Chapter 424 - Extra Story Four ( Xia Chunfeng ) ?

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In the summer of the tenth year of reign of Emperor Tianbao, when Emperor Wu of Xuan who governed his people by both civilians and violence reigned for ten years, the whole country was prosperous and peaceful, and people were living and working in peace and contentment. Xia Chunfeng got a promotion and brought his family back to Jinling.

Xia Chunyu and Xia Chunli went out of the city early in the morning to meet them. Ye Jiayao also kept busy, gathering servants and arranging various matters.

” Is the third yard cleaned up?”

” Yes, the three little masters’ rooms are also ready.” The one from Lin Kun’s family answered.

” What about the servants for the third yard?”

” Yeah, they are in position as your command.”

” The kitchen over there?”

” The materials have been prepared and are the freshest …”

Ye Jiayao nodded and wondered what else was missing.

Chunfeng and Little Ya had been away from home for many years, but they were finally coming back. You was glad very much and had repeatedly told her that everything should be properly arranged and nothing should be neglected.

Xiangtao was also the Mother in charge now. Seeing that the second lady was still thinking with a frown, she said with a smile: ” Please relax, the second lady. Everything is ready. Now what you should do is just wait for them.”

Ye Jiayao then stretched her brows and said with a smile, ” That’s good. Everyone should cheer up and welcome the third master and the third lady home.”

The servants took order to melt over.

Ye Jiayao asked Yexue, ” Does Tianci get up?”

Yexue replied, ” Young Master got up early and has been studying. He said that although he did not go to school today, his lessons could not be left behind. He learns what he should learn first so that he can play well with Taiyang and other young masters.”

Ye Jiayao couldn’t help laughing: ” What he said is good, but he doesn’t work so hard on weekdays. He said like that because he would like to play widely when other masters return back. He deliberately does as he said to protect him from my blaming.”

Xiangtao laughed: ” What the second lady said is unfair. The young master Tianci is talented. No matter what he learns, he shouldn’t learn by holding the book all day as the others did. Even Professor Su is full of praise for him.”

When it came to understanding, Tianci’s comprehension was indeed beyond ordinary people. He was only nine years old, but the teachers in the school and Professor Su said that his present level of learning was further beyond the examination of the scholar. Plus, he learned martial arts well and was good at cooking. He had many fantastic ideas about cook, even more than she, the world’s top chef did.

Ye Jiayao was very satisfied with this, but she also worried a lot. Although he was clever, he sometimes played tricks on people. He was honest like a rabbit in front of her, but definitely a bully outside. Even children several years older than him had to listen to his orders.

Ye Jiayao shook her head and smiled. Forgot it. After all, the child was young. They several cousins had not seen each other for a long time, let him play happily.

When it was about 10 o’clock, Song Qi came to report that the Heir-son Lord had already received the third master and would come here soon.

Ye Jiayao immediately sent someone to inform the duke and his wife that they were going out to welcome them.

The scene of reunion after a long separation was always particularly touching. Ye Jiayao was better, after all, she met in the border trade city years ago, but You didn’t see her son and grandson in seven or eight years. She cried so much that her usual noble dignity completely disappeared. At the moment, she was only a mother who separated from her child for many years.

Ye Jiayao advised: ” Mother, It is very hot here, the third young brother and the third young sister-in-law are tired all the way. Let’s go back to the house and talk about it again.”

You remembered it just now. She wiped away the tears and said with a smile, ” I’m overjoyed. You should go in and place your luggage first. And we will talk about it again.”

The duke was also relieved and said happily: ” Yes, settle down first. It’s time to have lunch later.”

Due to the return of Chunfeng’s family, Jing’ an marquis house was more lively than the New Year’s Day. After everyone had lunch happily, all men of Xia family went to the ancestral temple to worship their ancestors.

After many years, once again, the Xia family reunited.

Xia Chunyu and Xia Chunfeng were sitting in the study drinking tea in the evening.

Xia Chunyu took out a box and gave it to Chunfeng.

Chunfeng was confused and asked: ” What is this?”

” You open it.”

Xia Chunfeng joked: ” Don’t give me any title deeds, I will not go out of house.”

Xia Chunyu laughed: ” You dare move out, I’ll break your leg.”

As soon as the box was opened, Xia Chunfeng’s smile froze on his face. He knew all the things in the box, which he had given to Liuli, the jade bracelets, hairpins and so on.

The forgotten past seemed to have come to mind like film clips.

This pair of red chalcedony bracelets were sent by him as a gift of apology after he hurt Liuli for the first time.

There was also a sachet under it. Although it had never been seen before, it should be made by Liuli, to him.

“Why are these things here?” Xia Chunfeng sipped dry lips and asked obscurely, “How is she now?”

