Chapter 55 - Prepare For Battle

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Chapter 55: Prepare For Battle

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Twilight Fortress, under the city walls, the Ryker army.

The commander of the Ryker Army, Count Gunner, was shuttling between the armies, making the final arrangements before the battle.

“Put on your armor, grab your longswords, and follow the Necromancer’s army to charge forward. Do not retreat. Whoever steps back, I will chop off his head…”

“…Kroya has already died under the spell of the Necromancer. The rest are useless trash, livestock waiting to be slaughtered by you, and your meritorious deeds!”

“Kill all the Helans. Their fields are yours, their property is yours, and their women and daughters are yours!”

“Kill all the Helans!”

Thunder-like shouts resounded in the sky. The morale of the Ryker Army had reached its peak.

At the same time, on the battlements of Twilight Fortress.

Walking up to the battlements, Heath adjusted the armor on his body. This was a set of Gothic armor. Although it was light armor made of leather and metal, it was very uncomfortable to wear.

But there was nothing he could do. This kind of attire could make him look like a qualified military commander…

‘The first thing you must do on the battlefield is to make yourself look like a qualified commander.’

This was the first sentence of the ‘Battlefield Command’ that was extracted from Count Kroya.

Walking between the battlements, Heath made the final arrangements.

“…You two stand here. If you see someone hanging a ladder, pour this bottle of magic potion on the ladder…”

“…All the arrowheads are soaked in the bucket. The arrowheads must be dipped in the magic potion…”

“…Put the magic scroll on the ground. When you hear my order, tear open the sealing wax immediately. Leave the rest to magic…”

Different chefs with the same ingredients could make different flavors of delicacies. The same was true for battlefield command.

Although the command knowledge in Heath’s mind came from Count Kroya, he was not prepared to deploy it according to Count Kroya’s method. Instead, he combined the advantages of magic to maximize the use of magic on the battlefield.

The potions and magic scrolls that he had bought in the Mist Market were put to use at this moment.

Heath had wanted to take out these tools in the previous battle, but he did not know how to arrange them properly. He had consulted Count Kroya. However, the Count could not give him an appropriate way to deploy these high-end items.

The battlefield was not child’s play. The current crossguard swords, arrows, and catapults had been tested in countless wars. The commander was already very familiar with their usage, so he dared to deploy them boldly.

The items that Heath had given him were rarely brought to the battlefield by Wizards in the past. They lacked practical tests.

For example, if an Earthling brought a flamethrower and a drone to the ancient battlefield, although everyone could see that these things were very powerful, how to properly use them on the battlefield was not something that could be figured out in a day.

After all, who knew if the flamethrower would burn their own people before it burned their enemies to death?

So, conservatively, the Count declined Heath’s instruments, and they remained dusty in Heath’s space pocket.

But now Heath had the Count’s military skills, the theory of the battlefield, and his own knowledge of the use of these instruments, it was easy to combine them and apply them to the battlefield.

The horn of the charge sounded. The enemy had begun to advance.

Heath returned to the front of the formation, and his gaze swept across the soldiers on the battlements.

Although his current arrangements were very professional, the terrified eyes and pale faces of the soldiers still fully demonstrated everyone’s distrust of this new commander.

Everyone was trembling, and their morale was incredibly low.

Heath thought for a moment, then took out a cross-shaped sword and handed it to a nearby Knight. “Wallace, take the cross-shaped sword and guard the passage. Anyone who dares to take a step back will have their head chopped off

“When I return, I’ll turn his entire family into rats and feed them to the wildcats!”

After a series of alarmist words, Heath took out a bottle of magic potion and said, “If you fight bravely, this is a Wizard’s magic potion. Its effect is equivalent to Gold Blood. I think everyone already knows its effect.”

The fear of the soldiers subsided slightly.

Heath took out a small bag and took out a handful of gold coins. “This bag contains countless gold coins!”

Greed flashed in the eyes of the soldiers.

Heath continued to take out a small bottle, pulled out a dagger, cut a hole in his palm, and poured the magic potion.

Under everyone’s surprised eyes, the wound on Heath’s palm healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, it had recovered to its original state.

Heath shouted, “Don’t be afraid, I am a Wizard. Even if your limbs are cut off, even if you are covered in wounds, I can still make you whole again. I can even make you stronger!”

“Gold coins, power, strength, women. Fighting bravely, I promise you everything you want! I am a Wizard! I am a god!”

The soldiers’ eyes were red.

Heath’s voice was like thunder. “Answer me! What should you do now!?”

A cold killing voice sounded, and the morale of the soldiers on the city wall rose.

Seeing this, Heath felt a little relieved.

According to battlefield command theory, the core of battlefield command was to make the soldiers believe that he could lead them to victory. Only if they believed that, they could win.

Then, he drew his sword and shouted, “In the name of Wizards, kill them all!”

On the other side, in the Shadow Tower, in the cafeteria.

At the dining table, Ender was eating mashed potatoes and said in an exaggerated tone, “That madman Heath! He’s really crazy. He accepted the recruitment and signed up for the battlefield. He’s crazy!”

Jessica said disdainfully, “Haven’t you always been interested in participating in the war?”

Ender said loudly, “Who in their right mind would be interested in the war? Isn’t it good to live?”

“No matter how poor I am, no matter how lacking my cultivation resources, I would never go to a place like the battlefield and bet my life on Magic Stones. Only a madman like Heath would do that.”

The few Apprentices at the table also agreed.

“Yeah, Heath is too irrational. It’s not worth it to risk his life for Magic Stones!”

“He has always been like this. Why wouldn’t he dare to risk his life for Magic Stones? He even dares to provoke high-level demonized beasts. The reputation of being a magic madman is not for nothing.”

“So, it’s not unreasonable for him to cultivate fast.”

“He can’t be lucky forever. One mistake and he’s dead for sure.”

“A low-level Apprentice is just cannon fodder on the battlefield. It’s very likely that we will never see that magic madman again.”

At this moment, an Apprentice ran over from the other side in a panic.

It was Jenny, who entered at the same time as them.

Jenny ran to the table quickly and panted nervously.

Jessica could not help but ask, “What happened, Jenny?”

Jenny said with a serious expression, “Wes… sley, Wesley is dead! We just received news that Wesley died in battle!”

Everyone was shocked. “What?!”

Although everyone knew that war was a dangerous place, they did not expect the news of the sacrifice of their fellow Apprentice to come back so soon.

Ender said with a gloating tone, “See, I told you this was a life-and-death payment, right?”

Wesley had a good ‘relationship’ with many witches, and some of them were very popular with Ender.

At this time, Jessica suddenly thought of something.

She quickly said, “Hey? Didn’t Wesley go to the same battlefield as Heath?”

Everyone was stunned and had different expressions.

Ender sighed softly and said sympathetically, “I guess that guy is hiding in a corner now, shivering and regretting his stupid decision…”

“I’m really sorry for him…”

To the Apprentices’ surprise, not only did Heath not regret his decision to participate in the battle, but he was also very glad that he made this decision.

He had to find an adjective to describe his mood at this moment, and that was —

Exciting, it was too exciting!

Standing on the battlements, Heath raised his cross sword high and shouted at the top of his voice in high spirits, “Release the arrows!”

Many years later, when Heath had become one in the history books, he deliberately bought a bottle of wine and sneaked onto the battlements. While drinking, he listened to the bards below the battlements talking about the war epic with him as the main character…

Recalling this interesting and extraordinary moment…