Chapter 1402 - 89 Xi Xue love story

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Chapter 1402 - 89 Xi Xue love story

"We...we come from another world? We aren’t from this world?" Xi Xue stuttered. The young man even wobbled. He couldn’t believe Ye Sí at all.

"Yes, that’s right. It’s what God said to me." Ye Sí nodded firmly. He didn’t even bother to sugarcoat the news.

He sensed that his subordinates, the 9 guardians all looked at him as if he just spewed nonsense,

It was hard to believe. Who would believe such nonsense?

But that’s the truth.

"Maybe you don’t understand, but God said that the western beast origin is from another world, the world of magic. He said that God from that world lent beasts to this world because of the lack of beasts here."

Ye Sí started to explain to the others. He tried to make them believe in him. If they did, they would understand why God allowed the typhoon.

"The westernised beasts aren’t supposed to be in this world, but they have adapted and for such a long time lives here. Yet now God from another world said that it’s time to return them."

Ye Sí took a deep breath and sighed. He looked each beast’ eyes, one by one, until his eyes landed on Xi Xue. The vampire could only look at him with blank stares.

"Xi Xue. It’s time for you and the others to return to where you belong..."

"Wait, your majesty. This is nonsense....if we do come from another world, how can we cultivate? Magic world? I don’t know what is that..but surely we won’t be able to cultivate if that’s the case, right?"

Xi Xue tried to defend his belief. There’s no way he would quickly admit that he’s not from this world. The other westernised beasts in the room nodded along with Xi Xue.

"I told you, you guys adapted. In the first place, the ancestors brought here when they were still a child. In a sense, cultivation is similar to magic; that’s what God said."

"And that’s why the westernised beasts adapted, and now they cultivate instead of doing magic. But don’t you see that you guys still have a unique ability different from the other beasts?"

Ye Sí pointed at Xi Xue, Mian Xiang, Ge Lifen and Haí Yao.

"Xi Xue, you can control blood and change appearance. It’s not because of cultivation."

Xi Xue was shocked to the bone. The vampire wanted to deny what Ye Sí said, but indeed, his ability was weird. Even though he used his cultivation energy as the fuel...

Such things like controlling blood were inherited from his race.

Xi Xue couldn’t refute. He clamped his mouth tightly. His body shook. Yet...Ye Sí, the emperor, kept talking despite just giving a blow to his subordinates.

"Mian Xiang. You can control sand. That’s also abnormal. Ge Lifen, you can control the wind. That’s an ability, not from your cultivation. Haí Yao, that’s the same for you and your wife."

Controlling water and turning things into gold looked more magical than depending on cultivation.

"Di Yu, you are a Cerberus, hell’s dog. Your ability to control hellfire is not because of your cultivation. I guarantee no other beasts or humans can do that."

Ye Sí kept mentioning the westernised beasts in the hall.

He didn’t miss even a single one from those 9 guardians. The teen pointed out the beast’s ability which wasn’t supposed to be from cultivation.

His words just poured a bucket of cold water to the beasts.

"This....* Mian Xiang staggered. The tan-skinned woman’s face turned pale in an instant.

"Mian!* Ge Lifen quickly caught Mian Xiang’s body as his face darkened. The robust man also had gloomy eyes as he tried to appease his wife.

This can’t be. So we are really from another world?

That is the questions which the beasts asked in their mind, yet they don’t dare to ask it out loud.

"You should realise that your body’s characteristic alone is different from the eastern beasts. You guys have noticed that you are oddly similar to those invading our world back then, right?"

Ye Sí mentioned the goblins and other monsters from the magic world.

Of course, the beasts remembered those creatures. They knew that what Ye Sí said was true since they also had the same doubt.

But...could they admit such a bitter truth? They didn’t want to. Why? would mean that they’re not a resident of this world!

They were like those monsters that invaded this world back then.

The westernised beasts gulped as they looked at their friend, Qi Tou, who wasn’t a part of the Western creatures.

"Qi Tou..." Di Yu, the closest one to Qi Tou nervously called out. His eyes were shaking, and fear was reflected in the boy’s eyes.

Yes, he’s afraid that Qi Tou will be afraid of him because of his new identity.

Who wouldn’t be scared when their friend turns out to be an outsider, a creature from another world?

The concept of another world itself is already absurd! If they didn’t witness the monsters pouring out of the dimension hole in Li Shi Ying’s era, they would never believe the existence of another world.

"Di Yu. Don’t worry." Qi Tou slowly reached out and patted the boy on the head. His hand was shaking as he did so, but there’s no fear or disgust in his eyes.

"No matter what you are, you guys are still my friends. You have adapted to this world for such a long time. Why should I be wary of you guys?" Qi Tou looked at the others as he said this.

"Rather than fearing you guys..."

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