Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Too Much of a Bite


“Ye Jinxuan, stop being unreasonable!” Xia Chunyu said angrily.

“I am not being unreasonable! You are! You are heartless. I’ve treated you so well, and I always try my best to take care of you, but what do I get? Why do you always yell and curse at me? Every time you don’t like something I do, you just threaten me. Are you just that cold-hearted? What more can I do to thaw that frozen heart of yours? Can -” Ye Jiayao broke off, unable to continue speaking through her tears. This was the first time she didn’t pretend to cry in front of him. All the thoughts of what she went through in her tragic time-travel covered her face in tears.

Women’s tears are men’s curse. Xia Chunyu’s anger evaporated as soon as he saw her cry. He resisted the urge to take her to his arms and comfort her. He wasn’t sure how such a small thing resulted in this turmoil. She practically accused him of being the devil incarnate!

Song Qi and Peng Wu hid behind the door, eavesdropping. They were both wondering how the fight started between the couple.

“Should I go inside, and urge them to make peace?” Peng Wu offered quietly.

“Let’s just wait for a while,” Song Qi replied. Right now, their sister-in-law was flying off the handle, and Song Qi wanted to see how would third-in-charge respond. This was a rare occasion to watch. Why should they interrupt? They would wait until big sister couldn’t handle it anymore before swooping in to help.

“Why are you being so sensitive? The other brothers will think that I treat you terribly. I’m just telling you not to bring the rabbits in! Did you forget that last time, they took a dump on the bed?” Chunyu evaded the crucial point.

“Stop talking nonsense. Be honest with me. Who am I to you?” Ye Jiayao cried.

Xia Chunyu was very close to losing his temper. This woman has lost her mind.?Do I have to yield to her? She is already so cocky right now, what more if I give in to her demands? I’m getting away from this bullsh*t.

“I have no time to play your games, Ye Jinxuan. There are heaps of things to deal with in the village.” Xia Chunyu turned around and walked away.

He was running???That little coward!?Ye Jiayao was so angry, she could feel a pit building in her stomach. If he walked away without the problem being solved, she just wasted her time and energy.

Ye Jiayao jumped down from the couch and chased after him. “No, you don’t need to go. It is your place, I will leave.”

Song Qi and Peng Wu looked at each other outside the door, both knowing that they could not let the couple out of the room until they’ve fixed their problems. Song Qi immediately?pulled out the short knife from his pocket and bolted the door.

Due to the rush of adrenaline and anger she was feeling, Ye Jiayao was able to push Chunyu away, making him stagger. She rushed to the door before he could recover.

Why the f*ck can’t I open this door?

“Are you insane?” Xia Chunyu didn’t want her to go out looking like she was at the moment. He grasped her waist and dragged her back to the middle of the room. She wasn’t stable, and who knows what she would do? He now knew that he had to clear up whatever mess this was, or he would lose her.

“Let go of me! Let me out! I don’t want to stay here! I can’t bear this any longer. I don’t want to see you anymore! You’re just a prick who doesn’t care about me!” Ye Jiayao screamed, throwing kicks and punches his way. Since she was already fighting, she might as well do some real damage to him.

Poor Da Bao and Er Bao were so scared, they hid under the bed, shivering.

Song Qi and Peng Wu were also worried as the situation seemed to just get worse and worse every second.

Xia Chunyu allowed her to a couple of hits as he figured out his dilemma. He was dealing with a crazy woman for the very first time in his life. He carried her in and threw her on the bed. He also pounced on top of her, catching her struggling hands, pressing her down tightly. “Enough woman! Stop this madness!”

Ye Jiayao was on a roll and she couldn’t stop. Since her hands and feet were held down, she used her teeth to make her point. She didn’t care where she bit him and she just targeted wherever she could get to. In the end, she managed to bit Xia Chunyu’s nose.

“Ah, ah, ah! You crazy woman! Let go, immediately!” Xia Chunyu felt the pain and shouted. To be honest, he really didn’t care about the pain. He was more worried about what he would look like if she broke his nose.

“Umphurghff,” she garbled.

“Stupid woman! When did I say I don’t care about you? Why don’t you let me finish my sentences before you get angry?”?Xia Chunyu had to address the situation to make her stop.

She bit his nose harder.

“I don’t believe you!”

It came out muffled and distorted, but luckily, Xia Chunyu could understand her jargon. “Why would I lie to you? Loosen the teeth, please.”

“You swear?”

Xia Chunyu was furious, but his nose was still in between her teeth, so he had to conform to her or she might go crazy again.

“Alright. Let me go and I’ll swear.”

Ye Jiayao was not stupid. Until she got what she wanted, she wouldn’t let go of his nose.

“Swear to me first.”

“Okay! I swear, I won’t leave you alone,” Xia Chunyu said perfunctorily.

“You’re not sincere.”

F*ck!??Xia Chunyu took a deep breath and tried hard to control his emotions. “I swear that I will not leave you alone.”

“You need to say that, if you violate your vow, you won’t take another wife for a lifetime.” Ye Jiayao reached out for a yard after taking an inch. This was her life they were talking about, she had to be serious.

