93 Chapter 94 Male Lead Revenge

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93 Chapter 94 “Male Lead Revenge“

What Li Shi Ying didn’t know is that after Long Ao Zhen snatch Jiu Wei room, he didn’t went to sleep or anything. The first thing he did was to call his shadow guard.

"No.1 quickly investigate the bastard who harm my wife! I want the information delivered to my hand this night" Long Ao Zhen face turned serious and rage could be seen inside his eyes.

Despite knowing Li Shi Ying life wasn’t in danger anymore, his heart still hurt a lot everytime he looked at those bandages in Li Shi Ying body. He swear that he would absolutely kill the culprit who made his wife ended up like that.

"Yes master!" the leader of the shadow guard quickly disappear from the room followed by his two subordinates. As for the shadow guard who failed to protect Li Shi Ying, he was currently getting a punishment from Long Ao Zhen.

"Shit! You haven’t find that smelly boy??" A man in red suddenly shouted in anger toward a man in black.

"Sorry master we did find him inside the same inn but somehow there is an extremely powerful aura around that boy room!" The man in black kneeled and while he spoke, his body trembled with fear.

It was true that he saw the boy riding a pink panther entered a shabby inn but when he tried to follow, he felt an extremely strong aura. It was an aura of someone in holy-saint stage!! Holy molly....what is that boy true identity??

Why did he have such a strong backer at his side?!

When the man in red heard what the man in black said, he knitted his eyebrow in displeasure.

The man in red which was Fan Guo Zi, sat back slowly to his seat.

Damn it! No wonder that boy could injure me! It seems like his background isn’t anything simple!

Fan Guo Zi thought that Li Shi Ying who disguised as a boy back then must be a beast tamer. He just realized it when his own spiritual beast attacked him! But...he never heard of a beast tamer who could command other people contracted beast?

Don’t tell him that the boy he beat up like a rag doll was actually a grandmaster beast tamer? no no no of he was indeed a grandmaster beast tamer...why did that boy didn’t command his winged horse earlier?

Well a grandmaster beast tamer was very rare so not many people knew their true ability. It would be possible for them to have the ability to control other people contracted beast...

Fan Guo Zi gritted his teeth as he looked toward his dantian. Because of the winged horse attack, his dantian was injured very badly and if his subordinate didn’t come in time, he would be a cripple now!

Fan Guo Zi thought hard in his mind until he came to a solution. It was the best for him to leave this capital city. That fox mask boy was too mysterious and he even had a super strong backer...it was dangerous for him to stay any longer.

"We will depart tonight! Inform all my people to pack up. We have to leave this town as soon as possible!" Fan Guo Zi waved his hand and went back to his bed. He need to cultivate a bit longer to repair the damage on his dantian!

Fan Guo Zi decision was indeed very good because Jiu Wei had been planning to find the person who harm his mistress and kill him. What Fan Guo Zi and Jiu Wei didn’t expect was Long Ao Zhen participation.

Jiu Wei could never thought that Long Ao Zhen cherished his wife so much so that he would personally handle this little matter.

That night, before Fan Guo Zi depart, a certain figure nimbly sneaked in to his bedroom. That figure would of course be our male lead, Long Ao Zhen.

After Long Ao Zhen receive the report from his guard, he immediately went to the place mentioned by his guard in high speed.

So the bastard who dare to harm my wife is you! A tiny measy young master of Fan Family in Dragon Country dare to act so arrogant huh?!

Long Ao Zhen completely sealed off his presence when he entered Fan Guo Zi room. Actually he wanted to create a big chaos with killing off every single living being in this place but he thought that it wouldn’t be good if somehow his wife got involved.

He got daily report from the guard he left behind to protect Li Shi Ying so he knew every single movement of his wife even when he wasn’t there.

Who would have know that this bastard was someone Jiu Wei knew? That fox would bang his head to death if he knew about this!

Long Ao Zhen eyes glint with a dangerous light when he saw Fan Guo Zi who just woke up from his cultivation state.