Chapter 90 -- To come back from death’s door (3)

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Chapter 90 -- To come back from death’s door (3)

Qin Ning knew that Liu Ruohua had been with Su Luo before. After a little bit of questioning, she discovered that Su Luo had indeed been lucky enough to survive. She had even escaped from that tornado!

Qin Ning gave her a sly and cold smile. It looks like their moment to earn some merit from the young princess was finally here.

As a result of the directions provided by Liu Rouhua, Qin Ning was able to retrace the path that Su Luo had used when fleeing for her life. She was determined to hunt this Su Luo down. .

Su Luo still didn’t know that Qin Ning had brought people to chase after her with the intent to kill. Right now she was in the middle of cooking a few stolen magical beast’s eggs over an open fire.

During this entire afternoon, she had been constantly running away from those who wanted to kill her. Because of this, she had consumed a huge amount of her stamina; therefore she had to fill her stomach first. Besides, in this Sunset Mountain Range, who knew when her next meal would be at.

Her journey’s bitter experiences, after entering Sunset Mountain Range, made Su Luo realize that, in this world, strength was the most important thing to have. So she urgently needed to find a peaceful place to start her cultivation practices.

Seeing her dual wood and fire elements encircling her body, Su Luo bit off a mouthful of magical beast’s egg. Her heart was elated, she planned to find some basic wood, fire element books to practice with after leaving this place.

Suddenly, Su Luo’s hand that was holding the magical beast egg paused, a feeling of impending crisis assailed her thoughts.

She had spent her entire previous life working as an assassin, so naturally Su Luo was most sensitive to this kind of murderous intent.

She was absolutely sure she was not wrong about this!

This was not the killing intent emitted by a magical beast but from a person!

Su Luo saw the other few eggs still being cooked, without even having to think she picked them up and threw them into her space. She immediately headed into the forest and slipped away very quickly.

Su Luo ran in a hurry for a full four hours (1). When she finally stopped, she quickly hid behind a sheer cliff.

Now the sky had gradually darken towards night, the moon was casting its hazy shadow.

Su Luo slowed down and quieted her breathing, she also slowed down her heartbeat. Her entire person was hidden in darkness blending in with the cliff within the dark night.

Even master martial artist wouldn’t be able to distinguish her from the face of the cliff.

At that very moment, a maiden seemed to fly over from afar. Her clothes was white like snow, with a simple and neat appearance, a light blue-colored diaphanous outer layer covering her clothing. Her body gave off an exceedingly refined manner.

Su Luo recognized her. She was not a stranger but one of the maids standing by the Jade Lake’s fairy’s side.

Su Luo had an excellent memory. As long as she saw them before, even after a few years, she would be able to recognize them at once. This was especially true for someone she meet only half a day ago.

“Su Luo, I know you are over there, come out, no need to hide.” This person was called Cui Yu, her call was cold and devoid of any mercy. In the darkness of the night, it conjured up quite a horrifying feeling.

Su Luo sneered in her mind: if she really knew where Su Luo was then why was she still looking around in all directions?

How could this be considered knowing where she was?

Was she underestimating her as a good-for-nothing greenhorn who knows nothing?

However, Su Luo thought this was odd. Why had this maid come looking for her? And also why was she carrying a strong killing intent on her body?

Su Luo thought of a possibility.

That kind of person, clear as ice and clean as jade (2), a woman seemingly not profaned by the worldly dust. Would she actually order her underlings to kill her? Although it was unreasonable, it was also not impossible.

Ke Nan (3) said it best, if you rule out everything that was impossible, then the remaining reason must be the truth, no matter how crazy it sounded.

It seem that the Jade Lake’s fairy….was also human!

She originally thought that she was so temperate, so lofty and unsoiled, so exceedingly refined, and so above the common people. But as it turned out she was also a woman that would go frantically crazy over a man.

Su Luo’s heart smiled coldly.

She must capture this girl and confirm her own guess, so she can determine who her her real enemy was.

She, Su Luo was never a person to sit and wait for death, if others want to kill her then they must pay with their lives!

Su Luo motionlessly hid somewhere below the cliff.

Waiting for Cui Yu to get closer.

2) clear as ice and clean as jade – idiom: spotless, irreproachable, incorruptible

3) Ke Nan – is the Chinese name for detective Conan from the Japanese anime/manga Meitantei Conan otherwise known in America as Case Closed. Thank you readers for pointing out that Ke Nan or Conan is the middle name of Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle author of Sherlock Holmes original source of this quote and inspiration for the anime/Manga. Pretty sure the author was referring to Case Closed.