Chapter 65 – Sunset Mountain Range (2)

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Chapter 65 – Sunset Mountain Range (2)

Su Luo’s gaze was clear and dainty, as she gave a superficial smile. “What is there to fear? Don’t tell me that you think I don’t have even the slightest capacity to protect myself?”

Right now she did not really have any spiritual strength, but her previous life had provided her with more than ten years of hellish training. Moreover her career as an assassin wasn’t just some useless walk in the park either.

The kind of blood-thirsty instinct to slaughter had perfected a single-minded, fearless, and tenacious heart

Suddenly, a meaningful smile that was not quite a smile surfaced from the depth of Nangong Liuyun’s eyes. He was currently hand in hand with Su Luo, when he suddenly pulled her behind his back and stopped in his tracks, not moving.

His beautiful lily-white hands were holding Su Luo’s hands. His gaze was languid and devilishly charming, yet it seemed to continuously hold a look of a ruthless tyrant.

All of a sudden, his mouth elicited a sinister smile and he unhurriedly let loose but two words. “It’s coming.”

Su Luo’s heart was full of curiosity. From his tall, straight, and well-favored back, she peaked out, following his gaze and looked toward the front.

From a distance about more than one hundred meters away, she saw an enormous coiled python.

The python was no less than ten meters long; its lower body was coiled into a crude crater. The scales that covered its body was a gorgeous rainbow color. Its bloody mouth gaped wide open, like a sacrificial bowl; and its split tongue was the size of an averaged-sized snake, which gave off a vengeful and malevolent impression!

“Wild Serpent, fourth ranked magical beast with a very strong attack power and highly poisonous.” Nangong Liuyun’s dark red lips softly informed, giving Su Luo the detailed explanation.

If it were any other, he naturally would not have said a word.

“Hiss….hisssss——.” The large python’s mouth hissed its snake-like tongue, then its mouth let loose a dense green fog.

At this time, a spotted deer, momentarily passing through without checking, became contaminated by the miasma. Not long after it had come in contact with the poison, the entire body of the spotted deer started to seize.

It was as if its body was covered in some kind of corrosive, for even the naked eye could watch the rapid rate of decay as it slowly claimed the deer. By the time it finally collapsed, there was only a white skeleton left.

On the ground the dense green ink like substance was similar to a carbonated juice, continuously releasing small air bubbles. The air still had a strong stench of rot.

From start to finish, the spotted deer’s decay -which started from being robustly alive to being a corroded puddle of melted flesh and bare bones-, took no more than ten minutes.

“Such a toxic poison,” Su Luo suddenly had a feeling of absolute horror.

This poison was absolutely more terrifying than the most concentrated sulfuric acid. Despite this, the snake venom could indeed be great stuff for wiping out any trace of corpses. This function was why people would often journey far from home to obtain it.

Su Luo asked herself honestly, in the event that she came across such a large python. If she wanted to beat it. It would nearly be impossible.

Of course, if she fought with the thought of mutual destruction, it’s not like she wouldn’t have the ability to battle against it.

In a brief moment, this giant python had given her a vivid lesson.

The existence of the Wild Serpent taught her, that once she entered Sunset Mountain Range, she must think of how to proceed carefully by adapting to the matters at hand. If she want to walk out safely and intact. In the forest she must take care with each and every step with constant vigilance.

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of deep eyes were like a night-black pearl in the middle of the deep sea, shimmering with luminous radiance. He smilingly said. “Girl. Neglect the fundamentals and concentrate on the details. The most useful part of this Wild Serpent is not really its poison.”

“Could it be its central monster core?” Isn’t it said that a snake’s inner core can solve the riddle of hundreds of poisons?

Nangong Liuyun’s dark red lips curved up into a mysterious smile. His eyes were overflowing with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. “Very soon you will know.”

The person who loved to keep people on tenterhooks the most was him. Su Luo somewhat frustratedly pouted her red lips.

Before, what Liu Ruohua told him regarding her background, he had unexpectedly kept it a tightly held secret. He wouldn’t even reveal even half a sentence to her.

At this moment, the Wild Serpent had already discovered their presence.

Its mouth, splitting out a snake-like tongue, slithered and crawled toward them, with fangs bared giving off a sinister appearance.

However, what astounded Su Luo the most, it had unexpectedly….unexpectedly completely ignored her and Nangong Liuyun. It directly passed them and moved towards their rear.

This in turn made Su Luo, who had been looking forward to Nangong Liuyun battling it out with the Wild Serpent, somewhat disappointed….