Chapter 80 - Advanced

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‘…After entering the Tower for more than a year, his spiritual power reached 4.8, barely enough. However, considering that his innate spiritual power was already 1.6, it could only be said to be average…’

‘…His combat strength is quite good. It’s rare for an Apprentice to have such a psychological quality…’

“…But it’s this bloodline… What a pity…”

Reading the contents of the scroll, Slater frowned.

If it was possible, it was indeed possible.

Reaching 4.8 spiritual force in less than two years was not particularly outstanding, but it was still above average. As a Knight, his ability to fight and fight was not weak, and he also had a certain level of military literacy…

But this bloodline and background were really…

After hesitating for a moment, Slater still put down the scroll.

He said, “He’s not even 20 years old yet. The trial is about to end. We’ll talk about it after the trial is over.”

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, and the four seasons. Time flew by at a leisurely pace. In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

Shadow Tower, Shadow of Time Forest.

Shadow of Time Forest was a wonderful forest south of the Underdark Treesea. The reason why it had this name was because there was a strange flower called the Time Flower growing here.

When the flower matured, it would release a spore that would spread throughout the air. This spore has the ability to simulate the traces of time. When people walked in it, they would often see their faces of different ages and leave their shadows in it.

It was like walking into the corridor of time, leaving the shadow of time in the light.

At this moment, in the Time Forest.

The sunlight penetrated through the thick treetops and interweaved into a few beams of light in the forest, illuminating the floating dust inside.

Heath walked through the forest, passing through one beam after another.

It was like walking through the long corridor of time. His figure and appearance changed with the passing beams of light time and time again.

Sometimes it was a babbling baby, sometimes it was a naughty child, a high-spirited youth, a young man with lofty aspirations, and a middle-aged man who was indulging in luxury… There was also that unwilling and helpless old man…

Heath turned around and looked at himself in the different periods of the light.

“It’s really interesting…”

While praising the wonders of this world, he continued to walk forward and soon stopped in front of a big tree.

Under the tree was a bunch of green grass, and in the grass was a strange little flower. It was completely transparent except for its roots, which were pure black. When placed under the sun, it would release colorful spots of light.

This was the origin of this forest, the Time Flower.

After entering the Tower for more than three years, many Apprentices had already entered the age of 18. This was the best time of life. It was the time when one lost the innocence of childhood, and there was no twilight when one was old and frail.

If one compared life to a fresh flower, then this was the moment when it bloomed.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was a Wizard or a Witch, most of them would choose to solidify their appearance at this age or use magic potions or spells that could slow down the aging process.

The Time Flower was one of the most commonly used materials in such potions and spells. Since the Time Flower bloomed once every three years, Heath accepted the task of collecting the Time Flower.

Standing in front of the Time Flower, Heath took out the Necromancer’s scepter from his dimensional pocket and then took out a cage.

The cage contained the corpses of mice.

Heath shook the Necromancer’s Scepter gently, and the dead rat immediately woke up and ran towards the Time Flower under the control of the scepter.

When it was close to the Time Flower, suddenly, the Time Flower lit up with colorful lights.

When these lights shone on the rat, the rat actually aged at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Magic plants like the Time Flower also fed on living beings. When a living being was within a certain range of it, it would release a light beam that could greatly reduce a living being’s vitality, causing the living being to age to death and become its nutrients.

If it was picked with other tools from a distance, it would quickly wither. Picking it was not easy.

Time was not a cheap item.

A soft sound rang out.

The rat that had become a corpse was no longer old. It withstood the aging light beam and quickly bit off the root of the Time Flower. The colorful light beam also came to an abrupt stop.

Heath immediately walked up and picked up the Time Flower. ‘Extraction.’

[Beep, extraction successful. Spiritual Power +0.02]

[Beep. Extraction successful. Vitality increased. Vitality has reached the upper limit.]

Hearing the system’s notification, Heath could not help but think, ‘Not bad. It can actually increase spiritual power by 0.02.’

After two years of unremitting efforts, Heath had already entered the advanced Apprentice stage two months ago.

Spiritual Power: 10.8.

After his spiritual force broke through 10, the attributes extracted from the material body had dropped significantly. Now, many things could only be mentioned as an increase, and even the specific attributes could not be given.

It was rare to extract 0.02 spiritual force in one go.

“There’s still vitality. It’s a pity that my vitality has already been raised to the max. This thing is useless to me before I advance to a Wizard.”

Shaking his head, Heath put away the Time Flower and continued to search for the next one.

After finding it, he continued to extract like before. After a few consecutive attempts, he could no longer extract anything.

[Beep, extraction successful. Spiritual Force +0.01]

[Beep, extraction successful. Spiritual Force increased.]

[Beep, extraction failed.]

Soon, the 20 Time Flowers required for the mission were gathered. He did not delay any further and turned around to leave the Time Forest.

Along the way to the mission area, there were already several Apprentices waiting there. All of them were young women.

Seeing that Heath had come over, they hurriedly surrounded him, chattering non-stop to him.

“Senior Heath, how is it? Did you get the Time Flower?”

“If it’s you, it must be possible!”

Heath waved the dimensional pocket in his hand. “Prepare the Magic Stones.”

The girls screamed in excitement.

Mission settled, 500 Magic Stones.

Heath weighed the Magic Stone pocket, and a look of joy appeared on his face. Although it was difficult and dangerous to find the Time Flower, the profit was still considerable. One trip was equivalent to a month’s income of an ordinary low-level Apprentice.

The world of Wizards was like this. The stronger one was, the easier it was to get Magic Stones.

“Haha, the Time Flower, it’s really the Time Flower!”

“Great, I won’t get old.”

The girls who got the Time Flower let out a high-pitched scream again.

They shouted excitedly while surrounding heath, twisting their enchanting waists and holding his arms, sticking their full and tall peaks close to Heath, giving hints either openly or covertly.

“Senior Heath, it’s all thanks to you. How can we thank you?”

“Are you free tonight? How about dinner?”

Most Witches were not ugly. Even if they had a different appearance, they would try to use magic to change themselves into a beautiful face, including breasts, body, skin… Even the necessary body organs would be adjusted to the best level.

In short, most of the Witches were beautiful in the world. Because of their rich experience and outstanding skills, plus the help of magic, many people could experience an extraordinary pleasure.

Heath pulled his arms away from the soft and snow-white peaks, and was about to speak.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

A rapid bell chime came from outside.

It was the bell chimes of the gathering of the High Towers.

“The bell is ringing. Did something happen?”

Just as everyone was curious, an Apprentice suddenly ran in quickly.

As if he had encountered an extremely exciting event, the Apprentice’s face turned red and his expression was excited. As he ran, he waved his arms and shouted at the surroundings.

As he shouted, the entire hall instantly boiled!

He shouted, “It has begun!”

“The Apprentice Trial of the Underdark Treesea has begun!”