36 Chapter 37 Yinger

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36 Chapter 37 “Ying“er“

Jiu Wei was afraid that if he said "Sorry...i don’t know", Long Ao Zhen will burn him alive or at least shave all his beautiful fur.

Noooo!! He didn’t want to be a roasted fox or a bald fox! How could he get married then??

Long Ao Zhen was a bit impatient when he saw Jiu Wei grim expression. He thought that Jiu Wei was almost suspicious to his question and so he urge him " Do you know or not??!!"

One dragon and one fox was currently anxious to each other. Long Ao Zhen was afraid that Jiu Wei will knew the truth while Jiu Wei was afraid that Long Ao Zhen will roast him alive if he said that he didn’t know the answer.

Fortunately the author didn’t want Jiu Wei to be dead yet. When Jiu Wei was almost on a dead end, a savior came in a form of a giant panda.

Yeap Mao Mao came in just in time to inform Jiu Wei that the food ingredients were ready.

Jiu Wei sighed in relief while wiping the cold sweat on his forehead. Good job Mao Mao!

So, very cleverly Jiu Wei dodge Long Ao Zhen question with the ’reason’ that he had to cook for dinner.

Jiu Wei was really a perfect housewife rolemodel. He was a foodie so he learnt to cook for a long time. Jiu Wei was skillful in doing all the house chores from sewing, washing clothes (he did it with his power though), cooking etc.

He was also a good pharmacist and a good doctor. That’s why he was quite popular in Qiu Country despite those humans didn’t even know Jiu Wei true identity.

In this world pharmacist and alchemist was a different kind of job. Pharmacist could only made medicine in a form of powder and liquid. Meanwhile alchemist could made medicine not only in a form of powder or liquid but also in a form of pill.

As for tablet or capsule, this world still haven’t know how to made it.

With Jiu Wei gone to prepare dinner, Long Ao Zhen could only direct his question to the just-came-in-time Mao Mao.

"Panda. Tell me what is my wife complete name?" Long Ao Zhen asked again for a second time to a different person. No no i mean different beast.

Mao Mao who was just came in for a second and intended to help Jiu Wei, froze on spot.

Whaaattt?? Why did his highness, Long Ao Zhen asked me that?? Was it to test my knowledge about Shi Ying to determine wether i’m suitable to be her guardian?

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Haha. Another one who clearly thought too much. Maybe they read too much novel in their free time to made them thought like that.

But fortunately because Mao Mao also thought the same thing as Jiu Wei so Long Ao Zhen secret was safe.

Mao Mao quickly answered while sweating non-stop "Her highness complete name is Li Shi Ying..."

Long Ao Zhen didn’t said anything. Even his expression remained the same. He only nodded cooly and waved his hand to dismiss Mao Mao.

Mao Mao, as if he had received an amnesty, bowed a few times before running out to you-don’t-know-where.

When there was only the sleeping Li Shi Ying in the room, Long Ao Zhen exhaled a reliefed sigh.

"Fiuh! Fortunately that fox and panda didn’t notice anything strange from my question! Hurrahhh!" That was what Long Ao Zhen thought in his mind.

Long Ao Zhen lips was slightly crooked up into a grin when he finally knew his wife name.

Li Shi Ying huh....what an unusual name. But it was quite unique...really resemble her.

Hmm what should he called her later...Shi Ying? no no no others may call her like that too...wifey? impossible she can’t know that i’m her husband.

Shi shi...it sounds like die die am i going to curse my own wife? Sounds crazy. *In mandarin the pronunciation of shi is quite similar to si which means death/die*

What about...Ying’er? sounds good...okay it’s decided! I will call her Ying’er.

Long Ao Zhen then decide that he will call Shi Ying as "Ying’er" the next time they met.

Poor boy...Long Ao Zhen forgot that the next time they met, Shi Ying would regard him as a stranger. Whereas calling her Ying’er when you’re not that close to her may cause Shi Ying to think that you’re a weirdo.

But this won’t happen now but it will happen in a near future.

Long Ao Zhen looked at the round wooden table filled with 4 different kinds of food which were still quite hot.