Xia Chunyu looked at Chunfeng’s reaction in his eyes. Over the years, grievances and enmities had dispersed with the wind. However, there were some good things worth remembering, and he believed Chunfeng still remembered them.

He didn’t want to promise this, but Liuli let person send things specially and pleaded with him to give Chunfeng. After all, Liuli was also a poor person, the queen mother gave her endless love, but didn’t teach her how to love a person. So she was far away from the person she loved, and it was important for her to get him back.

” Last winter, she has already cut off her hair in Ciyun Temple. This was sent before she did that. I think she want to end the relationship between you and her. Her new name is Buhui (not regretful).” Xia Chunyu sighed.

Chunfeng was dazed and confused. He couldn’t tell what kind of feeling he was in. In short, it was chaotic.

” Originally, the queen wanted to persuade her to go back to the palace and choose a new husband, but she refused. I heard that she only asked something about your situation. After knowing you were doing well, she…”

She completely let it go, didn’t her? Was she still missing him over the years?

Since that day he left Qixian Mansion, he had never seen Liuli again. Didn’t want to see, even didn’t want to think of this person, this woman who had brought him endless pain. However, when he heard that she asked to go to Ciyun Temple, he was deeply moved for a while and then gradually forgot.

In the past few years in Chuanxi, he and Little Ya got along well, and gave birth to Taiyang and other children. They lived a happy life, and he had never thought of Liuli.

However, at the moment, seeing these things, he was inexplicable sorrow. Cutting off hair, becoming a monk, not a worldly woman any more. Buhui, did she mean no regrets in this life or no regrets in the afterlife?

” These things, you do it at your own discretion!” Xia Chunyu said with regret.

He often thought that if it weren’t for he and Yaoyao, perhaps Liuli would have a good life with Chunfeng.

That night, Xia Chunfeng tossed and turned.

Little Ya subtly felt the difference of Chunfeng and asked, ” Is there?anything on your mind?”

Xia Chunfeng stretched out his arms and let her rest in his arms.He shook his head and said, ” I don’t have anything on my mind, but I have been away from home for many years and finally come back. My mood is somewhat complicated.”

Little Ya said softly: ” Me too. Mother didn’t agree to get us married very much before. Before I come back, I was still worried. But today, our mother took my hands to ask about our health, which moved me very much. I had a misfortune in my childhood. I was sent to the Palace to be a maid. I was afraid every day. I was like treading on thin ice and only wanted to survive, but I didn’t dare to think about anything else. However, I met you, had you and the children, and now got the mother’s approval. My heart is only grateful over and over again. Later, I will take care of our parents with sisters-in-low, and raise the children well.

Xia Chunfeng fondled her shoulder pityingly and hugged her sideways.

In fact, it was he who should to say “thank you”, Little Ya was the light of his darkest life and his redeemer. Others said she was not worthy of him. Only he knew her well. She was an intelligent woman although had done some bad things. But at that time, she had no choice so he didn’t blame her.

For so many years, she took care of him and gave birth to children for him. He never had to worry about family matters. She gave him the peaceful happiness and warm home he yearned for.

So, in this life, he would not betray her.

Thinking of this, Xia Chunfeng’s annoy at Liuli gradually died down.

However, he still found a spare time and went to Ciyun Temple.

She had already finished worrying about the world of mortals, so he also went to say goodbye to the past.

Xia Chunfeng was in blue robe. Although he was already 30 years old, he was still elegant and handsome, with less childlike youth and more years of precipitation, becoming calm and restrained.

He stood up with his hands behind his back and looked at the place where Ciyun Temple was, but he did not dare to step for a long time. He had a feeling of being afraid of approaching somewhere. He wanted to see Liuli, but he was afraid that Liuli would not see him. If they met, what should he say?

He really didn’t know what to say. Perhaps, Liuli also didn’t want him to disturb her.

Xia Chunfeng hesitated for a long time and took his steps towards it.

After going in, he added three pillars of incense and sesame oil.

He deliberately searched for Liuli, but never saw her inside or outside.

Xia Chunfeng was a little disappointed, but it was all right for him to be here.

Walking out of there, Xia Chunfeng mounted his horse and was about to leave, at the same time, he suddenly felt strange. He looked back, vaguely, as if there was a woman standing on the highest platform in the deepest part of temple.

At such a distance, he couldn’t see the face at all, but he was sure that the woman was Liuli.

The two looked at each other from such a distance and no one moved.

For a long time, the woman turned away and never appeared again. Xia Chunfeng looked back silently. Suddenly, he understood why Liuli should be called ” Buhui (no regrets)”, It was not this life without regrets, but for an afterlife without regrets.

The eyes were a bit sour. Xia Chunfeng pinched his lips, his legs clipped, and he whipped his horse away.

If he met her again in the next life, he thought, he would remember her smiling and innocent.