Book 6: Chapter The Fifth Week of Annihilating an Undying Lich: “A Hero Cannot Easily Escape a Beauty’s Charms”

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Book 6: Chapter The Fifth Week of Annihilating an Undying Lich: “A Hero Cannot Easily Escape a Beauty’s Charms”

As long as you want to be the Sun Knight, there’s nothing we can do but support you with all our might!

The moment I woke up the next morning, I headed straight to the palace, so excited that my feet seemed like they had wings.

Since I know that everyone else is willing to let me continue being the Sun Knight, the most important matter right now is, of course, to force Awaitsun to tell me a method that will allow one of the other candidates to become the Demon King and also allow me to preserve my own life.

First, I will use Chains of Darkness to wrap Awaitsun in a cocoon. Then, I will use Lightning to electrocute him until he convulses on the floor. There’s no way he won’t tell me… But then again, if he is the same as Metal and grabs my pant leg, saying that it is very enjoyable, I really would not know what to do.

That shouldn’t happen right… Ah, but then again!

Thinking back, not only did I use his wife to threaten him, I even severely injured him. Then, unexpectedly, he begged me to choose a name for him in a terribly respectful manner and, in the end, even chose me to be the Demon King!

As expected, the world is ending soon. Look at how many people who love getting beaten up are showing up out of nowhere.

Maybe I can use his wife to threaten him? But Princess Alice is at the Cathedral of the Shadow God, and the distance is really a bit far…

I stopped and only then discovered that Charlotte was hurriedly running over. Like always, she had a recognizable head of short hair and was dressed in shadowpriest robes. Apparently, the attire was causing the surrounding people to keep their distance. The citizens of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound were still subconsciously rejecting anything with dark element involved.

She ran with small steps towards me and asked me straight out, “Why aren’t you coming to the plaza anymore?”

“Sun has been very busy with work recently and was unable to take time off to go to the plaza.” This statement was, of course, nonsense. I deliberately did not go to the plaza in order to avoid her and Stephen.

“Oh. Is that so? Then, will you come in the future?” I didn’t know if Charlotte believed me, and I truly did not know why she looked so depressed.

“Sun cannot confirm.” Once I answered, she seemed even more depressed.

I dug around in my pockets and as expected, came across a blueberry lollipop. I quickly passed it to her and said, “This is for you.”

She was startled for a moment, but when she noticed the lollipop in my hand, she suddenly burst into a smile. Her whole person abruptly changed from a pitch-black shadowpriest to a youthful and cute girl. The sight made my heart skip a few beats.

Even though I could not tell the difference between beauty and ugliness, the smile that suddenly burst out made me feel that she was fairly cute.

Charlotte reached out and took the lollipop, blissfully saying, “You’re so nice. I like you even more!”

L-Like me even more… Eh! Could it be that I’m being confessed to?

“Are you free right now?” While my mind was blank, Charlotte said something that shocked me even more, “I’ll treat you to lunch.”

A single lollipop earned me an entire meal, the person accompanying me to lunch is even a cute girl, and this cute girl just said that she likes me! Oh God of Light! No matter how I see it, this is simply a profitable deal! It’ll be a huge loss to refuse… However, I must go and confront Awaitsun immediately. I simply can’t accept!

With feelings of pain for losing such a good deal, I had to say, “Sun is deeply thankful for your invitation, but currently has important matters to attend to. Hence, Sun is unable to accept and truly feels very sorry.”

Charlotte froze and quickly asked again, “Then what about tomorrow? Lunch or dinner are both fine!”

It’s so rare to have ladies wanting to go out with me, and to be as persistent as this! In the twenty-four years I’ve been alive, I’ve finally received this sort of treatment! However, the other demon king candidates could appear at any moment, so now was not the time to be going out with ladies.

Could it be that it is because I definitely have to refuse it that such a rare opportunity appeared? Oh God of Light, you are really too cruel!

“Please believe that Sun truly wishes to accept your invitation, but cannot help the recent work matters.” When I finished speaking, Charlotte revealed an expression like she was about to cry, which made me feel a bit reluctant to leave. I quickly added on, “I will request my fellow holy knights to pass some blueberry lollipops to you. Please forgive Sun, but Sun must bid you goodbye for now.”

Charlotte grabbed onto my right hand with both of hers, looking as if she was not going to let me go, even stubbornly shouting, “I don’t want lollipops, what I want is you!”

