Chapter 43 - Did You Secretly Find A Dog?

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Chapter 43: Did You Secretly Find A Dog?

“Stop right there, you punk! Let’s make things clear! I know something’s not right! You’re my son, I understand you better than anyone!” When had his son been this kind to anyone?

Elder Huo lowered his voice and looked at the paused figure. “I genuinely like that brat. However, you are much older than her. She may be too young to understand, but you should know better.”

These sounded like words of persuasion, but the reality was…

…Elder Huo knew that once his son made a decision, there was no turning back.

“Then what should I do?”

Huo Yunque turned around with calmness in his eyes.

Was he supposed to tell Elder Huo that he didn’t do anything? That the young lady was the one that clung to him?

As Elder Huo stared at his son, he suddenly started laughing.

“I guess, the brat is destined to be a part of the Huo Family no matter who she marries. Now that I think about it, an older man has his benefits; he knows how to dote on his woman. Back when I was with your mother, we…”

Without turning back, Huo Yunque sped out of the room.

“Eh? Are you guys done speaking already?”

Song Yaoyao was sitting on a sofa, carrying her backpack in a bored manner as she stared at a potplant in a daze.

When she saw the familiar figure, she immediately jumped back to life and ran over like an energetic little bunny.

She lifted her head happily and her eyes sparkled like stars.

Huo Yunque’s throat moved a little. His gaze brushed past her and he looked ahead.

“Yes, let’s go.”

“I’m starving~” Song Yaoyao nodded her head and her soft hair swayed along with the movement. On top of her head, a dopey strand of hair stood up.

She followed behind the man with a jog. Since he was tall, his steps were much bigger; it took a lot of energy for her to keep up with him. With a pout, she carefully grabbed onto the corner of his shirt. When he didn’t reject her, her eyes curved in secret.

Inside the hospital room.

“Ningxi, don’t blame me for standing idly by. The two of you can fight it out with your own capabilities…”

Elder Huo leaned against his bed, lifted one leg on top of the other, and clapped his hands as he sang a tune.

Everyone had their biases; Elder Huo never tried to hide his.

The human heart was on one side, and there was bound to be a difference between someone that was related and unrelated.

This was the first time his son reacted to a woman! Even though his expression remained cold, it was already a breakthrough for him to let a noisy brat follow by his side.

“Old Wifey, it’s a shame that you left early! But you don’t have to worry now, our son won’t spend the rest of his life alone!”

The car sped forward. At night, the traffic was much lighter.

The road was peaceful. Song Yaoyao leaned against the car window and looked out at the passing street lights in a daze. Her finger subconsciously started drawing something on the glass. The night was dewy and a layer of mist had formed on the window.

Huo Yunque glanced to the side and his gaze fell upon the window.

Her hand was fair and her fingertips were tender as she concentrated on what she was writing. In the end, she even added a love heart with seriousness.

Huo Yunque shook his head as he remained composed.

As Song Yaoyao looked at the writing, she suddenly pulled out her phone happily, took a photo of the car window, and posted it to her feed.

Her circle of friends was clean and simple, and she didn’t know that many people.

As soon as she posted the photo, there were two likes and one comment.

Rourou: Gege? Love heart? Song Yaoyao, you’ve changed. Did you secretly find another dog?

Song Yaoyao covered her phone like a thief. Her dark eyes secretly observed the man beside her.

Tall, strong, restrained, and charming.

If he was a dog, then he was an almighty, powerful wolf!