tower.

Count Kroya nodded and explained in detail, “Humility, honesty, compassion, heroism, justice, sacrifice, honor, and soul. Every virtue represents a Knight’s Heart.”

“Only those who have mastered the virtue can have the heart of a Knight and advance to Grand Knight.”

Heath was speechless. There was such a saying?

The Count said, “Leave the power of the Guardian to the Guardian. If I follow the rules, the head of the Kroya family will be hung on the city wall tomorrow.”

Heath had a similar expression. It seemed that he had no hope of advancing to a Grand Knight by himself in this lifetime.

After all, no matter how much he thought about it, he could not find a match with any of the above.

He just did not know if this kind of Knight’s Heart could also be extracted?

What effect would that have?

Even though Count Kroya had deliberately emphasized to Heath the terror of the human military commander in this military meeting, Heath had never fought with this person, after all. No matter how much the Count said, he could not understand it.

But what he did not expect was that in just a short two days, he had already experienced the terror of the human’s ‘wisdom’…

On the morning of the third day, Twilight Fortress.

In the hall of the fortress, Count Kroya, Heath, and even a group of Reiden City Knights were gathered here.

Everyone’s faces were gloomy as they looked forward.

In front of them were a few corpses neatly placed on the blankets. They were the four Apprentices who had gone out to have fun, including Twyn and Wesley.

Without exception, the four of them had all turned into corpses at this moment.

Heath looked at these pig heads speechlessly. Although he had long thought that they were unreliable, he had never thought that they would collapse to such an extent. They lay dead without a single shot being fired.

“Forget it, at least contribute some residual value!”

Shaking his head, Heath walked forward and pressed a hand on the Apprentice’s chest: ‘Extraction.’

[Beep, extraction successful. Spiritual Power +0.03]

[Beep, extraction successful. Obtained Spell Model ‘Frost’.]

[Beep, extraction successful. Wizard Talent +1. Current Wizard Talent: 4. Rating: Medium.]