37 Chapter 38 Foodie

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37 Chapter 38 “Foodie“

There were a plate of sweet and sour pork, a plate of kung pao chicken, a plate of Mapo Tofu, a bowl of Napa cabbage soup and a bowl of rice.

All of it looked extremely delicious as Long Ao Zhen could felt that he was almost drooling over the meal.

Jiu Wei as a perfect housewife role model, also didn’t forget to serve a good quality chinese tea and an expensive jade chopsticks for Long Ao Zhen to use.

In the cold day such like today, those hot dishes were very tempting and one could imagine just how delicious it were.

Long Ao Zhen was quite hungry when he saw the dishes but he couldn’t help to think about Shi Ying. She must be hungry but she couldn’t eat...how sad is it.

So despite the delicious-looking food in front of Long Ao Zhen eyes, he didn’t eat much. He only finished his rice, the soup and the Kung Pao chicken.

As for the pork, there were still quite a bit left and for the tofu, Long Ao Zhen only took a bit because he didn’t like tofu.

Well Long Ao Zhen "didn’t eat much" but for those who saw it, he did eat much! It was just that Long Ao Zhen appetite had always been quite a wonder. He ate a lot usually.

Long Ao Zhen despite being a mythological beast and a powerful cultivator, ate a lot of human dish. He could ate two bowl of rices and 5 dishes every time he ate. Long Ao Zhen usually ate three times a day.

Yep. Another foodie like Jiu Wei.

Long Ao Zhen was praising Jiu Wei cooking skill in his heart as he gobble up the dishes. Even though he didn’t finish all of it, he still ate a lot for a normal standard.

Who could finish a portion of kung pao chicken, a bowl of cabbage soup and ate nearly all the sweet and sour pork plus a bowl of rice like Long Ao Zhen?

At least in Shi Ying former world, that could be considered a lot.

After dinner, Jiu Wei came in to serve Long Ao Zhen a cup of tea. With Jiu Wei good skill in brewing tea, the tea was soon served in front of Long Ao Zhen.

Jiu Wei used his most precious tea cup for Long Ao Zhen. It was a white porcelain chinese tea cup with a pattern of a beautiful blue snowflake. That cup was Jiu Wei favorite cup.

Long Ao Zhen admitted that the tea cup was beautiful. It was pleasing to the eyes and Long Ao Zhen mood subsconsciously became better.

Long Ao Zhen took the cup slowly and sniffed the tea aroma first. The tea aroma was very fragant and calming. It was suitable with Long Ao Zhen preference.

"Slurpp" then, Long Ao Zhen sipped the hot chinese tea brewed by Jiu Wei in an elegant manner. He also closed his eyes to have a better taste of the tea.

"Good tea" Long Ao Zhen praised Jiu Wei from the bottom of his heart. Even though the tea in the dragon palace was much better than this, in the lower realm it was already considered a good quality tea.

Long Ao Zhen won’t be that cruel to compare the tea in lower realm and the tea in upper realm. It was not fair.

"Thank you for your praise your highness" Jiu Wei eyes were brimming with happiness when Long Ao Zhen praise him.

Ayy it was a right choice for him to learn how to do house chores back then! Thank God he was also a foodie. Jiu Wei never expected Long Ao Zhen to be a foodie too! When he first ask to have a dinner, Jiu Wei was already suspicious.

Now seeing how Long Ao Zhen ate almost all of his cooking, Jiu Wei was certain that Long Ao Zhen must be a foodie like him!

Yeahh fellow foodie! Huhuhu other beasts thought that he was weird to have a liking to a human meal. Well human food were just too delicious compared to a raw food beasts usually eat.

As Jiu Wei often spent his time alongside human, naturally he also developed a habit like a normal human.

In the original novel "XXX", The female lead, Meng Yue Ming was able to captured Long Ao Zhen not only with her unique personality but also with her skill in cooking delicious food.

After Long Ao Zhen finished his tea, he asked Jiu Wei quite an important question. "Where do i sleep?"

Jiu Wei cave only had 1 bed which was currently occupied by Li Shi Ying. It was not possible for Long Ao Zhen to sleep on the floor right?

When Jiu Wei heard the question, he felt as if a thunder strike him from above with a loud DUARRR sound.

He...he forgot about it!! His cave only had 1 middle-sized stone bed because Jiu Wei lived alone. Now Long Ao Zhen was going to sleep for a night here, where should he sleep??