63 Chapter 64 Evening Shopping

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63 Chapter 64 “Evening Shopping“

Let’s go back to Li Shi Ying story alright.

3 P.M in a certain room inside a normal-looking inn.

Li Shi Ying woke up after quite a long afternoon nap with a refreshed feeling. Her body was in a better condition than before and she felt very fresh and energetic.

Li Shi Ying now had the urge to go sight seeing the capital and of course buy a few clothes and food she find interesting in the stall.

With this plan in her mind, Li Shi Ying stretched her body like a lazy cat and straighten her back.

Li Shi Ying set aside her blanket and then slowly stood up from the bed. Her movement immediately awake the golden tiger sleeping near her feet.

The golden tiger yawn and said in a faint unclear voice "Mistress...where are you going?"

Li Shi Ying who was tidying up her wrinkled dress, turned her head around with a smile on her face. "I’m going to go shopping. Quickly wake up and accompany me"

Li Shi Ying also told Mao Mao to bring Jiu Wei to her room because Li Shi Ying need him to manage her hair.

Shortly after, Jiu Wei arrived at Shi Ying room. Jiu Wei walked toward Li Shi Ying who was standing in front of the ice mirror created by the giant mammoth.

"Mistress where are you going? It is already 3 P.M now" Jiu Wei tilted his head when he saw Li Shi Ying was preparing to go somewhere else.

Li Shi Ying was very eager to go sight seeing the capital city in ancient china! This was a great oppurtunity for her.

But Jij Wei was a little disagree with Li Shi Ying intention to go sight seeing the city.

"Mistress...it is will be dark soon outside. How about going shopping tomorrow morning?" Jiu Wei persuade Shi Ying to not going outside the inn because he thought that the evening wind will not be good for Li Shi Ying body and health.

"Uh...Jiu Wei i need to buy a few female clothes...you know you only have 2 clothes! One of them can only be used as a night gown. You don’t expect me to wear this clothes tomorrow too right?" Li Shi Ying rolled her eyes as she pointed the clothes she wear right now.

It was true that Li Shi Ying hadn’t change her clothes since morning because Jiu Wei didn’t have any clothes for her.

Jiu Wei face went blank and very quickly he felt ashamed! How could he forgot about that?? He already intended to buy a few new clothes for mistress but he was imersed in his experiment just now!

Huhuhu Jiu Wei had the urge to cover his face and bury himself inside a snow pile.

Jiu Wei could only nodded his head meekly while doing Li Shi Ying hair.

It was just that the pink panther begged Li Shi Ying to go with her and so Li Shi Ying now carried a little pink kitten on her shoulder. As for the golden eagle, he went flying to watch the two of them from far away.

Li Shi Ying first went to a several clothing store. She bought a lot of clothes from a formal clothes to a night gown. Li Shi Ying bought sakura pink dress, jade tosca dress, light blue dress, bright yellow dress, red dress, purple dress, orange dress and so on.

She bought nearly 20 female clothes she took a liking to. As for the one who pay, it was no other than the poor Jiu Wei. A single normal quality dress price was 5 silver coins. Half of the clothes Shi Ying bought were a high quality dress.

The price was over 7 to 10 silver coins. Jiu Wei instanly broke in cold sweat. Even if he was quite rich he doubt that his money will survive for a month here. One night sleeping in a normal not too expensive inn costed 3 silver coins.

He didn’t know how long Li Shi Ying wanted to stay in the capital so Jiu Wei began to worry about their living expenses.

Fortunately Li Shi Ying dislike wearing a make up so she didn’t bought any make-up items.

Well Li Shi Ying was more interested in eating then trying make up. And so she bought every single street food she found on the main street. From steamed buns, crepes, dumplings, rice cakes, sweets, apple candy, glutinous rice balls, sweet potato, candied hawthorns, to pancakes.