Chapter 54 - I’ll Do It!

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Chapter 54: I’ll Do It!

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Enemy camp, east side.

A gust of cold wind swept over from afar, and the candles on the ground were all extinguished at this moment.

The magic array that was originally shining with a blood-red demonic light also dimmed.

Standing in the middle of the altar, the Wizard priest pulled his hand out from the girl’s chest. In his hand, he was still holding the crushed heart.

He shook off the blood and flesh residue on his hand.. “Water.”

Princess Trish came up with a silver basin filled with water.

The Wizard put his hand into the water and began to wash it.

Trish asked, “Sir Wizard, how is it? is everything going well?”

She had just seen Wizard Pritte frowning when he was casting a spell, and he looked very angry.

Pritte snorted lightly and said, “I met a reckless little Apprentice, a self-righteous thing, and he actually dared to block my spell!”

Trish frowned slightly. “Then…”

Pritte waved his hand and said as if nothing had happened, “That little piece of trash is not worthy to be my opponent. That human Count has been dealt with. You can attack at any time.”

Trish’s brows relaxed, and a hint of joy appeared on her face.

The generals surrounding them were also overjoyed.

“Haha! That’s great!”

“Without Kroya, the remaining people are all useless. Who else can stop us!”

“Break through Twilight Fortress and kill all of them!”

Pritte pulled Trish into his embrace, and said with a smile, “My little beauty, how should you thank me?”

Trish let out a flirtatious murmur and asked in a teasing tone, “Then… Sir… Sir… How… How do you want Trish to thank you…”

Pritte pressed Trish onto the altar beside him and lifted up her skirt…

The surrounding Knights tactfully lowered their heads and retreated.

“Then, my Lord and Your Highness, we will go and attack the city.”

The sound of the alarm bell rang out, and the soldiers ran back and forth, and the whole fortress was in chaos.

“The enemy has begun to assemble. Where is the Count? Where are the Knights?”

“The Count is wounded, and the Wizard is treating him.”

“Then what should we do? Who is going to give the command? The enemy is going to attack!”

In the conference room, the door was tightly locked. The Knights stared at the conference table in front of them with dark expressions.

On the conference table, Count Kroya’s clothes were removed and placed flat on it. In the large hole in his chest, there were black leaves, strange flowers, animal bones, and so on.

Heath stood in front of the conference table with one hand on the Count’s chest, chanting an obscure incantation.

He was still making his final effort to ‘resurrect’ Count Kroya.

Wizards’ understanding of life forms was different from that of mortals. Such injuries were obviously dead in the eyes of mortals, but in the eyes of Wizards, as long as the soul was not damaged, there was a possibility of resurrection.

When learning Life Science, every Wizard had learned ‘Resurrection’. Most healing spells in the world also used this as the core principle.

The incantation continued. The material in the Count’s chest began to slowly melt into a pool of material that was connected to flesh and blood. The flesh and blood inside seemed to have begun to grow again.

However, not long after, the mass of material suddenly expanded outward, and then with a ‘poof’ sound, it deflated.

Heath frowned. ‘Failed.’

Although this ‘Resurrection’ was not a particularly high-end spell in the Wizard World, it was still far from what a young Apprentice like him could cast.

A Knight walked forward and asked nervously, “Sir Wizard, the Count is…”

Heath shook his head. “I’m sorry, I’ve tried my best.”

Everyone’s faces darkened.

At this moment, Heath suddenly heard chaotic footsteps and the sound of a bell ringing outside.

He could not help but ask, “What’s going on outside? Why is it so noisy?”

He had been concentrating on casting spells just now.

The Knight smiled bitterly. “The enemy is ready to attack us, Sir.”

Heath was stunned. He was shocked. “Then you’re still here?”

Perhaps they had seen the look on Heath’s face. The Knights ‘eyes became evasive, and they looked very embarrassed.

In the end, it was still the Knight from before who said bitterly, “Sir, besides the Count, no one here has the confidence to win this war.”

Before the Knights in this world were given their titles, their main focus was on improving their strength. They would only learn how to lead the army and how to plan the war when they had their own fiefdoms.

Heath frowned. “Where are the reinforcements? Where are they now?”

Before the war started, the Count had gathered all the vassals from all over to rush over. Those Viscounts and Barons were veterans who had been on the battlefield for a long time. Heath did not believe that they would not be able to pull out any of them who could fight.

The Knight smiled bitterly and said, “They are still on the way.”

After a pause, he explained, “And based on the current situation, I’m afraid they will only be on the way for a long time…”

There were spies of various nobles in the fortress. The news of the 10,000-strong army attacking this place had long been spread back.

Everyone was fighting to rush forward to take advantage of the situation. Who would go forward to die?

When the Count was in front, everyone would still wait and see. Now that the Count was dead, it would be a miracle if these shrewd nobles would take another step forward.

Heath frowned. “Then what now?

Could they only leave?

The role of a commander in the army was self-evident. The effect of reasonable command and deployment had been fully reflected in the previous battle.

An army could not be left without a general. Now that there was no one to command, what was the point of fighting?

Failure seemed to be a foregone conclusion.

He was really unwilling!

From the results of the extraction two days ago, it could be seen that Heath’s previous judgment was not wrong. Under the millstone of war, it really helped his strength greatly.

Not only had his Knight talent leveled up to high level, his Wizard talent had also leveled up to intermediate level. There was no need to mention the growth of his other attributes and spells.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the short two days before was at least comparable to his results of a few months, more than half a year.

It was not easy to feel such a rocketing upgrade, and he was enjoying it. It was not easy to accept that he had to go back all of a sudden.

After all, Heath was still counting on his Knight talent to be maxed out in this war.

But the matter of the commander…

Was there really no one to lead?

Suddenly, a strange thought appeared in Heath’s mind, a thought that completely deviated from his duty.

However, seeing that it was full of attributes, this thought became more and more intense.

Hence, he pressed one hand on the Count’s corpse.

Previously, because he was not sure if extracting would affect the resurrection, Heath did not carry out the extraction on Count Kroya.

Now that the resurrection had failed, there was naturally nothing to worry about.

He thought lightly in his heart: ‘Extract.’

[Beep, successful extraction. Obtained Machiavelli’s Art of War.]

[Beep, successful extraction. Obtained Helan Military Treatise.]

[Beep, successful extraction. Obtained Battlefield Command.]

[Beep, successful extraction. Knight Talent +1]

[Beep, successful extraction. Strength +0.03]

[Beep, extraction successful. Obtained ‘White Horse Sword Technique’.]

[Beep, extraction successful. Obtained ‘White Horse Secret Manual’.]

It was as if something was reminding Heath of something. The results of the extraction this time were abnormally large.

It was as if he had read through everything Count Kroya had learned in his life.

Large chunks of unfamiliar information surged into Heath’s mind, causing him to close his eyes unconsciously.

After a long while, his swollen mind finally calmed down.

He opened his eyes again, and at this moment, there was a sharp glint in his eyes.

There was some calmness, some pride, and some desire.

Inexplicably, the Knights in the hall suddenly felt that in this instant, this Wizard had become somewhat different.

It was the sound of his robe fluttering in the wind.

While everyone was surprised, they saw the Wizard suddenly take off his cloak and take out a black cross-shaped sword from nowhere.

Then, he turned his head and said to the Knights, “Find me a set of armor.”

“I’ll fight this battle!”