This sort of confession was really a bit too stimulating, and this was even the first time a girl had announced in public that she wanted me. Are all shadowpriests as straightforward as this?

The people around us stopped their work, some secretly glancing, others openly staring, and many even muffled their laughter.

I attempted to take back my hand, but Charlotte wouldn’t release me even if she died.

The elegant and smiling Sun Knight would never use strength to shrug off a lady, so I could only whisper, “Please release me.”

However, Charlotte shook her head furiously.

What should I do? Teacher has never taught me how to elegantly shake off a lady when she has clutched on to you and will not let go. I wonder if the Sun Knight can call for help when he is seized by a lady… There should be platoons patrolling in the vicinity that can come to save me, right?

Just when I was sensing the whereabouts of the nearest platoon, Charlotte suddenly reached out to touch my face. I jumped in shock, and she quietly said, “Sun Knight, why do I feel that you never look at me?”

When I heard this, I quickly looked toward her eyes and tried very hard to “look” at her. But when I was truly focused on looking at her, a large amount of dark element gathered around her eyes. Such a concentration of dark element could probably even be seen with the naked eye. Why did she want her eyes to turn black?

Just as I wanted to ask her, I realized that I couldn’t move at all. The darkness in her eyes continued to grow. Even after turning her whole body black, it continued to expand outwards, turning the whole world into a mass of darkness… Before I lost consciousness, a wild but seemingly logical idea ran through my brain.

It seems that no one has ever said… that the Demon King cannot be a female.

It should be called the Demon Queen!

“Didn’t I tell you many times not to mess around? And what happened? You actually captured and dragged back the Sun Knight! Is this not called messing around?”

“Well sorry! B-but I didn’t want to let him go!”

“Sigh, you really are… Never mind, it’s too late to let him go now anyways. Oh right, what happened to his hair?”

“I don’t know either. After he fainted, it suddenly turned white.”

So noisy… I slowly opened my eyes and felt a bit dizzy. I was not sure about my current situation, so I could only quickly increase the strength of my sensing ability. What I saw first was Charlotte and Stephen.

Stephen was in a state of explosive anger, while Charlotte hung her head as if she were a child getting scolded.

I tried to move, but to my surprise, I discovered that I was tied up and the thing binding me was very familiar. It’s actually Chains of Darkness! Don’t tell me this is retribution? I was just thinking about using Chains of Darkness to wrap Awaitsun in to a cocoon, and now I’m the one tied up by them!

Luckily, I wasn’t tied up as severely as a cocoon; only my wrists and ankles were bound. To me, this level of restraint was no different from having no bindings. I never use my fists and legs to attack my enemies.

At that moment, Stephen apparently realized I was awake. He turned around to look at me. “Sun Knight, please do not try to use your holy light. In this room, only Charlotte and I can gather the elements.”

Only then did I realize the holy light that always surrounded me had disappeared without a trace. At the same time, my attempt to disperse the Chains of Darkness had also failed.

He continued his warning, “Also, please do not escape. Even though Charlotte only bound your hands and feet, if you leave your bed, no matter whether it was by accident or falling down on purpose, the death knights in the corners will come over and put you back on the bed. I’ll have to remind you, death knights are undead creatures and don’t know how to put things down gently.”

Unable to gather elements, no holy light, my hands and legs tied up, and death knights in the corners guarding me. Sure enough, it was a thousand-times-unfailing imprisonment method.

“You are a dark knight and a shadowpriest. Why does the Cathedral of the Shadow God wish to capture me?” I deliberately asked in this manner. Although I already knew approximately what was going on, I wanted to hear the opposition explain it themselves. Perhaps he might leak out even more information.

Sure enough, Stephen shook his head and said, “This has no connection to the Cathedral of the Shadow God. Sun Knight, being who you are, you should know the truth about the Demon King, right? Then, you should know who we are.”

A demon king candidate and her lich guide. So it turns out that the Demon King does not always have to be male, and the lich does not always have to be a little girl, huh?

I guess that had to be true. A lich uses other people’s corpses. It really does not have to be a little girl’s corpse. Pink had switched to using an adult female corpse later on, after all.

It was just that initially both Pink and Scarlet had used little girls’ corpses, which led me to mistakenly believe that the third lich would definitely be a little girl as well.

