Chapter 62 - Return

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The war that had lasted for nearly two months had come to an end. The Shadow Tower had won.

This was an outcome that was not unexpected.

After all, the difference in strength between the two sides was not small. The fact that Red Devil’s Blood could fight to this extent was already beyond many people’s expectations.

After the war ended, it was time to deal with Red Devil’s Blood.

The master of Red Devil’s Blood, Carlos, was marked as a Dark Wizard and was wanted in the entire Underdark Treesea. Other than two of his seven students who died in battle, the rest were treated the same as him.

The remaining dozens of unofficial Apprentices, the Wizards of Red Devil’s Blood, and the two human kingdoms under its rule were all merged into the Shadow Tower.

Most of these resources were distributed to the two Wizards, Slater and Davide, who were participating in the war.

In addition, the official Apprentices and unofficial Apprentices who participated in the war received different rewards according to their merits.

The Shadow Tower once again told everyone on this land who was the real ruler of this place!

Once again, it proved to everyone…

The people here could only live in the shadows!

Half a month later, in the Shadow Tower.

The morning bell rang.

The Apprentices woke up one after another from their sleep, rubbed their sleepy eyes, put on their cloaks, and yawned as they began a new day.

At the same time, in Heath’s room.

In the bedroom, Heath was sitting on a stool, meditating with his eyes closed.

[Beep, elemental extraction successful. Spiritual power increased.]

Every morning, before the sun rose, he would wake up on time to meditate. This continued until the morning bell rang. This had become a part of his life, as inseparable as eating and sleeping.

Hearing the bell, Heath finished his meditation on time and slowly opened his eyes.

He stretched and praised, “It’s so comfortable to meditate in the Tower!”

Although the meditation candles provided by the Tower could also increase the element content in the room, it was still incomparable to the place where an ‘elemental fountain’ like the Shadow Tower was located.

The elements in this world were not constant. Instead, they kept gushing out like spring water and then spreading out in the surroundings.

The area where the elements were gushing out was also known as the area where the elemental fountain was located.

The quality of the elemental fountains varied, and the fountain where the Shadow Tower was located was already the fountain with the highest concentration of elements in the entire Underdark Treesea.

Heath habitually glanced at the spirit value on the attribute pane.

Before leaving the tower, Heath’s spirit had just passed 6, and now it had reached 7.6. In other words, in just half a year’s time, he had increased his spirit by 1.6.

It had to be known that the path of Wizards was more difficult to increase one’s spirit power as time went by. An average intermediate Apprentice who could increase one’s spirit power by 1 point in a few years was already considered talented. Someone like Heath who was so efficient could not be described as just a genius.

Perhaps only the descendants of the Wizard families with countless resources would be able to achieve such efficiency.

“The eighth rune should be able to be meditated within these two days. At this rate, advancing to an advanced Apprentice within three years shouldn’t be a problem.” Heath calculated silently.

Following that, he raised his right hand and drew a rune in front of him. At the same time, he chanted a short syllable.

Immediately, a strange symbol suddenly appeared on his forehead, flickering with a light blue light.

This symbol seemed to have some kind of extremely strong suction force. The moment it lit up, the elements around Heath immediately surged towards that symbol, causing Heath’s spiritual power to rapidly decrease at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The system interface was even more intuitive to be able to see this change.

Heath’s spiritual power was rapidly decreasing, and his strength was unexpectedly regressing.

The suction force only lasted for about ten seconds before it stopped.

The light blue symbol on his forehead flickered a few times before it disappeared into Heath’s forehead.

At the same time, Heath’s spiritual power also stopped decreasing.

Spiritual Power: 4.8.

His spiritual power finally stopped at 4.8, which was the level of an ordinary low-level Apprentice.

Then, Heath took out a crystal ball to test his spiritual power from his dimensional pocket. He bought it in the market. It was not expensive, but it was expensive because of the cost of using it. Each test cost one Magic Stone.

He put in Magic Stones and tested it for himself. The test result was exactly the same as what he had found through the system.

Heath nodded in satisfaction. “As expected of the magic of the Sealing Tower. Now I don’t have to worry about being exposed during the test later.”

The mandatory mission for this batch of Apprentices had been announced. The Tower would give them a rating and before the rating, there would be a spiritual power test. This was an important test related to the final mission rating.

Immediately, Heath put on his cloak and left the bedroom.

He first went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, then went to the second classroom, where today’s test would be conducted.

It was still early, and there were only a few Apprentices in the classroom.

So Heath took out a book from his dimensional pocket, randomly found a corner, and quietly read it.

Not long after, Apprentices began to walk into the classroom one after another.

Although Heath was only sitting in an inconspicuous corner, there were still Apprentices who recognized his identity through his rare black hair.

All of a sudden, everyone began to discuss.

“Eh? Look over there, isn’t that him? The magic genius, black-haired Heath!”

“Eh? It’s really him. When did he return?”

“It should be yesterday. The Apprentices who participated in yesterday’s battle all returned. He should have returned at that time.”

“Is the legend true? Did he really lead the battle at the front line? And he even turned the tide?”

“The notice has already been released. How could it be fake!? I can’t believe that there is such a pervert in the world. It’s fine if his magic is outstanding, but he still has time to learn other things!”

“What an enviable talent…”

“This time’s rating, he’ll definitely get seven stones!”

“And there’ll definitely be a red one!”

“I wonder what kind of reward the Wizards will give him. I heard that Wizard Slater might take in a student in the next two years. It might be him.”

“It shouldn’t be… an official Apprentice…”

As the war ended, Heath’s outstanding performance on the battlefield was transmitted back to the Tower through various channels, instantly causing a huge uproar among the Apprentices.

The Wizard World was a world full of battles, and because of that, the Wizards would look at the Apprentices with outstanding combat strength in a different light.

Personally going to the front line to fight with the enemy, and after the commander of the army died, he took over the responsibility of commanding the army to defend the city. In the end, even when the city wall was destroyed, he could still seize the opportunity to take the initiative to attack and turn the tide…

Heath’s various performances had long become a legend that the Apprentices rushed to praise. He was definitely the most popular Apprentice in the entire Tower!

“Heath!” At this moment, a loud shout sounded not far away.

Heath looked over and saw a few familiar figures walking over from that side…