Chapter 82 – You have been abandoned (1)

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Chapter 82 – You have been abandoned (1)

She saw that ball of blood quickly split in two, half flew into Su Luo’s body, the other half flew into the adorable little dragon’s body.

While Su Luo was was still standing there astonished, a burst of pain suddenly penetrated through her brain. Afterwords, an enormous amount of knowledge immediately rushed into her head like a tide.

The adorable little dragon had actually formed a contract with her? Moreover, it was a contract between equals, not one of subjugation.

“Adorable little dragon, what are you called?” Su Luo could sense a thread of spiritual connection with the adorable little dragon, as if she can conduct a telepathic exchange with it.

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“Mah, Mah…” The young dragon’s words weren’t clear.

“MahMah? What kind of name it that? Forget it, I’ll just call you Meng Meng (1) from now on, okay?” Su Luo’s slender figures rubbed the round and chubby head of the adorable little dragon.

“Ha, ha…” The adorable little dragon seemed to be overjoyed. It laughed until its eyes become narrow lines.

Anyways, it was obvious that the goddess of fortune once again favored her.

Suddenly, the scene in front of her eyes blurred. Su Luo dodged, but she had already entered a completely unfamiliar place.

Su Luo carried the adorable little dragon and inquisitively looked around.

Don’t tell me, could it be….that this was her space?

But this space was really small and only about ten square meters in size. Moreover, it only had a small fountain-like spirit spring and there was nothing else?

Also, what made Su Luo even more depressed was that the adorable little dragon’s body can enter. But as for her, only her spirit can enter.

Her spirit entered the space, but her body was still outside.

This made her somewhat depressed. It proved that her space was different from the legendary rumored space in one’s body.

The space spoken of in legendary rumors stated that the owner can enter with their physical body. This way, when in danger, the person at any time can avoid harm by entering their space. This indeed was the best treasure to bypass being killed for property while on a journey away from home.

However looking at the current situation, she would have to take her time making a decision (2).

Su Luo quietly examined this difficult to come by space.

At this moment, the adorable little dragon had already taken some steps with its little short legs. Its entire body was on its stomach by the side of the spirit spring, with its little head leaning in to enthusiastically drink the spring water.

The mouth of the spring was merely the size of a wooden barrel and the spring water was so clear that you could see the bottom. It also issued a faint but sweet fragrance.

Su Luo drank a mouthful from the spirit spring and immediately felt as if the filth in her entire body had washed away, leaving nothing behind. Her entire body was relaxed and invigorated, her bright expression was full of crisp vital energy.

But, this was not right…

Su Luo suddenly realized that this spirit spring compared to the Celestial Spirit water she stole from the Su Manor was exactly the same!

She previously had tasted a tiny bit of the Celestial Spirit water, so now with just one drink she could determine it.

Su Lu immediately felt as if a stone was lodged in her throat making her speechless.

Before, in order to get that Celestial Spirit water, she had suffered untold hardships to steal it. She had been chased after by that conveniently cheap old father which caused her to run around the entire Manor. However, she never expected that after opening her space, the Celestial Spirit water available did not amount to mere bottles but instead contained an entire fountain of spirit spring.

Wasn’t the goddess of fortune smile down upon her too much? There was no way she could return the favor.

While Su Luo was in the midst of her narcissistic thoughts, suddenly she had a very bad premonition. She became awared of a scathing murderous aura that was closing in from afar.

Now, it sprayed a mouthful of Dragon’s Breath directly towards her!

Su Luo was so scared that her complexion quickly changed.

She turned and just ran, similar to a cunning rabbit running at lightning speed.

1) Meng Meng – Chinese pinyin for the character adorable. She named the dragon adorable, adorable ????

2) to take her time making a decision – idiom: to consider at length