Xia Chunyu demanded through gritted teeth, “Ye Jinxuan, this has gone too far!”

“Okay, okay! If I violate my vow, I will never take a wife again in this lifetime.” Xia Chunyu had no choice but to submit to her demands. The last thing he wanted was to agree to this ridiculous condition, but he couldn’t offend her openly. He already had so many problems, he didn’t want to create new ones.

Song Qi and Peng Wu tittered outside the door.?Third-in-charge finally compromised!?Who would’ve thought that his weakness would be his wife??Song Qi withdrew the knife he put in the door rings, and the two of them left quietly.

Ye Jiayao finally stopped biting. Xia Chunyu immediately covered his nose and ran to the mirror to check his wound. He almost blew his top when he saw a prominent bite mark on his nose. “Ye Jinxuan! Look at what you did!”

Ye Jiayao glanced at him and sobbed softly. She felt anxious. She admits that what she had done was a bit too extreme, and the bite mark wouldn’t disappear in just a short period of time. He always took great pride in his appearance. Even when the second-in-charge was wounded in the ambush, he still went back and changed his bloody clothes before the briefing. He always wore tidy clothes before he went out. Seeing what she had done now, he must be furious.

“A gentleman uses his mouth, not his fists,” Ye Jiayao reminded him. “Also, it was you who came so close to me!”

Xia Chunyu laughed. He has studied for ten years, but it wasn’t until today, did he finally understood the meaning of that bothersome quote.

“So, a gentleman uses his mouth not his fists, right? Okay, let me be a gentleman then.” Xia Chunyu pretended to come at her.

Ye Jiayao hurriedly hid inside the blanket and extended her arm out. “You can bite there.”

Xia Chunyu was about to bite her when Ye?Jiayao rolled over on the bed, covering her belly. “Aww! My stomach hurts!”

“Stop pretending you’ve got a stomachache. Put your arm out now.” Xia Chunyu remained indifferent.

“No! It’s really painful.” Ye Jiayao wasn’t pretending, it really was painful. It felt like her guts were knotting together, cramping excruciatingly. She has never suffered such a pain before.

Xia Chunyu halted and stared at her. Her face was deathly pale and there were beads of sweat all over her forehead. “What’s going on? How did you get sudden pain? Did you eat bad food?” Xia Chunyu worried.

Ye Jiayao was in too much pain to speak, so she just nodded weakly. There was no way that she ate bad food. The dumplings she ate at lunch were cooked well, and her cooking was generally clean.

“Hang in there, I will go get Mr. Liu.” Xia Chunyu went to seek the doctor immediately. He rushed out, totally forgetting the obvious bite mark on his nose.

Ye Jiayao’s body was covered in cold sweat.?Damn it!??What was this illness? Enteritis? It can’t be appendicitis because it was in the wrong spot for that. If she had enteritis, it was not easy to cure this time. Mr. Liu most likely wouldn’t even know what it was, let alone be able to cure it. This was why people in ancient times had such a short lifespan. It was because their medical skills, equipment, and techniques were underdeveloped.

Suddenly, Ye Jiayao felt a warm gush of liquid at her lower body. The?familiar feeling made her pause. Could she be getting her period?

Her periods were never as painful as this, though. Her abdomen was almost feeling sore and her limbs were powerless.

Ye Jiayao forced herself to go to the bathroom to check. She came out, a short minute later, her head hung. She walked out and called for Song Qi.

Song Qi rushed out from his room and promptly freaked out when he saw the state his big sister was in. He thought that it must’ve been uneasy for his big sister to fight because it looked like it sapped her vitality.

“Sister-in-law, what is it?” Song Qi worried.

“Song Qi, call Auntie Jiang for me. Hurry!” Ye Jiayao requested before she closed the door to avoid further questions from Song Qi. It was hard to explain this type of things to a guy.

Song Qi rushed to Auntie Jiang.

Ye Jiayo had already changed clothes and was lying down on the bed when Xia Chunyu brought Mr. Liu back. Her stomach was still cramping, but it wasn’t as painful as before.

“Mr. Liu, could you please check? My wife had a stomachache a moment ago,” Xia Chunyu said hurriedly.

Ye Jiayao looked at Mr. Liu and said gloomily, “Chunyu, I need to tell you something.”

“You can tell me after Mr. Liu checks you up,”

“No, I have to tell you now.” Ye Jiayao made hand gestures to Xia Chunyu, hoping to convey her message without actually saying the embarrassing words.

Mr. Liu coughed and excused himself. “I’ll come back after you two finished your talk.”

Xia Chunyu was embarrassed, and simply made a hurried gesture of thanks to Mr. Liu. After he had left, Xia Chunyu lowered his voice, and asked, “What do you want? Aren’t you in pain? Can’t you wait until he after he looked you over?”

Ye Jiayao waved him over. “Come closer.”

Xia Chunyu stared at her angrily for a moment before finally moving towards her.

Ye Jiayao tugged at his sleeves to request him to lower his head.

Xia Chunyu lowered his head patiently.

“I am not sick,” Ye Jiayao confessed softly.