Chapter 63 - Farewell

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Walking over were Heath’s fellow Apprentices, Ender, Jessica, Jenny, and others.

There were many empty seats in the classroom at the moment, and the seats were even better. However, the few of them still went straight to the cramped corner where Heath was.

Ender sat down at the side, put his arm around Heath’s shoulder, and teased, “You bastard, we thought you were going to die on the battlefield. We didn’t expect you to create a legend!”

Jessica smiled. “Great hero, welcome back.”

“Long time no see, Heath.”

“It’s incredible. Can you tell us about the battlefield?”

“How did you do it? Do you know military commands?”

Everyone greeted Heath with envious and admiring smiles. They were asking questions like curious babies.

Seeing this, Heath could only put away his book and deal with it.

“…Have you forgotten? Before I became a Wizard, I was still a Knight. How to lead soldiers in battle is a compulsory course for Knights…”

“…It’s mainly due to my good luck. I’m very lucky…”

Heath was not a proud person. Most of the time, he was alone because he had too many secrets and needed to hide them.

If other people took the initiative to approach him, he would naturally not reject them. He still needed to participate in normal social activities. Even Wizards could not have few friends, right?

Seeing this scene, the surrounding Apprentices could not help but envy Ender and the others.

After all, having such a dazzling and genius-like friend was a dream for anyone.

It was definitely something that could be flaunted to others with an opening line like ‘I have a friend…’ no matter where they went.

After everyone chatted for a short while, a shout suddenly came from the classroom door:

“The Wizard is here!”

The Apprentices returned to silence one after another. Heath and the others also made an agreement to drink afternoon tea together and stopped chatting.

Not long after, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

Then, a figure walked into the classroom.

She had a big aquiline nose, a hunchbacked figure, a pointy top hat, and haggard gray hair. She was Witch Cassandra who had passed down the inheritance for everyone when they first entered the Tower.

The girl from before was still following beside her.

Cassandra came to the podium and said casually, “Good morning, Apprentices.”

Everyone bowed. “Good morning, Wizard.”

Cassandra nodded, then glanced around the hall, and suddenly asked, “I heard that there is an Apprentice named Heath here, right? Stand up, stand up for me to see.”

Her tone was slow and long-winded, which was very consistent with her old hag image.

The Apprentices’ eyes immediately focused on Heath who was in the corner. Their expressions were filled with envy and jealousy.

Under everyone’s gaze, Heath stood up.

He bowed in a neither servile nor overbearing manner. “Witch Cassandra.”

After seeing Heath, Cassandra smiled, revealing a missing front tooth. “I remember you, child. Your 1.6 innate spiritual power left a very deep impression on me. Long time no see.”

Heath said, “Thank you. Long time no see.”

The Wizards were all very busy. This was the second time Heath had seen this old Witch since the test when he first joined the Tower.

Cassandra continued, “Recently, everyone has been talking about you, child, including several Wizards.”

“They are all saying that the Shadow Tower has produced a genius who is both civil and military. He has been in the tower for less than a year and already has the strength of a low-level Apprentice. He can even lead an army on the battlefield and beat the enemies until they pissed their pants.”

She asked, “I heard that there was even a high-level Apprentice who died at your hands. Is that true?”

Heath said, “When I found him, he was already exhausted.”

The envy in the eyes of the Apprentices became even more intense.

“No way, the legend is true! Heath really killed the high-level Apprentice!”

“Then the official Wizard tool is also…”

“My god, why didn’t I sign up for the battle? I’m so stupid!”

Cassandra said noncommittally, “Luck is also a part of strength. Besides, I’ve heard all about it.”

“If it weren’t for your persistence, that kid from the Oslund family wouldn’t have used up all his spiritual power in order to break through the city wall.”

Hearing Cassandra’s words, the Apprentices were stunned and looked a little strange.

“The Oslund family? The high-level Apprentice that Heath defeated is from the Oslund family?”

The Oslund family was a very famous Wizard family on the West Coast. Their power was intertwined and involved a lot.

As if she heard everyone’s discussion, Cassandra consoled, “There’s no need to be on tenterhooks. Life and death on the battlefield depend on fate. This is written in the Code of Darkness. It’s the rules!”

“Even if the Shadow Tower is gone, no one in this land will retaliate against you because of the war.”

Hearing Witch Cassandra’s words, Heath’s eyebrows slightly relaxed.

He had read the chronicles of the Wizard families in the library and knew that these wizard families all had extremely powerful powers in the Wizard World.

Because of this, after killing Pritte, it was impossible for him to say that he did not have any misgivings.

Now that he had received the assurance of Witch Cassandra, the stone in his heart finally fell to the ground.

He quickly said, “Thank you.”

Cassandra waved her hand and said, “This is the rule that everyone agreed on. There’s no need to thank me.”

After a pause, she ended the topic. “Alright, let’s end the small talk here. The time of the Wizards can not be wasted like this.”

Then… she cut to the main topic of the day. “I came here today to accept the arrangement of the Tower to test your spiritual power. Why don’t we start with you, Apprentice Heath? Come here, let me see how much your spiritual power has grown in the past year and a half.”

Heath walked up and answered, “Yes.”

Just like before, the female Apprentice next to him put the crystal ball on the table and lifted the black cloth covering it.

Witch Cassandra said, “Alright, put your hands on it.”

Heath did as he was told.

A familiar elemental reaction came from the palm of his hand. He felt some elements in his body enter the crystal ball in front of him through his palm.

A cloud of smoke rose slowly in the crystal ball and quickly evolved into numbers.

At this moment, the Apprentices all stretched their necks and widened their eyes, focusing on the crystal ball on the table.

All kinds of whispers came one after another.

“Guess how much his spiritual power has reached? I think it’s at least 3.6!”

“3.6? You’re underestimating a magic madman. I think it’s at least 3.8, or even 4.0!”

“4.0? How is that possible! Unless he really doesn’t eat or drink, and spends all the Magic Stones he earns on cultivation resources!”

“Don’t underestimate a magic maniac. He can do such a thing…”

While everyone was discussing, the numbers in the crystal ball finally solidified.

When they saw the final number, the entire classroom instantly exploded!

“His spiritual power actually reached 4.8!”