Chapter 61 - : Final Battle

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Chapter 61: Final Battle

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A few days later, at the intersection of the Kingdom of Helan and the Kingdom of Jed, on the Ruling Plains.

On the hillside on the side of the Ruling Plains.

Heath and the Apprentices of the Shadow Tower stood here, looking down at the plains below.

At this time, two square formations had been set up on the plains below, each of which had a population of 1,000 people, including 10 knights and one official-level Wizard.

In a while, the two sides would start a battle on the plains, deciding the outcome of this battle.

At this moment, all the representatives of the Wizard organizations in the Underdark Treesea had arrived to witness this battle.

Time flew by, and soon, the agreed time for the start of the battle arrived at noon.

The first to act was the Shadow Tower’s side..

The Wizard in charge of this battle, Slater, walked forward and raised his hand.

The sound of the wind exploded.

A gust of strong wind suddenly swept over from all directions, quickly forming a huge grey-black cloud in the sky. The dark clouds rolled, and fine lightning surged out from within.

A loud sound was heard.

An incomparably huge bolt of lightning struck down from the sky and charged straight towards the army formation of the Kingdom of Jed.

On the other side, the Wizardfrom the blood of Red Devil’s Blood also moved.

It was a white-bearded old man holding a long two-handed magic staff in his hand. He raised the magic staff in his hand high and then slammed it heavily onto the ground.

A blood-red shield appeared above the heads of the soldiers. It was exactly the same as what Pritte had summoned before, but the area was more than a hundred times larger. It covered the entire army formation, like a floating red curtain.

Lightning struck the huge blood-red curtain, and the blood-red curtain trembled violently.

The war had also begun at this moment.

A cold battle cry rang out, and the soldiers of both sides raised their weapons and rushed towards each other.

In the next moment, two torrents crashed into each other.

At the same time, the battle between the Wizards was still ongoing.

After the lightning was blocked, Wizard Slater raised his right hand.

As he moved, the sand on the ground immediately rolled over. It was swept up into the air by the strong wind and soon formed a huge meteorite with a diameter of more than ten meters in the air.

As Wizard Slater waved his right hand downwards…

The huge meteorite directly hit the blood-red curtain below.

The white-bearded old man quickly raised his staff and pointed at the meteorite, shouting loudly, “That day, that earth, that time! If God says it’s forbidden, then stop everything in the world!”

Following his voice, the meteorite stopped in mid-air.

But then, Wizard Slater also spoke. His voice was not loud, but it carried an unquestionable majesty. “Time is like water. It’s gone without a trace. Only one voice is allowed in this world!”

The meteorite shook violently, and then began to slowly sink.

The white-bearded old man’s body shook violently, and he took two steps back.

He gritted his teeth and blurted out a short incantation.

With this incantation, his hair and beard turned blood-red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

As the color changed, the old man’s aura also rose a lot.

Heath had extracted Pritte’s knowledge and knew that this was the largest spell in the wizard organization of Red Devil’s Blood. Its name was ‘Red Devil’s Blood’.

This was a spell with a beneficial nature, and it could greatly increase one’s strength in a short period of time.

As the old man’s spell was released, the falling meteor in the sky stopped and began to fall apart.

But at this moment, Wizard Slater suddenly took out a magic book with a black cover.

He opened the magic book and quickly drew a few pictures on it.

The pages in the book suddenly began to flip rapidly. More than ten pages left the book and were swept up into the air by the strong wind. Then, they burned into fireballs one after another.

Every fireball was the size of a meteorite, and their momentum was extremely terrifying.

Under this terrifying might, the chaotic battlefield suddenly stopped. The soldiers of both sides actually stopped fighting.

Everyone looked at the fireballs in the sky in horror, as if doomsday was coming.

Then, Wizard Slater raised his hand and slashed downwards.

Immediately, the fireballs pounced towards the blood-colored curtain and exploded on it one by one.

The old man’s body shook.

The old man spat out a mouthful of blood.

The blood-colored curtain shattered with a loud bang.

The fireballs that had lost their protection bombarded the ground one after another, and the entire battlefield instantly turned into a sea of fire.

Miserable cries continued to be heard, and the soldiers that had turned into fireballs rushed back and forth.

They did not differentiate between friend and foe.

The old man raised the back of his hand and wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. “Slater! I’ll remember you!”

“Shadow Tower, sooner or later, you’ll all suffer the consequences of your actions!”

Another Wizard, Wizard Davide, who was standing outside the battlefield, saw this and hurriedly shouted, “Slater, he’s going to escape!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man suddenly took out a red feather.

The feather burned into a ball of flame and quickly engulfed the old man’s entire body, causing his entire body to burn into a ball of flame.

Then, with a ‘pu’ sound, the old man disappeared.

Only a layer of dust was left on the spot, as if the old man had been burned into ashes.

Glenn, the advanced Apprentice standing next to Heath, opened his mouth and said, “The Warping Feather. Carlos can actually get such a thing. No wonder he has nothing to fear!”

Heath was stunned after listening to Glenn’s explanation.

He had seen this feather in the information in the library. It was said that it came from a very advanced space-type demonized creature.

This kind of demonized creature controlled the power of space, so their feathers also had a strange power of space. Wizards could use them to teleport over a long distance.

‘This is a good thing for survival…’

Heath silently noted that he would definitely prepare one for himself in the future.

With the old man’s departure, the battle on the battlefield came to an end.

Wizard Slater said, “Either you die or surrender!”

The Jed soldiers on the battlefield looked at each other.

A soldier threw away the weapon in his hand.

If there was one, there would be two.

Then there was a second soldier, then a third soldier…

The soldiers threw away their weapons one after another and chose to surrender.

Even the enemy knights lost their will to fight and threw away their cross swords dejectedly.

Outside the battlefield, Princess Trish, who was tied up like a slave by a hemp rope, sat limply on the ground. Her eyes were filled with despair.

A Knight suddenly exploded.

His eyes were red and he was hysterical. He grabbed the lapels of a soldier and said, “Don’t surrender. I order you to fight! Fight for me! Fight to the death!”

The soldiers avoided his gaze and were terrified.

The Knight said furiously, “Have you forgotten the oath you made to Her Highness? Where is your loyalty? Her Highness is still in the hands of the enemy. You don’t want to save her but want to surrender? What kind of Knights are you!”

He pointed his sword at Slater. “You, I want to fight to the death with you! I will defeat you!”

Slater’s expression was contemptuous.

He did not say a word. He just waved his hand in that direction.

A gust of strong wind whistled over. It had already created a tornado on the ground and was sweeping towards the Knight.

There was no room for resistance at all.

The Knight was instantly swept high into the air by the tornado, falling into the forest where no one knew if he was dead or alive.

Slater slowly floated in the air.

He looked down from above and used a condescending gaze to scan the witnesses outside the arena. These were all from various Wizard organizations in the Underdark Treesea. There were Wizards and Apprentices.

He asked, “Who else is unconvinced?”

Everyone avoided his gaze and lowered their heads.

Slater finally said, “Remember, there is only one ruler in the Underdark Treesea, and that ruler is the Shadow Tower!”