Chapter 32 - Pinch Your Cheeks

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Chapter 32: Pinch Your Cheeks

She thought this girl was trying to pick a fight; everyone else thought so too.

But, to her surprise, the girl raised her eyebrows and smiled, "Wanna go to the bathroom together?"

Song Yaoyao had never attended school before, so she couldn't believe that the scenes she saw on television of girls going to the bathroom together were actually real.

She quietly followed behind the girl. The girl was an entire head taller than her, making her appear like a primary school kid next to her.

Song Yaoyao pursed her lips unhappily.

As a famous prestigious high school in Feng City, Linan had better facilities than the average school.

As the two girls entered the bathroom, Song Yaoyao watched as the girl turned around and glared down at her intimidatingly.

Song Yaoyao furrowed her brows. "Do you want to cause trouble as well?" She moved her hand a little. A problem that could be solved with her fist, wasn't considered a problem.

The girl's voice was delicate as she straightened her face with seriousness.

Tang Xinrou almost melted from her cute expression. Ever since the first class of the day, she had been enduring until now. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore.

All of a sudden, she stretched out her hand to pinch Song Yaoyao's round cheeks, catching her by surprise.

"Ohhh! So adorable!"

Tang Xinrou was so satisfied that hearts almost appeared in her eyes.

"Ow! What are you doing...?" Song Yaoyao was in so much pain that tears immediately fell from her eyes. She glared unhappily at Tang Xinrou who was still pinching her cheeks and started crying.

Tang Xinrou almost lost her mind as she grinned obsessively. Song Yaoyao's cheeks were red from the pinching and her eyes were teary.

Even when she was angry, she was so cute!

"Hi, Cutie, let's be friends. Can we?" Tang Xinrou asked seductively.

Song Yaoyao was so angry, she wanted to hit someone.

Judging by Tang Xinrou's gaze, she didn't look like she had bad intentions.

"Oh? Why? Don't you hate Song Jingwan? I saw it last time at the mountain resort~" Tang Xinrou asked with a blink.

Song Yaoyao paused. This person didn't seem to exist in her memory.

"An enemy's enemy is a friend. Think about it."

The girl had an aggressive coldness that made her look more mature than her actual age. At that moment, she smiled and her eyes twinkled as she sincerely stretched out her hand toward Song Yaoyao.

Song Yaoyao stared at her quietly and they exchanged glances.

"Tang Xinrou."

"Song Yaoyao."

The two fair-skinned hands shook.

At that very moment, neither of them would have predicted that in the days to come, they would become necessary allies.

Outside Linan Experimental High School.

A luxury car stopped quietly by the side of the road.

The school gates were busy and students glanced over curiously every now and then.

Huo Qi looked at his watch and lifted his head. All of a sudden, he froze.

"Sir, look over there, is that Miss Song?"

Upon their return, Huo Qi had actually been almost transferred away from Huo Yunque's side. In the end, due to his shamelessness and the fact that Huo Wu was busy, he successfully held onto his position.

After that, he had been extremely careful, afraid that Huo Yunque would send him away at any moment.

Huo Yunque lowered his eyes. His plain black shirt was classy yet low key. He adjusted the gold-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose and patiently finished reading the last page of his document.

"Oh? Was Miss Song mistreated at school? Why do her eyes look red?" Huo Qi questioned.

He was so focused on looking at the girl that he didn't notice Huo Yunque's hand pause. Eventually, Huo Yunque sighed and looked out the window.

The girl was standing at the busy school gates, holding onto her backpack. Her eyes and nose were red like a pitiful little child that had been abandoned.?