Book 7: Epilogue

The Legend of Sun Knight Yu Wo, 御我 2022/9/21 7:04:42

Everyone should be very puzzled over the cover this time, right? Who exactly is that black-haired fellow?

The answer is: The. Demon. King!

After reading the story up till now, everyone should also know who that is already, right? In order to avoid spoiling people who have first read the epilogue before the main story, I shall not say who exactly it is here. Everyone, after reading the story, you will know who it is!

The back cover is a little spoof.

Teacher Neo is the strongest one! (Yu Wo screaming as she raises the Number 3 board)

I actually really like the topic of the demon king.

The demon king is really a very interesting character. Generally speaking, the demon king inside stories is always doing all sorts of evil deeds. Even if he has kidnapped a princess, he can still live arrogantly in a certain ancient castle and take things easy while waiting for people to send a punitive expedition against him.

I have always wondered, why would a country with a large army at their disposal never use it to get rid of the demon king? Their own daughter has already been kidnapped, don’t tell me that the king is not only fearless of the day that the demon king takes his head too, but would actually still allow the demon king to exist pompously?

If the demon king is really so strong that even the country’s army cannot kill him, then shouldn’t the demon king have long since destroyed the country?

Furthermore, the demon king in the legends seems to really like making long laughs like “Hahahahaha,” so even for this, I wanted to give a rational explanation… To say it in brief – Thinking too much!

Therefore, I have tried to latch onto a reasonable explanation for the demon king’s existence and even all kinds of deeds.

Why would the country tolerate his existence, why would the demon king have a ready-made sinister ancient castle, why would nothing happen even after kidnapping a princess, why would the demon king always have a bunch of loyal subordinates… Explanations to things like these, and so on.

Volume eight is also the last volume of The Legend of Sun Knight. When I think about it, I’m a little sad yet a little happy. Knight, this child, would finally soon become mature and ripe. (This sentence seems to include both Eastern and Western cultures?) The next volume will be very, extremely, exceedingly full of broken traditions, I guess?

The male main character of a first-person story has gone bad and become the demon king. What kind of story would this actually become?

Actually, Yu Wo herself is also somewhat looking forward to writing this main character who has gone bad. That will surely be a very interesting challenge!

Of course, the extra at the end was from a third person’s point of view. Hence, it looks like Grisia is really asking for a beating. However, from a first person’s point of view, one should be able to tell something is a little different. For example, you’ll be able to see his internal struggle and the like. Thus, he should not seem to be asking for a beating as much… Right?

Then again, it seems as if one of Grisia’s very famous traits is asking for a beating?

This time, he actually hit Judgment, a rare display of a little power of the main character. However, as the author was writing this section, her brain was filled with comebacks like “Grisia, this time you’re really dead. To actually dare to hit Judgment, you’re really asking for death” and the like.

As expected, the Judgment Knight has immense power… Even the author is scared of you! (Once the author had written the section of Sun hitting Judgment, she hurriedly packed up her stuff and fled.)