Book 8: The Fourth: Chapter of the Final Battle: “The Betrayer of the God of Light - The Black General”

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Book 8: The Fourth: Chapter of the Final Battle: “The Betrayer of the God of Light – The Black General”

After I pulled my farsight back from the distance, I immediately saw Charlotte leaning forward, looking at me. Her eyes were wide open. Why in the world does she have them open so wide? No matter how large your eyes are, it doesn’t mean you would see more, right?

“You sure are difficult to find!” Charlotte pouted and said, “If you want to stare off into space, can’t you do it while sitting in your own tent?”

Everyone in the party knew that I loved sitting under a tree some distance away from the camp to “meditate.” However, this was, of course, not the truth. I was actually using my farsight to “observe.”

“Why were you looking for me?” I lazily asked.

“There’s a stranger who has come to the party to look for you!”

I didn’t know what Charlotte was so excited about. Ever since the few times I forgot to recite incantations while casting magic, there were mages coming day and night to seek me out as a teacher. What is there to be excited about?

I said offhandedly, “So? Don’t tell me someone has come to beg me to take him as a student again. I have no interest in instructing students.”

“No, no!” Charlotte said, even more excitedly, “He says he used to be your butler! As expected, you must be a noble, right?”

My butler? Where did such a thing come from…

“Taylen has brought him over.” Charlotte waved behind her. Naturally, I spread my sensing out. Indeed, I spotted Taylen not too far away and behind him indeed followed a person… It’s actually him!

I was so shocked I jumped up. This person shouldn’t be appearing in this place at all, and he even claimed to be my former butler. I truly did not have any room to retort because he had even prepared my breakfasts in the past–

“Grisia?” Charlotte was dying to know. “So you really do know him?”

I didn’t pay attention to her. I only gazed at Adair. He followed Taylen and walked all the way up to me. He was not wearing the uniform of a holy knight but rather just a simple and light outfit. Even so, he still gave off an impressive aura, which was probably the reason why Taylen and Charlotte had directly brought him over and had not confirmed with me beforehand.

I had warned them before not to bring any boring people over to bother me. With Adair’s imposing aura, it was evident that he would not be considered a boring person.

Sword experts are so annoying!

In a very disgruntled tone, I said, “What did you come here for?”

“Of course, I came to find you, sir.” Adair smiled faintly. “Could we perhaps speak in private?”

I coldly said, “There’s nothing to be said between us. You better be careful with your words too!” If he reveals my true identity, even though he is Adair, I would still send him to see the God of Light!

Adair lowered his head slightly, and with a tone that was laden with grief, whispered, “Captain, I have been loyal and devoted to you in the past. As long as you give me an order, no matter how difficult or how absurd the order, Adair would complete the mission even if it means dying! Yet now, do I not even have the right to exchange a few words with you? Captain, oh Captain…”

Stop ‘Captaining’ me! Adair’s acting skills were truly more than a hundred times superior to Illu’s. He was undoubtedly a sincere fellow, which, logically, meant that he should be very honest, yet he had always gotten full marks for his acting skills. In addition, with his superb swordsmanship and an ability to handle matters that was even more superb, I often wondered if Adair would have been even more suited to being the Sun Knight than I was.

“He actually calls Grisia ‘Captain’?” Taylen murmured.

Charlotte and Taylen were both dying of curiosity now. At this rate, I wouldn’t know how to explain things to them. I could only grab Adair’s arm, pretend to recite an incantation, and teleport back to the Demon King’s Castle.

After returning to the Demon King’s Castle, I let go of Adair’s arm. Without speaking, I walked over to the throne and sat down, looking down at him from above.

Curious, Adair looked around at the hall of the Demon King’s Castle, but only for a moment. His attention returned to me, and he smiled as he called out, “Captain,” like usual.

I refuted him flatly, “I’m no longer your captain!”

Yet, Adair did not mind much at all. He was still smiling as he asked, “Then how should I address you now, sir?”

What is this guy planning? I was not really sure of his intentions. Without any further thought, I used farsight so that I could see his expression clearly. Not even an iota of change can escape my detection!

It had really been a long time since I last saw Adair’s face. Probably more than a year? He looked like he had changed a lot, and he even had some strands of hair that had turned white. Adair’s not even that old! He actually already has white hair…

“Captain?” Adair looked at me in incomprehension.

