Chapter 87 - Don't call me Third Madam

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Chapter 87: Don’t call me Third Madam


She saw Uncle Jiang ran out of the room, with a young girl, about 16 or 17 years old, following behind him. She must be their daughter.

Ye Jiayao’s face split into a wide smile. She was beyond ecstatic to see their familiar faces. “Auntie Jiang, Uncle Jiang, you have no idea how happy I am to see that you’re alright!”

Auntie Jiang wiped her tears and said, “It was all because of you, Third Madam, that I am alive. And thanks to the Heir-Son Lord, we get to live a peaceful life now.”

Xia Chunyu said, “Let’s talk inside the room. It looks like it’s going to rain soon.”

“Right, right, come inside. Forgive my manners, I am just so happy to see you. Yue Er, go and make some tea for Third Madam and Heir-Son Lord,” Auntie Jiang said.

The young girl called Yue Er obeyed her cheerfully.

After sitting down, Xia Chunyu said, “Uncle Jiang and Auntie Jiang just arrived in Jin Ling and I made them settle down here. You don’t have to look for motels anymore, Yaoyao, you can just live with Auntie Jiang. You don’t have to cover yourself and we can take care of each other. This place is also close to Heavenly Residence.”

“Heir-Son Lord is right, Third Madam. If you live here, we can take care of you very well!” Auntie Jiang seconded with a smile.

What? No!??Ye Jiayao didn’t want to live here. What’s Chunyu trying to do? Hide his mistress in a golden house? Did he really think that she would go along with this? She didn’t want to be hidden away or taken care of. She wanted her freedom.

However, with Auntie Jiang’s family here, she could not just flat out tell Chunyu??hell no.??They were a kind family and she didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Before she could figure out an underhanded way to rip him a new one, Xia Chunyu said, “Your stuff has already been moved here.”

Aunt Jiang said, “We’ve already tidied up your room, Third Madam. If you’d like, I can take you there now so you can go see whether it is up to your satisfaction.”

This sneaky bastard. How dare he make choices for me??

“Wait,” Ye Jiayao said as calmly as she could. “I didn’t say that I want to live here.”

Aunt Jiang looked surprised and disappointed.

Xia Chunyu expected this. After all, ever since he met her, Yaoyao has been nothing but stubborn.

Xia Chunyu took a sip of his tea and carefully said, “You’re free to choose where you want live. You can stay here or not, no one will force you. But, let me just say that I think it is better for you to live here. It will be easier for you to practice and experiment with your dishes because you will have your own kitchen as well as helpers. Manager Du is kind, but there are so many kinds of people that live in a motel, it can be hard to get along with everyone.”

Ye Jiayao hesitated. Annoyingly, he has a point. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t uncomfortable with this whole idea, though.

“This house is not mine,” Xia Chunyu added. “It is a reward from the empire. It was Auntie Jiang’s idea to make you stay here. I think this will be good for you, so I brought you here to look around.”

Xia Chunyu hoped that Auntie Jiang was quick to think on her feet, otherwise, he’d be in deeper trouble than he already is if Yaoyao finds out that he’s lying.

Fortunately, Auntie Jiang understood him. She suggested, “Third Madam, the Heir-Son Lord is right. I felt bad when I found out that you were living by yourself in a motel. How can I let someone who saved my life live in a motel when there is more than enough room for you here? If you stay here, we could at least have a friend nearby! My Yue Er even asked me if you could teach her how to cook!”

“Third Madam, just live here! Treat it as your own home! We know that it is too simple and a bit shabby for you, but at least we could serve you here,” Uncle Jiang said.

Ye Jiayao looked torn. If she refused them after what they said, she’d come across as rude and snobby.

Knowing that at least half of the battle was won, Xia Chunyu got up. “I have some work to do. You guys can keep discussing this among yourselves.”

No, I can’t stay here! No matter how they phrased it, this is still a handout and I am NOT taking a handout.??Ye Jiayao prepared to follow after Chunyu but she was dragged away by Auntie Jiang.

“Third Madam, you have to check out the room. It took Yue Er a while to decorate it,” Auntie Jiang urged.

“Sorry, Auntie Jiang, I also have things to do. I will check it out some other day…”

“You’re already here, why not now? Come on. Yue Er, show the way.”

Xia Chunyu left the yard, Uncle Jiang escorting him. He told the older man, “You must make her stay here.”

“My wife is here to do that. She’ll definitely make her stay,” Uncle Jiang said laughingly.

Xia Chunyu smiled, pleased. “If there is a problem, get Jiang Li to deliver a message to me.”

Ye Jiayao couldn’t resist Auntie Jiang’s enthusiasm so she decided to stay for a bit. Plus, if she refused their generous offer, it would seem as though she was looking down at them.

