Book 1: Epilogue: Character Introductions

The Legend of Sun Knight Yu Wo, 御我 2022/9/21 7:04:07

Book 1: Epilogue: Character Introductions

The Sun Knight, the head of the Twelve Holy Knights and leader of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. Has a radiant smile, a flawless personality, and a benevolent heart that will always forgive others.

One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. Has a carefree personality, is a footloose charmer, and there is always the presence of a woman at his side.

The king of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. His physique is exceedingly stocky and is extremely similar to a particular animal on Earth – the pig.

The crown prince of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound.

One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. Has a personality as frigid as ice and is always expressionless.

One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. Has an honest and loyal personality and is the Sun Knight’s good friend.

The Judgment Knight. One of the Twelve Holy Knights and the leader of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. Has a personality that is stern and cold and he will never forgive criminals.

One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. His personality can be described with only three words: a nice person.

A necromancer that has an appearance of a young girl. Is extremely fond of the color pink and loves to eat strawberry lollipops.

A Death Knight, the Sun Knight’s deceased friend.

One of the Twelve Holy Knights and a member of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. Is hot-tempered and blunt. Idolizes the Sun Knight.

Dragon’s Saint Brigandine:

A set of assassin clothes. Main characteristic: can talk.

[Yu Wo, who doesn’t have a typical pen name and doesn’t have a typical brain, wrote an atypical book, ‘The Legend of the Sun Knight’, and inside the book there is an atypical main character who meets a bunch of atypical side characters, unfolding a legend that is entirely atypical.]

Here, I must first thank my good friend Shuǐ Quán, who connected me with the Spring Publishing House and even helped me check for mistakes in the book with much toil. Thanks for your trouble, noble Shuǐ Quán!

I’m also extremely grateful to the adorable boss of the Spring Publishing House. Sorry to bother you with my repeated trips to the publishing house and even make you wait this long for the complete draft. I’m really sorry about that.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

I, Yu Wo, have actually always wanted to write on the subject of knights.

The word “knight” is simply one of the many nouns that the heart of every maiden has fantasised about before. Incidentally, “prince” is a noun that is usually even more popular in maidens’ fantasies.

Ahem! In conclusion, even Yu Wo has experienced before the rose-colored fantasies of a maiden. (Hey! You’re not allowed to show that look of suspicion!) So, I decided to write this book about knights.

However, as Yu Wo has accidentally passed the phase of having a maiden’s rose-colored fantasies while writing this book, thus, this book has turned from a typical legend of a knight into an atypical novel unmasking the cruel realities of a knight.

From the start, I had already decided in my mind that I wanted to write about a setting that was “conventional, yet striking”. Hence the “God of Light” came into play. The appearance of the “Church of the God of Light” then followed. Since it is a religion of light, of course the first thing that pops into your head is the incomparably bright sun above our heads. This is how our “Sun Knight” came to be. After that, using a lousy number, the “twelve” holy knights appeared.

Therefore, the rough framework for the Legend of the Sun Knight was completed, and Yu Wo started helping everyone reveal the true faces of the knights. Inside the book, many of the problems depicted of a knight are actually genuine, such as weapon repair fees. I’m not sure if this has given everyone a glimpse of what it’s actually like to be a knight?

If someone has become disillusioned with the word ‘knight’ after reading the book, please don’t come and find me…

P.S.: Going off-topic, as the author, I actually wrote more than forty thousand words before I actually started thinking about the main character’s name. Has everyone done that before? The main character actually went through half of the book before his name was mentioned. Poor Grisia!

Following that, everyone should be able to count and see:

In the “good, warm-hearted” faction, there is Sun, Storm, Earth, Leaf, and Blaze.

In the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction, there is Judge and Ice.

Obviously, one can tell that within the book, not all of the Twelve Holy Knights have been mentioned. This reveals an important message…

There will be a sequel to this book!

So remember to buy the next book, the book after that, and the book following that—

Ahem! What Yu Wo really wanted to explain is that the Legend of the Sun Knight is not a one-book novel, and will be a series of novels.

The main character will always be our Sun. However, every time he will encounter different plights and missions (and sufferings). Of course, this will unfold into several (series of) different stories!

At this point, I hope that everyone will like Grisia Sun’s legend of adventures (read: sufferings).

Also, everyone is welcome to visit. I often have a hobby of organizing character popularity polls, to see which characters people like. Yu Wo would like to let the characters that are popular appear more often in the story, as well as on the cover pages. So if anyone is very fond of a certain character, please come place a vote!