As I looked at the strands of white hair, I fell silent for awhile. Then, I coldly said, “Of course it should be Your Majesty, the Demon King.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, the Demon King.” He actually said it without hesitation.

I was stunned as I stared at him. Don’t tell me he’s…

“You can’t be here to defect, can you?”

Adair was taken aback for a bit, but he matter-of-factly said, “Captain… I mean, Your Majesty, of course I am here to defect. Otherwise, why would I be here?”

What do you mean, of course? As the vice-captain of the Sun Knight Platoon, when the Sun Knight runs off to be the Demon King, you can rightfully and properly take over the position of the Sun Knight. Yet you actually came here to defect to the Demon King. How is any of this natural?

Incredulous, I said, “I thought you came to persuade me to return to the Holy Temple.”

“Since Your Majesty has already made a decision, your underling would of course listen to your command.” Adair smiled and said, “Hasn’t that always been the case?”

Is this guy serious, or is this yet another act? I mulled over it for a bit. Adair actually couldn’t help but ask, “Your Majesty, what were you doing with the adventurer party?”

“I’m playing a game of hero versus demon king.” I couldn’t come to a conclusion. I would need to observe more of his reactions before I could make my conclusion. I went ahead and briefly explained the contents of the game to see what Adair would say.

“…After I tire of playing around, I’ll kill them all!” In the end, I purposely said this to see what kind of reaction Adair would have.

Adair did not approve as he said, “Why kill them? That would be too wasteful. You should capture them first and then use them one by one. Then it wouldn’t be wasteful. Wasn’t this the way you taught me in the past?”

“Use? Tell me what you mean by that?” Hmph, you’ve already given it away! You aren’t here to defect at all. You’re just here to prevent me from killing people!

Adair nodded and explained in detail, “First, find out if there are any strong enough people among them. Like that Taylen. He seems passable. You can make guards like Illu out of them, ones only responsible for protecting you. When it all comes down to it, Illu is Roland’s subordinate. That is too dangerous. Since Awaitsun is not reliable, I suggest that you definitely make a few exclusive guards that would be unquestionably loyal to you.”

“I have you, don’t I?” I purposely asked.

“I am only one person.” Adair shook his head and said, “From now onwards, you must continuously gather guards who will never betray you. This way, when the time comes that you lose the power of the Demon King, you will not be defenseless against the people who will crusade against you.”

Hearing this, I looked at Adair. He still had on a sincere face. Even though he was my vice-captain, there were times when I really didn’t know what he was thinking. At first, I had thought that Adair might have come as a mole or to prevent me from killing people, yet he was telling me to “make a few exclusive guards.” The materials for making exclusive guards weren’t live humans but rather humans that were dead beyond dead.

“I am no longer the captain you know, and I won’t return with you to the Holy Temple. If you wish to be the vice-captain of the Sun Knight, I urge you to dispel such a notion. Before I end up wanting to kill you, you better return to the Holy Temple to fill the vacant position of the Sun Knight.”

“Captain! No, Your Majesty!” Adair suddenly knelt down on one knee and shouted resolutely, “No matter if you are the captain or the Demon King, you are still you, just that your position has changed. The person I swore my loyalty to is you, not the title of the ‘Sun Knight.’ Since you have become the Demon King, then I am merely the Demon King’s subordinate. I would never become the Sun Knight!”

Adair used an unwavering expression to gaze at me, and the matter that he would never waver about was actually being my subordinate, being loyal to me, no matter if I were the Sun Knight or the Demon King.

Haha! I couldn’t help but laugh. “Adair, has anyone ever told you that you are extremely obstinate?”

“Everyone who knows me and also knows that you are my captain has told me this.” Adair replied, somewhat embarrassed.

“Ha ha ha!” I laughed loudly. “Rise, Adair, and remember the words I’m about to say. ‘Only you will never have to kneel before me.’”

Adair stood up and could not stop a smile from spreading across his face. He loudly cried out with high spirits, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Seeing Adair’s windblown and ragged state, without any sort of protective armor, and how the sword in his hand wasn’t the fairly good sword of a vice-captain’s, but rather a normal steel sword, I felt that he looked terribly wretched. I wanted to tell Awaitsun to find him some clothes and armor, but then I suddenly remembered that Awaitsun had gone out to kill the prince and had yet to return. I could only summon Illu instead.

