81 Chapter 82 Trouble

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81 Chapter 82 “Trouble“

Jiu Wei was worried. This was the first time something like this had occured in his forest, his home.

It was only after a few minutes that Jiu Wei mind calmed down and he began to think of a plan.

Jiu Wei decided to ask Li Shi Ying opinion first.

Li Shi Ying thought that it was just a big group of beast tamer. Their strength might only reach senior or master stage. One high ranked beast alone could deal with them right? Moreover there were more than a hundred high ranked beast in grave forest.

Once again Li Shi Ying didn’t know the might of beast tamer. Beast tamer capability to capture a spiritual beast didn’t depend on their cultivation energy strength. It depend on their skill.

Usually the highest beast tamer level in lower realm is master level. But there were only a few of them. As for veteran level there were quite a lot of them but not in Qiu Country whereas they gather in 7 big countries.

Jiu Wei got a report that among 50 beast tamers in grave forest there was 1 veteran level beast tamer from Dragon Country and the rest of them were either apprentice level, senior level or disciple level.

With such a huge number of beast tamer capable of capturing middle ranked beast, the population of low ranked beast will be in massive danger!

Only high ranked beast above had intelligence similar to a human. Even a high ranked beast could only do something according to their instinct or obeying a command, moreover a middle ranked and lower ranked beast!

Jiu Wei need to bring assistance to give command to those low ranked and middle ranked beast in order to chase away those beast tamer.

Otherwise high ranked beast, middle ranked beast and low ranked beast will act on they own. It will be a huge chaos if a lot of them start to panic and create a beast tide!

"Just leave me the golden eagle and the pink panther. I will manage somehow" Li Shi Ying reassured Jiu Wei with a smile after she heard Jiu Wei hesitation.

Jiu Wei thought that 2 high ranked beast could absolutely protect Li Shi Ying in a small country like Qiu Country.

Jiu Wei also remember that a shadow guard left by Long Ao Zhen will be there to watch over Li Shi Ying so he wasn’t that worried anymore.

Li Shi Ying should drink a freshly made medicine but because Jiu Wei will be away for a day while Li Shi Ying need to drink medicine three times in a day, Jiu Wei decided to let Li Shi Ying made the medicine for herself.

The method was really easy so Jiu Wei believe Li Shi Ying could made it.

With no one in the inn, Li Shi Ying decide to take a bath and had a breakfast first before going to ’Hundred Herb Hall’. She need to buy herb and make her morning medicine afterall.

Li Shi Ying wore the same outfit as yesterday as she thought it would be safer to dress as a boy rather than a girl.