48 Chapter 49 Gathering Force 2

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48 Chapter 49 “Gathering Force 2 “

Jiu Wei entered the cave and he saw Mao Mao was chatting happily with a girl. The girl was also wearing a happy face but she still sit on the stone bed with a blanket on her lap.

It was already 7 A.M in the morning. Jiu Wei was relieved that Li Shi Ying had woke up. Jiu Wei approached Mao Mao and Li Shi Ying slowly.

"It’s good that you have wake up. Mao Mao was so worried for you" Jiu Wei put up a smile on his face. Even though...he looks exactly like a smiling fox.

"Ah..." Li Shi Ying was startled with Jiu Wei sudden arrival but she didn’t show any of it on her face. She only smile and nodded her head.

It was Mao Mao who had the initiative to introduce Jiu Wei to Li Shi Ying. "This is Lord Jiu Wei, the only sacred beast in grave forest. His honour is also the one who help you cure your fever"

Mao Mao didn’t say that it was Long Ao Zhen who truly cured Li Shi Ying because for now, Shi Ying musn’t know about it.

Li Shi Ying already know that Jiu Wei might be the one who cured her. In the novel "XXX", Jiu Wei was mentioned as the only sacred beast in grave forest who was also a skillful doctor and a pharmacist.

Just that later he will become the female lead contracted beast. It was supposed to happen 1 week from now as the female lead was still fighting in the outer area right now.

Li Shi Ying intended to snatch Jiu Wei before the female lead take him so she tried her best to ’swindle’ him. Little did she knew that Jiu Wei was already been swindled with the help of her new mysterious husband, Long Ao Zhen.

"Thank you so much for helping me Lord Jiu Wei" Li Shi Ying talked in beast lamguange. Even though sacred beast could talk in human languange, she did so to respect Jiu Wei as a sacred beast.

Jiu Wei was surprised that Li Shi Ying knew beast languange. How rare! Up untill now Jiu Wei never found someone who could talk in beast languange. Even a high ranked beast tamer couldn’t.

It was no wonder that his highness, Long Ao Zhen took a fancy to her. That was what Jiu Wei thought in his mind as he began to feel that this new master of his was actually not that bad.

Every spiritual beast would of course feel respected when a human know their languange.

It was like when someone from another country came to your country and they didn’t use english but use your national languange instead. Won’t that made you feel more proud? You would subconsciously have a good impression to the person.

"No no no...no need to call me lord, just call me Jiu Wei" Jiu Wei quickly corrected Li Shi Ying way of addressing him. If his highness Long Ao Zhen knew that his wife called him with ’lord’, he will be dead for sure.

"Ahahaha okay then Jiu Wei it is" Li Shi Ying laughed as she called Jiu Wei with his name.

Jiu Wei looked over Li Shi Ying and felt that she was indeed special. With that kind of average beauty, she still excluded a unique aura around her.

Aishh he felt that his decision to serve this girl was correct. Well now he should create a lie for her. Hope she won’t notice it.

"...in fact...this is my first time seeing a human who can talk in beast languange so i will give you a surprise" Jiu Wei let out a sly smile as he asked Mao Mao to brought Shi Ying outside the cave.

Li Shi Ying was puzzled with this sudden change but she still followed Mao Mao. Anyway she won’t leave this forest till she got that fox so she might just well looked forward for Jiu Wei so-called surprise.

She was shocked! Just what’s going on here?

Then Li Shi Ying saw Jiu Wei asked her to sit on a seat on top of a big flat rock in front of those mass of beasts.

Even if she was curious and confused, Li Shi Ying still sit down on the seat prepared by Jiu Wei.

When the beasts first saw Li Shi Ying, they were surprised as well! That girl was ordinary and weak but her aura...was unique! They could sense apart from her unique aura, was also a bit of dragon aura.

It was relaxing and charming unlike the usual domineering dragon aura. It made them want to quickly thrown themself to her lap, asking for a pat on the head.

Yeah dragon aura for other spiritual beasts was like an addictive drug. Li Shi Ying dragon aura was on par with a baby dragon aura so the spiritual beasts didn’t feel suppressed. Instead, they felt love and they subconsciously wanted to pamper and protected her.

That was why a baby dragon was loved by not only mythological beast but also other spiritual beasts.