Chapter 31 - A Slim Waist

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Chapter 31: A Slim Waist

Song Yaoyao stared straight ahead. Her pleasant voice danced across the air like musical notes. She recited the several-hundred-word poem without looking at the textbook even once.

The troublemakers were speechless as they looked at Song Yaoyao in a daze.

Wang Zhongyun touched his bald head and took some time to snap back to reality. "Student, are you sure you didn't walk into the wrong class?"

Reciting a poem wasn't difficult. But it was rare for a student from Class 3-3 to recite a poem!

Song Yaoyao: "???"

She stood there innocently as she stared at Wang Zhongyun with her dark, watery eyes.

"Ahem..." Wang Zhongyun felt awkward. "Are you playing a trick on me? Are you actually from Class 3-1?"

Compared to Class 3-3, Class 3-1 was reserved for all the top students; students that the school wanted to nurture.

Song Yaoyao didn't know what to say. "Sir, I'm really in Class 3-3."

Wang Zhongyun grinned and looked into the girl's clear, watery eyes. She had a petite figure and her gaze was so innocent that he couldn't bear to doubt her anymore.

If he continued, she may start to cry.

So, he quickly praised her instead, "Ahem! You did well. You didn't miss a single word! Very impressive!"

As soon as he started clapping, the other students erupted as well. Some tapped their hands on their desks and others whistled, making so much noise that it could almost blow the roof off.

"Stop, stop, stop! Everyone stop!" Wang Zhongyun glared at the students before him. "If you were all like Song..."

"Sir, it's Song Yaoyao," Song Yaoyao reminded with a smile.

"Yes! If you were, at least, half as outstanding as Song Yaoyao, then I could die in peace!"

Everyone pouted their lips and pretended not to hear a thing. If they could do it, would they be allocated to Class 3-3?

Afterward, Wang Zhongyun taught more enthusiastically. Every now and then, he would ask Song Yaoyao to answer his questions. It wasn't until the class ended that everyone suddenly noticed: the Song Yaoyao that never left much of an impression, had she always been this outstanding?

She managed to answer every single question that Wang Zhongyun threw her way.

Moreover, her voice was pleasant and delicate, and just listening to it made her sound cute and outstanding.

As usual, Han Jun lay down on his desk and sent Shen Xun a video recording.

Lord Jun Is Handsome: Bro, hurry and look at this. F*ck, Song Yaoyao isn't possessed, she's completely transformed into another person!"

Lord Jun Is Handsome: Who knew her academics would be so good. She's also pretty and her waist is so slim. Tsk tsk...

Of course, Shen Xun did not reply. He was fast asleep somewhere.

Han Jun smacked his lips, lay down on his desk, and stared obsessively at the girl that was sitting beside the window. She sat in a well-mannered way, like a beauty from a fantasy that had transmigrated to their world. Who could imagine that this soft-spoken girl was the same person that had just humiliated the bossiest girl in their class?

Amazing, completely amazing!

Song Yaoyao tidied her notes. She had already studied this before, but she had nothing else to do, so she didn't mind learning it again.

After all, a student's main priority was to study, right?

A girl in a ponytail and a modified uniform leaned against Song Yaoyao's desk lazily with her arms crossed. Her skirt was pulled up to her hips, revealing her long, fair-skinned legs.

She spoke in a casual tone that was unique between girls.

"Huh?" Song Yaoyao picked up her book, lifted her head, and gazed into the girl's starry eyes. "Is something the matter?"