The moment Illu appeared, he could not hide his expression of hatred. This was not unexpected. Adair was a holy knight, full of holy light, so of course he would be hated by undead creatures. Ah, come to think of it, I should place something on Adair’s body as a mark to prevent Adair and the undead creatures in the Demon King’s Castle from clashing for no reason.

“He is my trusted confidant, Adair. From now on, both you and Awaitsun must listen to his orders.”

Illu snarled, “I only listen to the orders of the monarch!”

Hearing this, I purposely turned and asked Adair, “How is Roland right now?”

Illu froze and then turned to look at Adair too, with a look of expectation on his face.

Even though undead creatures didn’t have a need for distinguishing between sexes, Illu’s appearance was that of a man. Seeing him reveal such a look of longing to hear news of Roland made goose bumps rise all over my arms!

“I’m unsure.” Adair smiled apologetically. “I came out to search for you very early on. I had not heard about Hell Knight, only that he did return to the Holy Temple. He was still there when I left.”

When I saw Illu’s disappointed expression, I suddenly felt a spark of wickedness. I continued and asked, “Then, has he mentioned anything about Illu?”

Adair shook his head. “I have never heard the name Illu mentioned.”

Pft! Illu’s expression is truly devastated! Almost like a girl who has been forgotten by her sweetheart. Seeing a grown man show this kind of expression is just too fun!

Next time, I might as well give Illu the mission of ‘rushing over to the Holy Temple to forcefully kiss Roland and then run away’… He might actually gladly take on such a mission?

I commanded, “Illu, go to the treasury to find the best suits of armor and swords. They must be ones Adair can use.”

Sending a general-ranked undead creature to retrieve items was definitely belittling him, but it didn’t matter because Illu didn’t care at all about what kind of orders I gave him. As long as they were not orders from Roland, he didn’t want to do any of them, but he still had to carry them out.

Dragging himself off at a reluctant pace, Illu left the hall. During this time, although my eyes were trained on Illu, I was actually using farsight to observe Adair.

Adair was also looking at Illu, his face fairly displeased. If he were giving Illu a score, he might actually give him a negative one hundred.

“Come to think of it, Adair, how did you find me?” If Adair could find me all by himself, then Lesus and the others might not be in the dark about my presence in the adventurer party.

“At first, I thought of going to the Demon King’s Castle to look for you, but halfway here, I met a teammate of yours from the time when you lost your memories. I was merely exchanging pleasantries with them when one of them, the one called Woodrow, started acting and looking strange.”

Adair smiled as he said, “So, I interrogated him a bit, and he confessed in full detail that he had seen you among this adventurer party.”

Adair, so you already resembled a demon king’s subordinate even before you defected?

Come to think of it, in the past, I always sent him off to do tasks like “ganging up on someone,” “secretly investigating,” and “sneakily adding laxatives as revenge,” so instead of being a subordinate of the Sun Knight, all along, Adair might actually be more suited to be a subordinate of the Demon King…

Adair looked around, hesitated, and asked, “Your Majesty, this place seems a bit empty. Where have the guards gone?”

“I sent Awaitsun out on a mission. He has taken all of the dark knights.”

He suddenly became agitated and said, “That is too dangerous. How can the entire Demon King’s Castle be empty?”

I said indifferently, “I’m no longer the Sun Knight with poor swordsmanship but rather the formidable Demon King, and it’s not like I stay here much. It doesn’t matter.”

Adair shook his head and said, “What if people seize the chance to ambush you or to set traps? Your Majesty, even though you are very strong, you cannot guarantee that people won’t use underhanded methods against you. For example, can you be sure that the Pope won’t have some sort of strange magic that can suppress you?”

The Pope? I thought for a moment and really couldn’t deny it. The damn old Pope was always secretive and rarely revealed his hand. Who knew what kind of things he had in his repertoire. Thinking of it this way, Adair’s concerns weren’t baseless. On top of that…

I asked, “I heard that the Church of the God of Light wants to send troops against me?”

“It’s because of Knight-Captain Judgment’s insistence. Ever since you became the Demon King, he has been endlessly angry at you!” Adair’s face twisted in anger. “Knight-Captain Judgment has really gone too far. You sacrificed yourself to become the Demon King in order to save the world. What right has he to be angry at you?”

Lesus is angry… A sudden chill seized me from behind, but it was immediately squashed by fury. I’m the Demon King now, the Demon King! What need do I have to be afraid of that guy Lesus? Last time, I even hit him and made him crash into the table. There’s no need for fear!