She doubted what Xia Chunyu had said. How could the empire be so generous and reward some citizens who helped destroy bandits such a huge house in a good area? She was sure that this was all Chunyu’s doing.

However, despite her misgivings, this house was perfect. She needed a place to test out the ice cream recipe and this house would provide her with a much-needed privacy. This place would also serve her well for the special dishes she would make in the future.

The more she thought about it, the more she warmed up to the idea of living here.

After showering, Ye Jiayao dressed, for what felt like the first time, in a girl’s clothes.

Jiang Yue was shocked when she saw her. She exclaimed, “Third Madam, you look like a goddess!”

Ye Jiayao laughed and said, “You’ve seen what goddesses look like?”

Jiang Yue shrugged. “Not really. But when my brother and I worked for a big family in Liao City, we saw a lady in that family. The locals said that she looked like a goddess. She was pretty, yes, but compared to you, Third Madam, she’s simply mediocre.”

Ye Jiayao laughed, flattered. “Yue Er, you are just like your mother.”

“Right.” Jiang Yue suddenly felt shy, her face turning red. “My brother look like Father, who’s good-looking. I look like Mother, not so good-looking.”

“No, no! I didn’t mean that you look like your mother!” Ye Jiayao hurriedly corrected, chuckling. In fact, both brother and sister looked like Uncle Jiang, all dark brows and big eyes. Uncle Jiang must’ve been quite handsome when he was young.

Jiang Yue was lost. “Then what are you talking about, Third Madam?”

“I just meant that you are good at talking like your mother.”

“I only speak the truth,” she said weakly.

“Alright, alright, I was only kidding,” Ye Jiayao said. “So your mother said you wanted to learn how to cook?”

Jiang Yue visibly perked up. “Yes, yes! My mother said that your dishes are delicious. My brother learned carpenter’s work from my dad and wherever he goes, he can make money. I know nothing but washing and sewing clothes. I really like cooking, so can you teach me to be better at it, Third?Madam?”

Ye Jiayao was pleased to finally meet a friend who shared the same dream as her. She responded happily, “It will be my pleasure. But first, I have a request.”

“What request?” Jiang Yue asked.

“Don’t call me Third Madam anymore.” That title was far too awkward for her!

“What should I call you then? Even my mother calls you this.”

Ye Jiayao waved her concern away?dismissively and said, “Your mother shouldn’t call me that, too. You can just call me Yaoyao.”

“That is too impolite! You?are?the Third Madam!” Jiang Yue protested feebly.

“No, I am not. That was a mistake. Don’t call me that in future, or Heir-Son Lord will be unhappy,” Ye Jiayao told her.

“That’s not true. Heir-Son Lord is happy. Whenever he talks with my mother about you, he always calls you his wife,” Jiang Yue said.

What? Chunyu will never say something like that. Will he???Ye Jiayao looked at Jiang Yue doubtfully.

Jiang Yue saw her disbelief and nodded seriously. “It is true. I heard it directly from him. I promise that I am not lying.”

Ye Jiayao was confused. Why would he call her his wife in front of other people in Jin Ling? In the city where he was known as a respectable nobleman?

“What else did Heir-Son Lord say to your mother?” Ye Jiayao hedged.

Jiang Yue looked at her cautiously. When Third Madam was in the shower, her mother told her to be careful with answering her questions as Third Madam could be quite sneaky.

“Heir-Son Lord said that it was so hard to find you. He told her that you are in Jin Ling as well and has become the head chef of Heavenly Residence. I… that’s all I heard,” Jiang Yue answered a bit hesitantly.

That’s it???Ye Jiayao felt a bit disappointed. There she went again, thinking too much about Chunyu’s actions.

Jiang Yue saw the emotions playing and warring on Third Madam’s face and took a step back, wondering if she said something wrong. She nervously excused, “Third Madam, go rest first. I will wash these clothes.”

She gathered the dirty clothes and ran away.

Ye Jiayao felt sulky so she went for a walk outside.

“Uncle Jiang, Ah Li, what are you doing with these? Are you going to sell these?” Ye Jiayao asked, taking a seat on a small stool.

Jiang Li blushed and lowered his head when Third Madam called out that nickname.

Uncle Jiang smiled and said, “This is made for you, Third Madam. My wife said that you would use this.”

Ye Jiayao started to feel embarrassed. They made her a shower bucket! “I am not that picky, Uncle Jiang. Honestly, it is good enough for me to have a bed to sleep on. You don’t have to go through all this trouble just for me.”

“It’s no trouble at all!” Uncle Jiang assured. “We’re handcrafters. Making a bucket is very easy.”

She did remember Chunyu saying before that Uncle Jiang was a good crafter and that he made all the traps that were used in Black Wind Ridge. A thought came to her and she asked, “Uncle Jiang, do you know how to make molds for pastries?”