99 Chapter 100 Male Lead Fated Encounter with Female Lead

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99 Chapter 100 “Male Lead Fated Encounter with Female Lead“

Li Shi Ying was ’afraid’ of such intimate gesture getting feeded up by the male lead so she snatched the bowl in Long Ao Zhen hand and gulped it down in a second. The way she drank the medicine was as if she hadn’t drink water for a year.

After drinking the ’poison’, Li Shi Ying was about to get an afternoon nap when suddenly.

NYUT. Li Shi Ying felt pain on her body. The pain was very faint but it was horrible like countless ants gnawing at her internal organ.

Li Shi Ying face subconsciously turned pale and she bit her lips tightly.

But the weird thing was that the pain disappeared very quickly. It only appeared for a few seconds before vanished like a smoke, making Li Shi Ying doubt whether she just felt a pain or not.

After a short decision, Li Shi Ying choose to ignore that fleeting pain in her body.

It must be a pain remained from her old wound or something. It wasn’t something big.

Long Ao Zhen sense Li Shi Ying short change in expression. Looking at his ’little sister’ who suddenly turned pale, Long Ao Zhen knitted his eyebrow in discomfort.

Just now he suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

But before Long Ao Zhen could ask Li Shi Ying more about her condition, something inside his body reached bottleneck.

It was time for a breakthrough!

Long Ao Zhen face fell when he realized that it was the time for his crucial breakthrough. He needed to go to the grave forest as soon as possible.

"You sleep here, don’t go anywhere. If you want to go ask Jiu Wei to come with you. Big brother has an urgent issue so i will leave for a few days" Long Ao Zhen stroked Li Shi Ying head again and covered her body with blanket.

Without waiting for Li Shi Ying response, Long Ao Zhen ran out from the room with lightning speed. Of course his three shadow guards followed closely behind.

Li Shi Ying: ??? so sudden??

Li Shi Ying was puzzled with Long Ao Zhen sudden departure but she quickly calmed down and slowly went into a deep sleep.

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Meng Yue Ming had been training in grave forest for nearly 1 week since she got defeated by the fox masked boy. After a long time finally her scared beast, Bai Ze had woke up from his deep slumber.

Today as well, she was fighting a bunch of low ranked beast since morning. She had been fighting with a giant snake inside a giant cave for quite a long time.


Not too far from Meng Yue Ming place, Long Ao Zhen sat down inside another giant cave to achieve breakthrough. He left behind 1 of his guard to watch over his ’little sister’ and positioned his other two guards to guard the cave entrance.

Little did he know that the cave he occupied was actually connected with the cave where Meng Yue Ming battled the giant snake.

BOOM! A powerful surge of aura exploded inside the giant cave.

Meng Yue Ming who had just subdued the giant snake, fell flat to the ground because of the immense pressure.

"Mistress! Someone strong had just have a breakthrough!" Bai Ze, Meng Yue Ming sacred beast shout out in surprise inside the contracted space.

Meng Yue Ming could felt the heavy pressure around her body and sweat flowed down from her forehead. "How strong is that someone?"

"Above God stage!! OMG seems like this person is a real powerful expert!" Bai Ze could faintly sense a familiar aura when Long Ao Zhen achieve a breakthrough. This aura was so warm yet powerful making him want to kneel down and worshipped this person.

Meng Yue Ming gasped in surprise. What? someone above god stage?? how could someone as strong as that live here in small country like Qiu Country?

Meng Yue Ming, the same with any other FL was curious. She knew she might encounter problem but somehow deep inside her heart, something attract her to go find that person.

So just like that with the help of Bai Ze, Meng Yue Ming hide her presence and went explored the cave to find that certain person.

At the same time at Long Ao Zhen place.

Long Ao Zhen forehead was filled with sweat. Just now he had successfully advance to a new stage but in the process, he injured his dantian a little.

Now he had to cultivate for a full 1 day to recover.

But just when he was about to cultivate more, he sense someone not too far away behind him.

"Who is there?!" Long Ao Zhen looked back as he released his mighty dragon aura.

This person behind him is actually quite skillful to came this close without him knowing.

A wave of Long Ao Zhen aura hit Meng Yue Ming body and she instanly coughed out blood.

"A dragon aura! Mistress this person is a dragon!!" Bai Ze excited yet worried voice echoed inside Meng Yue Ming mind.

Long Ao Zhen looked toward Meng Yue Ming figure and when their eyes met, his heart stopped beating and he felt as if a hammer hit his heart hard.