56 Chapter 57 Female Lead Impression

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56 Chapter 57 “Female Lead Impression“

Well...Jiu Wei ignored Li Shi Ying weird behavior thinking that Shi Ying wasn’t used to eat with stranger and so Jiu Wei faced Meng Yue Ming while cupping his hand.

"Thank you for your consideration miss. May God bless your kind and magnitude heart." Jiu Wei once again put on his seducing smile while thanking Meng Yue Ming.

Li Shi Ying despite her shock, also cupped her hand and bowed slightly expressing her gratitude to Meng Yue Ming. But she didn’t said anything.

Meng Yue Ming laughed slightly in response and said "You are too polite mister and miss"

She then gestured Jiu Wei and Li Shi Ying to take a seat.

After exchanging pleasantries and introduced each other names, Li Shi Ying and Jiu Wei didn’t hesitate to sit down with a certain distance from Meng Yue Ming and Yi Yi.

Ever since Jiu Wei came in, Yi Yi face was blushing red and she became nervous seeing a handsome man sitting on the same table with her.

Jiu Wei himself didn’t seem to notice Yi Yi red face as he was busy asking Li Shi Ying what food she wanted to eat.

Meanwhile, Li Shi Ying who was answering Jiu Wei question in daze was currently sweating non stop inside her heart.

She answered Jiu Wei half-heartedly as her focus was on someone else.

"Oh Goddd please don’t let the female lead notice her!" was what Li Shi Ying said in her heart.

Li Shi Ying sat down beside Meng Yue Ming while Jiu Wei sat beside Yi Yi. Li Shi Ying mood was very bad already.

Not only she was inside the same room with the female lead, she even sat beside her! Oh God please don’t make any trouble for me!!

Meng Yue Ming who was sitting beside Li Shi Ying was currently observing the lady beside her silently.

How could the more she looked, the more she find her familiar? But where did she met this lady?

Meng Yue Ming didn’t even assosiate Li Shi Ying with her ex-maidservant Ling Xue. Because the two of them was very different no matter how much you looked.

Ling Xue was timid but her heart was cruel and filled with jealousy. Her eyes always showed a trace of disgust when she looked at Meng Yue Ming.

On the other side, Li Shi Ying wasn’t timid. She was gentle and elegant. Also her eyes was pure and didn’t contain a single disgust toward Meng Yue Ming.

Meng Yue Ming was also quite surprised with Li Shi Ying attitude. Usually this type of ’white lotus’ was gentle on the outside but their eyes was filled with arrogance.

But Li Shi Ying, even though she was a noble lady or that was what Meng Yue Ming thought, didn’t put on the air of a spoiled young lady from distinguished family.

Her eyes were calm and steady with no malice contained inside. This was the first time Meng Yue Ming met a unique lady like Shi Ying.

Usually noble lady who saw her ugly and black face would at least snort in disdain or looked down on her with their eyes but Li Shi Ying didn’t.

She went as far as bowing her head to her who wore a commoner clothes and looked no different with a beggar.

Meng Yue Ming subconsciously had a good feeling toward Shi Ying. She saw that Li Shi Ying didn’t took of her cloak like Jiu Wei who was now was taking off his fur cloak and set it aside.

Li Shi Ying haven’t took off her cloak because inside the room even if there was a heater, it was still cold for her. This action made both Meng Yue Ming and Yi Yi thought that this lady must be a sickly young lady.

Because Meng Yue Ming had a good impression toward her, she asked Yi Yi to rise the temperature in the room with consideration of Li Shi Ying body.

Usually she hate this type of white lotus the most but Li Shi Ying didn’t seem to fake her white lotus appearance. Compared to those fake ladies who pretend to be a gentle and frail-looking white lotus, Li Shi Ying appeared to be more natural than them.

One could see Li Shi Ying pale face but she didn’t act as if she was sick. She didn’t show a ’pity me’ aura and instead she show people an elegant vibe.

Toward someone who was weaker than her, Meng Yue Ming always have a ’tender’ feeling for them. Meng Yue Ming could feel that Li Shi Ying life must be quite hard like her because Li Shi Ying body was weak.

Meng Yue Ming saw that Li Shi Ying body didn’t have any cultivation energy and her eyes flashed with a trace of pity. She understood the feeling of someone who was a ’cripple’ because not too long ago she was also a cripple like Shi Ying.