80 Chapter 81 Mass Hunting

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80 Chapter 81 “Mass Hunting“

There were 3 people whom she knew had a high ranked beast. First it was Fan Guo Zi but it was still understanable as he actually came from a big family in Dragon Country.

The second one was that fragile mysterious lady, Li Shi Ying whom she met a few times before.

The last one...was that boy wearing fox mask.

Meng Yue Ming told Fan Guo Zi about the one eating her ’tofu’ as well as the owner of a high ranked spiritual beast golden eagle.

"Hmm...so you say that his skill is quite good but you can’t sense any cultivation energy from him?" Fan Guo Zi tapped the table in front of him with his slender finger as he listened to Meng Yue Ming story.

Meng Yue Ming nodded her head solemnly.

Fan Guo Zi then fell into a deep silence. He was actually very angry inside.

How could someone eat my Ming’er tofu?? I swear to heaven that i will cut off that boy hand!

Fan Guo Zi was in rage over his beloved lady matter but he could still think clearly. It was quite odd for someone wearing a peasant clothes like that boy could own a high ranked spiritual beast.

Could it be...that the fox mask boy was actually someone from another big country just like him? No no no it couldn’t be. If it is right his subordinate should already told him about it.

In the end Fan Guo Zi could only think that the boy was just lucky. Even if that boy had a high ranked spiritual beast, Fan Guo Zi wasn’t a bit afraid of him.

"Don’t worry. I will avenge him for you." Fan Guo Zi clenched his fist as he said in a determined tone.

Meng Yue Ming didn’t want someone to avenge that boy for her because of her pride but because Fan Guo Zi was stubborn, she gave up.

Meng Yue Ming only said not to take that boy life as his life is going to be taken by her own hand.

Fan Guo Zi agreed and thought about a plan to ’play’ with his new prey. He first sent a subordinate to gather 10 people in apprentice stage who had a low-ranked spiritual beast as a contracted beast.

Then he sent someone to inquire the fox mask boy whereabout. Soon he got the information that the fox mask boy entered a certain inn.

Fan Guo Zi didn’t want to attack Li Shi Ying in midnight as he thought it would be an easy death for him.

While Fan Guo Zi busy planning an ambush for Li Shi Ying, Meng Yue Ming went to grave forest in order to train her skill.

She killed quite a lot of low-ranked spiritual beast in outer area. In the same time a group of professional beast tamer came hunting in the grave forest.

A lot of low-ranked and middle ranked spiritual beast was caught by those beast tamer and the situation was urgent.

Divine beast rarely show themself to human so they were confused about this situation. What should they do?

It was wasn’t rare for beast tamer to came hunting in grave forest but usually those beast tamer hunt in other forest because grave forest was well-known as an extremely dangerous zone.

Now a lot of beast tamer made a cooperation in order to catch a few beast in grave forest making those beasts become restless. There were at least 50 beast tamer and a lot of alchemist came along to aid medicine for those beast tamer.

It seemed that those beast tamer came from dragon country. And there were someone from Fan Family Clan participating in the hunting too.

It was the first time such a big number of beast tamer came to grave forest. There were 100 beast tamer came in total actually, but a lot of them was a newbie and soon got killed by a skilfull spiritual beast in grave forest.

Still, 50 professional beast tamer was enough to threaten all the spiritual beast living in grave forest.

Added with Meng Yue Ming insane mass killing, the number of low ranked spiritual beast decline quickly.