It must be because I’ve feared him too long that I’m not able to adapt right away!

After I thought for a moment, I gathered a large amount of the dark element. I compressed it into an entity that could be held, and then I started to mold and shape it. Finally, I made it into a black crystal around the size of a palm. The shape was a small doll with angel wings—but it looked more like a black doll used to pray for sunny days.

From under my clothes, I fished out the Eternal Tranquility. I pulled out one of the souls from within and stuffed it into the black crystal.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Adair asked curiously.

Before I could explain, the black crystal doll began to move. First, it moved its ankles around, then it turned its neck, and finally it fluttered its wings and started to fly. It said, “You’re finally willing to let me out? Ah! But this body is really too small! And it doesn’t even have fingers. This is very inconvenient. Can’t you at least give me two fingers?”

“With my handicraft, I can only make round hands. Fingers are beyond me!” I swung the Eternal Tranquility around. “Or do you want to go back inside the Eternal Tranquility and keep Stephen company?”

“No way!” The black doll immediately shook its head vehemently, and then it complained, “But does it have to be this small? This will be very inconvenient for a lot of matters!”

“A lich?” Adair said quietly.

“She’s called Scarlet.” I grabbed the black doll and tossed it to Adair, who caught it head on. “It’s exactly because you’re small that you will be easier to carry. Scarlet, you’re responsible for summoning undead creatures. Let Adair train them to become a passable army. I want to create a strong undead army of the Demon King!”

Scarlet unhappily said, “I don’t trust him. He’s a holy knight! Grisia, have you forgotten how those holy knights tricked you? Especially that Sun Knight. He’s the most despicable!”

“You’re not allowed to berate my teacher!”

In anger, I threw a dark blade in Scarlet’s direction. Right after I did so, I regretted it, but Adair dodged, and with his dodging the dark blade, it did not land on him nor did it land on Scarlet.

I resentfully said, “Adair, you actually dodged!”

With a smile, Adair shrugged. He evidently had sensed that I was not really angry at him. Meanwhile, Scarlet had hidden completely behind Adair’s hand, using an aggrieved expression to look at me from between his fingers… Okay, the black doll I made doesn’t have any features, so the ‘aggrieved’ expression is completely my own imagination.

“Behave and help Adair create an undead army for me. You don’t want the holy knights from the Church of the God of Light to storm the Demon King’s Castle, right?”

“Of course I won’t allow that!” Scarlet jumped up in agitation onto Adair’s fingertips. She even stomped on his forefinger and ring finger. If Adair wasn’t strong in body and didn’t possess a strong battle aura as a holy knight, his forefinger would have been broken by her stomps.

“Then behave and cooperate with Adair, unless you know how to train an army.”

Scarlet stilled. As expected, she didn’t claim that she knew how. Even though a lich’s life was long, it wasn’t like she could have learned everything. Pink and Scarlet didn’t seem to be the type who would know how to train an army. Stephen might know how, but I didn’t trust him and would never let him out to build an army for me. I’d be afraid that after the army was trained, it would directly be used to take revenge for Charlotte.

Since I had not been able to force Awaitsun to be completely loyal to me yet, there really weren’t many people I could trust on hand. Adair had truly come at an apt time.

Adair smiled at the little doll on top of his hand and said, “Pleased to work with you!”

With a loud “hmph!” the black crystal doll threatened without the least bit of intimidation, “You better watch out. If you dare to do anything unfavorable towards Grisia, I will blast you into smithereens right away!”

Adair smiled. “Of course.”

At that moment, Illu returned. As expected, a high-ranking undead creature still needed to maintain his authority. He did not carry the things himself but had commanded the witch, and even though the witch was not as high-level as him, she was still unwilling to carry heavy things herself, so she had summoned another two underlings to carry them. These two underlings were actually skeletons.

Skeletons were the lowest level of undead creature; however, these two were probably not so. In general, skeletons only had a ghastly white framework and the best method to deal with them was to kick them at their joints, and they were likely to fall apart. However, the joints of these two skeletons actually had white ligaments and some flesh. They looked much more disgusting but were likely to be much stronger too. At least, they would probably not fall apart from a single kick.

The textbook of undead creatures really needed an update. After being the Demon King for only around a month, I had already seen at least twenty something types of undead creatures that would not be found in the book. Even if they were undead creatures that were mentioned in the book, they would generally not be completely like they were described. Just like these skeletons with ligaments and flesh, the textbooks had never mentioned them!

