Chapter 37 - Song Yaoyao's Abducted My Small Uncle

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Chapter 37: Song Yaoyao's Abducted My Small Uncle

Song Yaoyao clapped her hands and asked Song Jingwan, "Was I harsh? I already held back. If not for the sake of Gege, a corpse would be lying in front of me."

She lifted her head proudly with an arrogant attitude.

This drove Song Jingwan so mad that she glared at her. "Song Yaoyao, don't take things too far!"

Do you really think the world revolves around you?

Her heart was aching. "Ningxi, are you okay? Let me go with you to the hospital."

Huo Ningxi's mouth gaped in pain. He avoided Song Jingwan's affectionate gesture and stood up. "I'm fine."

If he went to the hospital after being beaten by a girl, won't he feel even more humiliated?

Song Yaoyao felt they were overreacting. She didn't even use much strength.

Curling her lips, she said, "Gege! Wasn't I amazing?"

One moment, she was speaking threateningly, the next moment, she was running to Huo Yunque for praise.

Her eyes were twinkling like stars, and she looked extremely cute.

Huo Yunque's throat moved a little and the corner of his lips curved at an unnoticeable angle.

"Yes, not bad."

Huo Ningxi's eyes opened wide in shock. Was his Small Uncle praising her?

He was actually praising someone! Huo Ningxi felt sour. He grit his teeth and scolded Song Yaoyao in his mind.

Song Jingwan, who was used to being the center of attention, didn't like being neglected, so she bit her lower lip.

"Ningxi, since you're fine, let's go. Yaoyao, if you're not leaving, I'm going to leave first." Her voice was gentle, but there was actually an underlying sense of threat.

Without a car, you can walk home!

When Song Yaoyao heard this, she bulged her cheeks.

"Get in," Huo Yunque said calmly as he lowered his eyes.

Song Yaoyao's eyes immediately lit up and her dimples appeared. "Are you driving me home? Thank you, Gege~"

Huo Qi rushed around to open the door for Song Yaoyao. Like a little kitten, Song Yaoyao quickly climbed in and sat beside Huo Yunque.

"Song Yaoyao..."

Huo Ningxi was so mad, his teeth hurt from all the grinding. He looked at his uncle with an obviously aggrieved expression, "Small Uncle, didn't you come to get me so we could visit grandfather at the hospital together?"

Why was he driving Song Yaoyao?

Huo Qi lowered his head and waited for instructions from Huo Yunque.

At that moment, Song Yaoyao wound up the window with a giggle and her voice drifted out through the gap.

"You can catch a taxi. How old are you? Do you need to be bottle-fed?"

"Yes, she's right."

Huo Ningxi wanted to cry in frustration. He gritted his teeth and told himself not to let Song Yaoyao have her way. She hadn't even won over his Small Uncle yet and she was already beating him in front of Huo Yunque. If she actually succeeded, would he still have a place in the Huo Family?

She was much too arrogant! Huo Ningxi hated her so much, he ground his teeth. Stupid brat! She always had to oppose him!

All he could do was watch as Song Yaoyao abducted his Small Uncle after beating him up!

He had f*cken suffered a huge loss!

The setting sun was red like blood and the horizon was dark.

Song Jingwan stood in place awkwardly and carefully tugged on Huo Ningxi's sleeve. "Ningxi, don't be mad, I'll get my mother to teach her a lesson when we get home."

When he heard her voice, the teeth-grinding Huo Ningxi who was cursing in his mind, turned his head. A pair of eyes that were too sharp to belong to a youngster, fell upon Song Jingwan.

"Do you think I'm not humiliated enough? Must you announce to the world that I was beaten up by a petite little girl?" he asked in ridicule.

"No, why would I do that?" Song Jingwan began to panic and her eyes turned red. "I simply think Yaoyao's changed too much and she has violent tendencies."