Unexpectedly, the lich was actually a grown man while the demon king candidate was a female. The two of them also had the identity of a dark knight and a shadowpriest, and even Awaitsun had said that Stephen was his right-hand man!

Was Awaitsun also tricked or was it only me who was tricked all along?

Can it be that the Demon King that Awaitsun has chosen is Charlotte? That it was only to gain my trust that he said he had chosen me, so he could then seize the chance to get rid of me… That’s not right! If Awaitsun was tricking me, then I probably would not have had the opportunity to open my eyes at all and would have been killed much earlier on. When I reason it out like this, then most likely Awaitsun has also been tricked.

Hiding the Demon King in the Cathedral of the Shadow God… It’s truly a magnificent idea, probably falling just a bit short of the idea of the Sun Knight being the Demon King. It’s hard to blame the Cathedral of the Shadow God for searching for twenty years without finding even half a candidate. Most likely, they had never thought to look in their own Cathedral or the Church of the God of Light.

Don’t tell me the last candidate is hiding in the Monastery of the God of War? I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Why have you captured me?” I was a bit puzzled. Since they haven’t discovered that I’m a candidate, then what have they captured me for?

Stephen sighed deeply and said, “Because my candidate, from the time she was a little girl, fell in love with you at first sight and was always thinking about you. Now, after going through all that trouble to see you, you were so busy that you didn’t have time to talk with her more, so she simply kidnapped you to spend time together.”

Stunned, I looked at Charlotte. Is it really because she loves me that she brought me here?

When she saw me looking at her, Charlotte immediately walked over to the bedside. While she stroked my hair, she asked, “Why has your hair suddenly turned white?”

Oh no, I have actually been found out… But then, compared with the severity of having been kidnapped, the color of my hair being discovered was not that bad anymore.

“The color turning white is a repercussion of using Resurrection. I normally gather the elements to make my hair color remain golden. Naturally, after I fainted I wouldn’t be able to gather the elements, and now I obviously can’t gather the elements either,” I said using a sarcastic tone.

“Is that so? It’s too bad that your golden hair turned white… But that doesn’t matter; it’s just as nice to look at.” She rested by the bed and curled my hair around her finger. She even stared directly at my eyes, only about ten centimeters away from me.

“I always feel that I’m never in your eyes. I feel so angry… From now on, you are not allowed to turn a blind eye to me ever again.”

But, even if Teacher were standing in front of me, I would also turn a blind eye to him! To want a blind man to look at you is really too much!

“Charlotte, you knocked me out in public and carried me off. It’s not possible that no one saw it,” I said calmly. “As long as you release me, I can pretend that this never happened. After all, the Demon King must be born, is that not so?”

However, Stephen coldly said, “You don’t have to worry. Charlotte has already blown that street into a trench. The people who saw it have all turned into people who have disappeared.”

For a period of time, I couldn’t react. It took me some time before I was able to comprehend the meaning of that sentence. Just to get rid of the evidence, she actually destroyed an entire street… That’s a lot of lives! I snarled angrily, “What did you say? What in the world did you do? You actually dared to do something like this! Are you crazy- Oomph!”

Stephen waved his hand and a Chain of Darkness materialized over my mouth.

“Stephen, what are you doing?”

Charlotte had only begun to object when Stephen grabbed her shoulders, sincerely and earnestly saying, “Charlotte, listen to me first. You must definitely become the Demon King.”

“I don’t want to!” Charlotte struggled out from his grasp and yelled agitatedly, “I told you a long time ago, I don’t want anything. I only want the Sun Knight! Now that I have him, there’s simply no need to become the Demon King.”

But Stephen yelled even more agitatedly, “Charlotte! The person you’ve captured is the Sun Knight! Don’t tell me you think the Church of the God of Light will treat it as though the Sun Knight voluntarily left his home and simply not search for him. Even if we killed all the witnesses, the Twelve Holy Knights will not give up their search just like that!

“In addition, the Sun Knight is very strong! Unless you’re thinking about locking him in here forever and even using chains to firmly restrain him so he can’t move at all, you must become the Demon King and gain more power! That is the only way you could ensure that he won’t escape from your side!”

Charlotte said uncertainly, “But he… He shouldn’t be very strong, right? When I caught him, it wasn’t very hard.”

