85 Chapter 86 Escape

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85 Chapter 86 “Escape“

With Li Shi Ying command which was in beast languange, all the beast inaide the room stood up and started to attack their own master.

Even the winged horse went out of the room to find his master and beat him up. That was what Li Shi Ying command him to do privately.

The 10 men was panicked when they saw their beast attacked them instead! The power of low ranked beast was slightly greater than a human in senior stage.

How could a bunch of men in early stage of apprentice stage could resist these beasts power?

Very soon the beasts crippled their own master cultivation and they were released from the contract binding them.

Li Shi Ying didn’t waste her chance at all. Dragging her weak body, Li Shi Ying hop on the pink panther back and told her to quickly escape as fast as possible.

She indeed could kill Fan Guo Zi right now but she will leave it to the winged horse. Her urgent priority was to heal her wound! She could die anytime for the blood loss and bone fracture everywhere on her body.

When Li Shi Ying escape the room, at the same time the winged horse also attacked Fan Guo Zi. It’s strength was great as he was a high ranked beast. He was slightly stronger than someone in semi-saint stage.

It didn’t take him long to crippled Fan Guo Zi. Fan Guo Zi was really shocked when his own beast attacked him out of nowhere. He tried to force his beast through the contract but the winged horse didn’t care about the pain he got from the contract resistance.

It was usually impossible for a contracted beast to harm their own master because the contract will inflict great pain to their body if they did so.

But the winged horse bear with the immense pain as all he could obey was Li Shi Ying command. For him it was a great honor to execute someone with a dragon aura’s command!

And so Fan Guo Zi received great injury on his dantian and he immediately escape under his personal guard protection. Fan Guo Zi could be said to be half-crippled as he couldn’t use his cultivation energy for a long time till his dantian healed.

The winged horse wanted to chase after Fan Guo Zi but because the contract between him and Fan Guo Zi was already cutted, he felt like his mission had been succeed and so the winged horse didn’t chase after Fan Guo Zi.

The winged horse went back to the room, guided the rest of low ramked beast inside and went to a faraway place from Qiu Country.

On Li Shi Ying side, she was currently riding a pink panther with a gread speed. Even though the speed made her want to puke, Li Shi Ying gritted her teeth and repeat this word in her heart "A little bit more...i’ll be fine...i am going to be fine!"

"Mistress...this place is actually far far away from capital city! We are in a deserted town 2 days away from capital city. Even with my speed, we could only reach capital city in 1 day!" the pink panther was actually exhausted by the great battle earlier but she also didn’t want to drag down her master.

Her master need to be treated as soon aa possible! in 1 day Jiu Wei will be back so when mistress arrived in capital city she could immediately get treatment.

"What?? So far away?? Damn that Fan Guo Zi!!" Li Shi Ying clenched her fist and felt a great anger burning inside her heart.

Only did now she realized that she was still too weak! Without spiritual beast protection she was as weak as a baby!

Li Shi Ying bit her lips and made an oath that no matter how hard it is she must find a way to become stronger! There is many ways to Roma. If she couldn’t cultivate then she could find another way to gain strength!

She had to be strong in this cruel, law of the jungle world. Li Shi Ying realized that she had been to idle and naive. Someone like her who had no status nor strength could be killed anytime soon!

Li Shi Ying eyes flicked with determination. She must find a way to strengthen her body and gain power otherwise her dream to have a nice and lazy life would be nothing but a dream.

Li Shi Ying told the pink panther to ran non-stop through the day. She indeed allowed the panther to took a rest for 15 minutes every 5 hours as she also needed to rest her pained butt.

During the day, Li Shi Ying condition hadn’t gotten worst but once sun set down, the chill and cold air in winter instanly made Li Shi Ying body worsen.

Li Shi Ying only source of warmth was the pink panther body. The wound on her body began to react and she slowly got a fever. Li Shi Ying couldn’t use her left hand and to move her right hand, she had to brought out a lot of energy.

Li Shi Ying lay her body like a log on the pink panther back as they ran in great speed toward capital city.