The witch commanded the two skeletons to lower the trunks and then retrieve a set of armor from within.

I took a look. The armor was actually a full body heavy suit. It looked fairly ridiculous. After wearing such heavy armor, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if there was someone inside!

Adair smiled wryly. “It is very suitable for a demon king’s subordinate, but this kind of armor doesn’t seem very convenient to move about in.”

Suitable for a demon king’s subordinate? I used farsight to examine it and discovered that the armor’s base color was black, except it had golden lines that etched out complicated designs. On a whole, it looked gorgeous, but one look would also tell you that this was definitely not a good person.

If one wears this black armor, even if you said he was the Demon King, people would probably believe it!

“Try wearing it!” I was suddenly very curious to see the effect Adair would have wearing it.

Adair nodded, but the heavy armor wasn’t something that he could put on by himself. It was only under the help of the witch that he was able to put on the heavy dark armor. Immediately, his entire presence changed. He was even more imposing than Illu who bore the appearance of an undead creature!

“Is it too heavy?” I asked curiously.

“No.” Adair was a little surprised as he scrutinized the armor and said, “It is probably only a little heavier than the holy knight armor I wore before.”

As expected of the generous Cathedral of the Shadow God. This set of armor looks at least three times heavier than armor of the holy knights, yet Adair said it’s only a little heavier. Unless this set of armor is strong in appearance only, then it must be because of its price that has caused a discrepancy in its weight. Besides, nothing Awaitsun has brought out so far is of inferior quality. I bet this set of armor can’t possibly be strong in appearance only.

After thinking it over, in order to avoid inconvenience, I had Illu bring out a black mask. I made Adair wear it to prevent people from recognizing him if we were to fight with the Church of the God of Light in the future. Otherwise, the identity of the Demon King would probably be displayed for all to see!

After all, the entire Holy Temple knows that Adair is wholeheartedly devoted to me. With him ending up as the Demon King’s subordinate for no reason, plus the Sun Knight’s disappearance, anyone with a brain would be able to tell that the Demon King is the Sun Knight.

The witch took out one last piece of equipment from the trunk. It was a long sword. From its style, it looked like it was not from the same set as the armor, but its main theme was similarly black. The hilt had several sharp spikes, and the blade was designed with several grooves for drawing blood. It definitely looked like a blade not to be trifled with.

With the sword in hand, even Illu’s and the witch’s expression towards Adair improved. After wearing the full suit of armor and holding the black sword, with only the sword’s blade gleaming silver, Adair looked just like…

“Your Majesty.” The black warrior smiled and said, “I suggest first collecting a ‘fee for managing undead creatures’ from the three large kingdoms. Although you might not be short on money, you can take this chance to declare to the three large kingdoms your authority in order to prevent them from thinking you can be cowed. Take Judgment Knight for example, he even dared to deploy troops against you.”

Just like a demon king’s subordinate.

I drawled, “None of the royal families would dare to go against me. The most they would do is order the arrest of the undead creatures I have released. After all, they can’t let undead creatures run all over the place. If they don’t do anything, the citizens would become angry, so they have to order them to be hunted!”

Adair fell silent for a moment and quietly said, “That is not the only reason they ordered them to be taken down. They also wished to prevent you from becoming too bored without any opponents, in case you decided to do things like take over the world. That would be disastrous.

“But the royal family is unwilling to use their own people to clear away the undead creatures, afraid that you would turn your anger on the entire kingdom. So, they decided to go ahead and order the arrest of the undead creatures, letting the adventurers become your toys to amuse you.”

So that’s how it is. When you put it that way, it was suspicious indeed. The royal family has so many knights and soldiers they weren’t using, yet they went out of their way to pay extra money to order the arrest of the undead creatures, letting adventurers clear them off. This is truly a wasteful endeavor, completely ineffective too.

After all, adventurer teams were not armies. They didn’t have a commander to unite them, so they could only run around aimlessly to capture undead creatures. Their rate of ridding the undead creatures could not even match the speed at which Illu was summoning them!

Suspicious, I asked, “Adair, how do you know all this in so much detail?”

“Undead creatures fall under the jurisdiction of the Church of the God of Light. The king of the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound had originally planned on having the Church of the God of Light pay all expenses for capturing the undead creatures, and wanted to deduct the funds from what is given to the Church each year. However, after several debates with the Pope, the king finally dispelled this notion. This is something that the Twelve Holy Knights and all their vice-captains know.”