Stephen shook his head. “If it wasn’t for him not being on guard against you and you suddenly turning difficult, maybe you would have been unable to capture him at all! Don’t underestimate the leader of a church.”

That’s right, that’s right! Hey, in any case I am the Sun Knight. If it wasn’t because you used that confession to cause me to become so happy and surprised that I dropped my guard, I wouldn’t have fallen so easily into your trap!

When she heard Stephen’s words, Charlotte turned and looked silently at me with an expression as if she was struggling. After a while, she abruptly asked me, “Your eyes are open so wide. Do you want to say something?”

After she said this, the chains over my mouth disappeared. The moment I could speak I instantly said, “Let me go.”

Following that, the chains reappeared over my mouth. If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have been so straightforward. I would have first used some honeyed words to deceive her a bit! However, for the past twenty-four years, there had never been anyone that could make me use honeyed words. Now for me to flatter her on the spot, it was simply even harder than praising Knight-Captain Earth!

Her face fell, and she unhappily said, “Looks like you really want to run away.”

What nonsense. What captured person wouldn’t want to run away?

“Okay then,” Charlotte turned to Stephen, “Looks like you were right. For the sake of retaining him, I will work hard to become the Demon King!”

Stephen looked overjoyed, while I felt like I had sunk into a deep abyss. Charlotte even turned around to stroke my hair and add salt on my wounds, “Although I’ll be busy becoming the Demon King, you don’t have to worry. I’ll come see you every day!”

Please don’t come see me. I’ll be nervous about whether or not you’ve discovered that I’m one of the candidates and have decided to come and get rid of me.

“I will get rid of the other two candidates soon, so be patient for a while.”

Don’t be so hasty. I don’t want to die yet!

It may have been because my expression was too unpleasant, but Charlotte snorted and turned to face Stephen, asking a bit suspiciously, “So long as I become the Demon King, I’ll have a way to make the Sun Knight remain by my side forever, right? You really aren’t deceiving me this time?”

“Deceive you? Everything I do is so that you won’t be killed off by the other candidates!” Stephen looked almost hysterical as he shouted, “So long as you become the Demon King, I will immediately help you prepare an ancient castle so that you can imprison the captured princess in it for a lifetime! Is this okay with you?”

“… I meant the captured Sun Knight,” Stephen bowed his head in apology, “Sorry. I’m too used to it. The captives of the previous generations of demon kings were all princesses.”

I waited until Charlotte was reluctantly dragged off by Stephen and heaved a big sigh of relief. As long as I was not killed immediately, it was not a problem.

Speaking in other people’s heads was now an expert skill of mine; moreover, I was also the head of the Twelve Holy Knights. As long as I called for help, why would I be afraid that no one would come to save me?

I shouldn’t waste any more time. It would be better to summon the Twelve Holy Knights right away in case Charlotte or anyone else accidentally discovered that I was one of the demon king candidates and rushed in to first rape me, then kill me. I would be very welcoming to the defiling, but I didn’t wish to die just yet.

I extended my senses a bit more and discovered death knights in two corners of the room.

The demeanor of these death knights was a bit too serious, which made me feel a bit doubtful. These death knights that came later did not seem as strong as Roland, but were a lot more obedient than him. However, death knights ought not to be obedient undead creatures.

I carefully stretched my senses towards the two death knights. Their clothing had been carefully chosen. They each wore a suit of armor and had dull expressions, looking similar to knights on sentry duty. Except that, at the very least, the knights on sentry duty would blink, whereas these two were as alive as two decorated suits of armor, not moving at all. If it weren’t for the heads poking out, I’m afraid I would have thought that there was no one at all beneath the armor.

“Hey!” I attempted a call.

One of the death knights walked over, bowed his head to look at me, and asked, “Do you wish to use the toilet, eat something, turn over, or call Mistress Charlotte?”

I was startled at first, then tentatively said, “I want to leave.”

However, the death knight did not move at all. I yelled a few times, but it was useless. I could only switch to one of the options he had said and test them out. “I want to turn over.”

Following that, he actually helped me turn over. I’d never heard that death knights could be used this way! If I asked Roland to take me to the restroom, he would probably cut me up into pieces then flush me down the toilet.

After he finished turning me over, the death knight returned to the corner to continue sentry duty. There wasn’t the slightest change in his expression at all, as if it were perfectly normal for a magnificent death knight to act as a nurse!