“I see.” I nodded and in some admiration, said, “The Pope is truly not to be underestimated. He can even prevent the king from deducting money. It looks like elders are still more experienced!”

A strange smile came over Adair’s face as he said, “Actually, this is thanks to you too. The Pope told the king that, if the king persists in deducting money, then he would rather lose face and lose his life. He would rush off to the Demon King’s Castle and tattle to the Demon King, causing everyone mutual destruction. So, the king could only dispel his intention of deducting money.”

This, this method is truly too fierce…

“Ha ha ha!” I couldn’t stop laughing. “A-As expected of the Pope! In order not to cough up money, he even dares to exploit the Demon King.”

Scarlet unhappily jumped around on Adair’s shoulders. “Grisia, you were taken advantage of by him. You should be angry, not happy!”

I nonchalantly said, “If I were mad over such a trifling matter, then wouldn’t I have to be angry all the time?”

Scarlet froze for a moment and then murmured, “You seem a bit different from the demon kings of the past…”

“Oh?” I became a little curious. What kind of people were the previous demon kings? “What, are demon kings required to have a bad temper?” Come to think of it, nothing good has ever been said about the demon kings of legends. I had never heard anyone say the Demon King is a good person.

Scarlet shook her head. “No matter if they had a good temper or not, after absorbing that much dark element, they would definitely be affected. Most of the time, they became very unrestrained and willful. Once their tempers flared, they wouldn’t care who or what was next to them. Whatever they wanted, they would take it for themselves. Sometimes, they would take a fancy to troublesome things, like a king’s crown or a princess or something else. Or, they would take a stroll around the royal palace and accidentally get into an argument with the people there, and because they couldn’t win the argument, they would blow up the palace or half a city. Things like that.”

Things like that? It just sounds like you indulged your children too much! No wonder the Demon King’s reputation is so terrible. Unrestrained and willful yet with no one to hold them back. They even have a mommy lich as an accomplice. If I were not the Demon King himself, I would probably want to kill him too!

“You over pampered your children in the past! You raised a bunch of damn kids to be the Demon King. No wonder the Demon King’s reputation is so terrible!”

Scarlet pouted and said, “It’s not a thing of the past! I pamper you right now too! You’re just as bad.”

“I…” Have I turned bad? I hesitated for a moment, but on a whole, I hadn’t really done anything! How can you say I turned bad… Okay, I did hit Judgment!

“I only turned bad ‘a little’ okay? I mean, at least I haven’t blown up a palace!”

“You have long done so!” Scarlet retorted.

“Liar!” I immediately denied it. “I’ve never blown up a palace. You lich, did your memory get destroyed along with your body?”

Scarlet was so angry she stomped her feet.

Adair revealed a pained smile. “Your Majesty, Scarlet did not say anything wrong. The other demon king candidate Charlotte caused great havoc in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound and blew up the palace. That matter seems to have been counted on your head too.”

That has nothing to do with me! I was the one who was blasted, not the one who caused the explosion, okay?

“Since you obtained her power, you of course need to take responsibility for the bad deeds she’s done too.” Scarlet nodded, and with a tone as if she were imparting knowledge, said, “Understood? Child.”

…Whatever, whatever. The dead hold the greatest power, and besides, I was the one who killed her. There is no need for me to hold a grudge against Charlotte over this.

I thought it over and said, “At least I haven’t abducted any princesses!”

“Ah…” An expression that was hard to describe came over Adair’s face. “Your Majesty, you stole away the Kingdom of Moon Orchid’s most beautiful princess, Princess Alice. After you tired of toying around with her, you gifted her to your underling, the leader of the dark knights, Awaitsun. This affair is known by the entire world.”

I never toyed with her, so how could I tire of her! And the queen of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid obviously knows that her daughter eloped with the guy, yet she’s actually blaming it on me!

F***! I must be the most misunderstood Demon King in the whole entire world!

“Dammit! Adair! You and Scarlet will immediately go to the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound and the Kingdom of Moon Orchid. On top of collecting a ‘fee for managing undead creatures,’ also collect another ‘fee for hushing up scandals.’ If they are not willing to pay, bring a squadron of high leveled undead creatures over to the royal palace to have an ‘extravagant ten day tour’!”