What happened to this batch of death knights? I should go and ask Pink some other day, but right now calling for help was more important.

I extended my senses towards the street that had been blown up. The Twelve Holy Knights would definitely be at the site, and I also wanted to know the situation of the wounded and dead.

The place was truly as Stephen had said. The original road was now a long trench. Those people who had been standing to the side, secretly laughing at us when Charlotte had captured me, were probably already…

Although the street was already in ruins, there were a lot of people moving about, most of them knights and holy knights. They were probably cleaning up the scene, and there were also some carrying weapons, standing guard. There were also a lot of clerics to one side, but other than praying over the corpses, the clerics had nothing else they could do. There were no wounded, only a pile of broken limbs and rotting flesh.

Knight-Captain Judgment was standing in the midst of the holy knights on guard duty, and his expression looked utterly terrifying. The moment I saw him my mind turned blank, and I temporarily stopped my sensing in case I scared myself to death.

I don’t know how much determination I had to muster before I dared to sense his face again. This wasn’t because I was a coward. Even Vidar, who stood beside Judgment, didn’t dare look directly at his superior!

After thinking for a while, this matter couldn’t be blamed on me, right? Only then did I decide to call Judgment.

I attempted to call him. Judgment immediately went rigid and, unexpectedly, he started berating me. However, my sensing ability could not hear sounds, and I also did not how to read lips, so I quickly spoke in Judgment’s head.

Judgment, I cannot hear what you are saying, and don’t shout so loudly.

Some people have captured me.If they know that I can use sensing, then I’m dead for sure.

Judgment instantly shut his mouth. To the shock of the surrounding people, he taciturnly said a few words and everyone immediately turned away, continued to do their own thing, and didn’t even dare glance at him.

After Judgment gave a few sentences of instruction to Vidar, he walked by himself to a corner where there was nobody around. Then, he drew out his Divine Judgment Sword and used the tip to write words on the ground. It really was just like Judgment to immediately think of a method for communication.

I carefully sensed what he was writing.

Didn’t you go to find Silent Eagle? Was it he who captured you? Does this explosion have any connection to you?

I quickly related the whole situation to him and told him my whereabouts so he could come and rescue me.

The more Judgment heard, the more he frowned. Looking at his expression, it seemed like the feeling of wanting to punch me was much stronger than the feeling of wanting to rescue me. But, in the end, he still nodded and wrote on the ground.

Don’t do anything, and don’t attempt to do anything!

We will come to rescue you, but, from now on, every hour you must say something to let me know you are safe.

When I heard Judgment say that, I relaxed.

After promising him, I didn’t use my sensing ability again. Each hour, I must contact him via telepathy. Even for me, that was somewhat difficult. If I misused my sensing ability and ended up unable to contact him for one of the hours, after Judgment rescued me, he might follow it up by personally killing me.

With nothing to do and feeling a bit hungry, I called the death knight over to get me some food to eat. However, he didn’t carelessly throw some bread over. Instead, he walked to a counter, took out a heap of ingredients, and started cooking. Not only was there bread with thick fruit jam slathered on it and rich soup with steam rising from it, there was even a large slice of grilled beef. And, since my hands were tied, the death knight even fed me!

I don’t have to do anything, there is good food to eat, and even someone to feed me! Receiving this treatment is almost better than being the Sun Knight! I began to ponder if I should tell Judgment there was no need to hurry and save me…

After eating, about an hour had already passed. When I mentally spoke to Judgment, I also asked if there was anywhere he needed me to sense. He seemed quite busy. He merely wrote “Nothing” and emphasized again, “You are not allowed to do anything.” Then, he didn’t pay any more attention to me.

After contacting him, I continued to daydream. When it really got too boring, I called the death knight to help me turn over. Other than feeling a bit sleepy and not being able to sleep in case I missed the next time of communication, there wasn’t anything else to be picky about. Now was truly a time of comfort and idleness!

I felt a bit of a need to go to the toilet. It’ll be okay to call the death knight… hold on! I was suddenly shocked awake.

The death knight will take me to the toilet? Isn’t it a bit too disgusting to be taken to the toilet by a grown man?

Ah! Both my hands are tied. Don’t tell me the death knight must also help me pull down my trousers? If it’s e-excretion, does that mean he… would also help me wipe my butt?

Judgment, hurry and come rescue me!